the flow of energy and how we make things matter

If you want something to matter place your attention on it. By placing your attention onto anything you give the matter mass. By watching television you make the television matter and depending upon what exactly you are watching you give to that program the mass necessary to be part of your conscious experience. In most cases it is our unconsciousness […]


Choice is something we have available to us always. Choice is power. Choice is one of the most often overlooked asset we have available. We sacrifice our power when we believe in or settle for conditions. When we meet our experience with preconceived conditions we are often unconscious that this is happening because one of the particular preconceived conditions is […]

The New Model – changing reality using your brain

Lately in the clairvoyant readings I do it is becoming clear that evolution, change or healing is always occurring and this is often the specific type of change, healing or evolution referenced to as a part of the experience of a reading. The entire point of a reading is to capture the changes occurring within the experience you are having […]