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By now if you have visited my site you are probably aware that I have written a book about conscious evolution from the perspective of a clairvoyant. I have alway considered this book to be a HOW but my publisher suggested that I think of this book as a WHY book.

Why consciously evolve?

Looking at peoples energy I have come to realize that this is a personal question, and shows up in their energy differently often vulnerable. I ask people why do they consciously evolve, and I get some very diverging answers. Some people say they don’t understand the question. Some people say they don’t believe in conscious evolution. Some people say they have no choice. There are people who have a conscious as well as unconscious plan about evolution, and it shows up as an energy pattern, much like a map or overview of a layout of their energy field.

Until I asked people I had no idea that there was such a mixed bag of answers as to why they consciously evolve? This in many ways reenforces the obvious differences that show up in peoples readings and just the way that their lives emerge. While we all share similar feelings I never meet people having the same experience even though from appearances they look with my eyes as if they are having a very similar experience. Why is that?

Each person is consciously evolving differently despite a seemingly similar outward experience. Our brains are wired by biology but the source of the energy streaming into and out of the brain is unique to the individual consciousness and then the experience. Their actual internal experience is vastly different from the external, and these similarly looking appearances, we accept as life. I think one of the places where similarities shows up in a reading is when I look at two people having a relationship. Often the only thing similar is that they agree that they are having a relationship, and even that so very often translates completely different when viewed energetically.

There are so many over lapping layers to the basic experience people have and there is never just one thing going on except in the moment, where in that moment, one event or particular state is displayed followed by another than another. This streaming is the actual flow of energy and within each moment there is what appears to be an infinite amount of overlap appearing as one event in the experience. The brain has been conditioned over time to see things engineered by programs instilled in us as we go from child to adult, and I call this the linage of that experience when I do a reading. Linage or programing is done by family values and society. The culture we grow up in is structured and manipulated to conform. A three dimensional experience is what we see with our eyes and is often the story I can read in a session. Also visible is the consciousness streamed and the ability to be multi-dimensional with awareness as well as the desire to bring this through you as you meet your experience. Most people who come to me for a reading have some degree of multi-dimensional awareness already in place. People who do not have this disposition probably will not come for a clairvoyant reading because the are skeptical or just are not interested in this sort of information.

Sound is a good example of one way that we pick up our all-ness with our universe. We are capable of hearing different sounds all at the same time. We actually hear it separately but experience as one. Consciousness is like this with many seemingly separate events experienced as one. When I do a reading there is what appears to be an infinite amount of energy an unless I stick to one “station” in the experience I’m looking at the signal gets blurred. This leads me to consider that consciousness is a blur of information appearing as one event but in fact it is vast pool of events clustered into the now. Our ability to actually experience this and merge this vast pool into our individual experiences is a evolution that is happening right now in present time. This is the abundance we often hear about as contained within us as source and it is from this abundance that we emerge into life and out as death. We remain always connected to this abundance and it is our ability to meet it as sustainable that is changing the paradigm of our universe as witnessed in a body on Earth.

Life is a cluster of energy we experience as ourselves and manage as a reality. Within that cluster there appears to be other forms of existence and we can think of it as alien or a part of us just not visible in a three dimensional experience and with our current conditions of containment negotiated with our brains. No one is having the the same experience yet we are similar as an appearance. The appearance of any experience is a product of the brain and the evolution of consciousness will have an effect upon our brain and how we use it to survive as a life form. Each person has the ability to contribute a conscious investment into their experience, and this is either your destiny as a conscious being or it perhaps is not and you have some other destiny. One destiny is not better than the other however it is in your best interest to find out if you are in fact manifesting within a conscious expression where your source is not being compromised or controlled by something other than yourself. This can show up as a manipulation, or beliefs, that affects your values and ultimately your brain so that what you project out from within you is conditioned to serve a false reality. This is often why people are anxious or depressed because the brain is forced to funneling a compromised version of the source within out into a projected reality that depletes the life force.

We are a stream of conscious energy and our brain allows us ONE way to contain the stream and it can also cut us off from the all-ness of our ability to sustain an abundant expression that included all that we can stream through us now. The mechanistic reality we subscribe to right now and apparent as “just the way thing are” is a illusion to a diluted version for what is possible. This way of perception has gotten us this far and now we are able to grasp the all-ness of our essence with intension. I see people making huge strides in this awareness as they evolve right before my eyes and their own eyes knowing that they are capable of a experience only imagined. They use their imagination to invent a way of meeting their experience with the full resource of their abundance learning to sustain the possibility moment to moment. This is no accident it looks intentional and that each person is contributing to a whole. This whole is our individual connection to everything and every things connection to each of us. The conscious evolution is individual as well as collective.

Almost all the readings I get to do show me peoples energy as a vast stream of consciousness that may of us are ready to embrace with the ability to heal our world from the inside out. The pain I often witness in people is not an external circumstance that happened to them but rather a suppressed conscious abundance that is held back because they don’t using their heart-mindedness of understanding of how to bring this energy through them. They often dont know where to put this vastness in the containment of three dimensional reality.

We are currently in the mists of building a global support network that will allow the science/spirit world to merge and evolve our reality. Without a conscious revolution to our evolution it looks like we will destroy or Earth and the interconnectedness we have to all things, including our universe. From what I have witness in peoples energy we will be successful with our evolution but it takes a major effort and commitment to responsible conscious evolution.

Emerging into the now of present time is the ability to connect with all “forms” in our universe and they don’t look anything like us. We can bridge the gap between birth and death knowing that consciousness precludes birth and lives on past death from a practical perspective that does not neccessatate any spiritual dogma or religious principles what so ever.

Using your brain to expand your conscious consideration of the reality you project through you is the way we will change our being-ness and salvage our experession as human beings. I’m not talking about the ego driven mental construct you see all around you but rather a mind linked with the heart and all the conscious realities that exist and are not visible (right now) with the eyes. Clairvoyantly, psychically, intuitively, precognitive or however you get there it is our expanded awareness and drive to be one with the source from where we resonate. Our lives are so very special, and often we don’t feel special. Suppression of the mind to a contained experience conditioned to not think outside of a boxed in reality geared to mass manipulation causes a life experience to feel depressed or anxious. Healing or changing to a free minded expended presence that flows from an abundant source to a sustained experience in the now of present time is the ability to imagine your being humbled and validated as a life worth living.

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