“I was reading Jro’s blog posts for a year and they always seemed to address exactly what I needed to work on at the present moment.

When I decided I wanted to go deeper, I contacted him for a reading. It was a powerful experience. I absolutely feel there was a shift in my energy and in the perception of my own energy and that is helping me navigate certain experiences that require more attention.

I’d highly recommend a personal reading to anyone who wants to take the plunge and go deeper into healing. Jro is a terrific guide and ally.”

llana R.

“JRo sees deeply and tells of it sweetly, without beating around the bush. This gift of a session keeps opening in remarkable ways. An extraordinary experience !”


“JRo’s healing produces a subtle but significant shift in my thinking and energy. I find that phrases or keywords that have been floating in my mind make sense or have a clearer meaning after a session with him. New insights are brought to the surface, percolate over days or weeks, and promote gentle change.”

Nellie Hester, Portland, Oregon

“About ten years ago I was in a very dark place. I was lucky to meet Jro and have a healing energy session with him. That session changed the course of my life and I can say, in all honesty, that I am alive today because of that session. Recently I was in another dark place and, once again, Jro was able to support me as I worked through old issues that had resurfaced.

A great part of who and what I am today is due to Jro’s continued support, love, and his ability to assess a situation energetically and then give sage advice. Thank you for being you, Jro. I highly recommend Jro Healing. I’ve been to many healers… Jro, by far, has touched me the deepest. It’s as if he is able to read your soul and then help you get in touch with it so that you know what the best way to proceed is. Bless you Jro and all you do for so many!”


“To say I was skeptical when I was offered a Chanukah gift of a session with JRo is an understatement. I do not at all subscribe to such things — as the person who gave me the gift clearly understood — but decided to take part in the spirit in which it was offered: insight into myself through a self professed “intuitive” source. What followed was a colorful and unexpected 60 minute journey into who I was and what comprised my consciousness replete with JRo’s imagery much of it eerily insightful.

I am, in any case, extremely impressed and deeply moved by my time spent with JRo.”

Hank, NYC

“I really like my reading! It gave me a clear sense of who I am, helped me prioritize my work direction, and also gave me confidence to pursue a relationship. The reading gave me insight as to why I feel the way I do about where I live, so I’m becoming more ok about being here now. I was happy that you see and explain both energy patterns and picture images, as both were helpful. I almost forgot to do the color meditation you suggested. I remembered them when I finally went to bed. I did both of the colors you suggested at that time, and they were quite powerful.”

Maui Resident