Choice is something we have available to us always. Choice is power. Choice is one of the most often overlooked asset we have available. We sacrifice our power when we believe in or settle for conditions. When we meet our experience with preconceived conditions we are often unconscious that this is happening because one of the particular preconceived conditions is that we are limited in what choices we have available. The condition is conditional to itself and strongly supports the inability to make a choice or believe we have a choice.

What choice do I have?

I had no other choice!

Both statements are essentially based in the same conditionally confined idea of limited choices. Conditions are confining and control free thinking, and suggest that there is perhaps no such thing as a free thought.

Choices cousin is change – first cousin. With out change choice would be irrelevant. The power of choice is what changes or what does not change. Either way it is still change and the power is knowing that you always have a choice. You may know this but not remember it a lot of the time.

Each of us is a reflection of the continuous change that is our occurrence. We each have our own unique flow that is told through us as our perceived reality. The flow is the particular way that our change is made evident and by the choices we make. Making choices that you are aware of consciously is perhaps one of the purposes of your reality.

Do you know the purpose of your reality?

Each of us flow through our reality making choices consciously or not depending on how we meet our experience. How we meet our experience is also a choice. Your experience is happening because of you and you are the experience. The experience is clairvoyantly readable because of the flow you maintain in order to exist in the way that you show up as the image that is you.  Each of us have our own unique flow, energy, and change as we meet our experience and make choices.

These choices are composed of the same energy as we are materially manifested through, and as the flow of our experience. Some people are more aware of this occurrence simply because that is the construct of their reality. Each of us have our own reality and we connect to each other by the choices we make and the change that is expressed and transmitted by our senses to our brain.

We believe we make our choices from our brain-mind. This is how most of us define our reality and account for the choices we each make. We rationalize our purpose and our ego gives us the necessary feedback in order to keep us contained and believable to within our own mind.

But all of this is about to change because whether you are aware of it or not we as a collective whole are undergoing a paradigm shift. Your reality is about to reconfigure with or with you. The ego-you is useless in this particular cycle of events because the shift is within our universe of which we are very much apart of, and most definitely believe that to be the case.

Choice and change is the dance we all are learning how to BE because we already know how to DO this dance. Unfortunately we are not the best dancers in the known universe. Not all of us will survive because no one understands how to really care about the whole only the separated parts. This is the gigantic learning curve we will sling-shot around as we transmute our presence in the now and become more. What exactly is more is still quite unknown perhaps unknowable to us in our present state lacking awareness. Some people are quite aware that their universe is rapidly expanding, and are able to meet the experience.

You will have to open your minds and your hearts to the opportunity of imagining a choice or perhaps more clearly stated not making a choice. Accountability to the choices you do not make are the perceptions enabling us to BE a presence in the NOW. With this presence in the now comes the responsibility you are either able to be or not to be. That my dear friend is the ultimate question to our expanded universe of choice. Can you take responsibility for your presence or not. Needless to say there is only one correct answer to the question.

My intensions here are to show you and myself the door and don’t let it hit you in the you know what as you go from doing to being. Welcome to the new Earth!

To be continued …..

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