Production Continues

Today July 23, 2017

All of the actors at rehearsal last night were vertical flow people. This provided a matching energy opportunity where a majority of the shared information generated by the match was communicated as an extrasensory  experience.

Extrasensory experience – awake and conscious of the causal world, mental world, emotional world, physical etheric world. Mindfully enlightened.

Because the experience was communicating information that was then easily shared, the experience itself expanded into an entirety of an experience. More of each person, as an experience was available to them but of course it was entirely up to them to sense that or not. I was so invested into the moment that I personally did not notice that I had access to the entirety until I got home and really looked at it

Entirety of an experience – when all portions of an experience are revealed with the 5 body level combined with the extrasensory perceptions of beyond the senses.  Awareness of a total experience where all information is available, an epiphany, a revelation, multidimensional consciousness.

Once I really took a look I awoke to a new operating system. Maybe not fully installed yet but by the end of this production I will have full installation and ret2go!

For me if I keep my presence invested into this moment right now my life is lovely inclusive of loss, stress and meeting challenges or any darkness. Because I see myself as an entirety, this investment keeps me fully present and is necessary in the keeping of me as whole.



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