Questions and Answers

Question: What is an Energy reading?     Answer - An energy reading is an opportunity to be witnessed in your most fundamental form, and to interpret information by providing a unique and insightful perspective different than the one you currently have or know      Question: Why does J Ro do Energy Readings?   Answer – Because extra-sensorial seeing is […]

Production Continues

Today July 23, 2017 All of the actors at rehearsal last night were vertical flow people. This provided a matching energy opportunity where a majority of the shared information generated by the match was communicated as an extrasensory  experience. Extrasensory experience – awake and conscious of the causal world, mental world, emotional world, physical etheric world. Mindfully enlightened. Because the […]

This Moment Right Now

This Moment Right Now!   A friend shared this statement with me – We don’t seem to realize that there never was, is, or will be any other experience than present experience. I agree we exist in past time. We don’t celebrate the experience of present time. Experienced from the past, the present has no significance or purpose and little […]

Sustainable Resourceful Energy

  SUSTAINABLE RESOURCEFUL ENERGY Question What is sustainable resourceful energy? Sustainable resourceful energy is power activated when challenged with insurmountable circumstances, shocked by fear and hope is lost. The power of sustainable resourcefulness is an ability of conscious awareness that skillfully directs renewable capable energy, often in the form of creativity, to meet and promptly deal with difficult and challenging […]

Asking a Big Question

Asking a Big Question Recently during a session, I was asked: What does the energy of the current political situation of the USA look like clairvoyantly? “A big question”,  I thought to myself, an interpretation quagmire maybe, but an intriguing visual possibility. Big questions generate big pictures. The composition of the intuitive information received visually, as in this case, can […]


Each of us have to find a way to let go of all the things in our lives that keep us cemented into a past time event or circumstance. Pain and suffering often comes from a resistance to letting go and feeling the full force of the source that streams through you. Pain and suffering could reference our connection, or […]