About Jro

My name is J Ro. I was born Jeffrey Rozzelle 65 years ago in Ohio. I currently live on the Big Island of Hawaii.  For as long as I can remember I have been able to receive intuitive information visually. I see the energy of everything and experience what I see as information.

The information I receive is visual and formatted as symbolic pictures or image. During a session, I clairvoyantly look for pictures while reading the flow of energy composing the physical body, the auric field and what is happening to you as an experience. I am the messenger delivering a story telling of who you are right now and how you are an experience of your conscious awareness.

Clairvoyance is a skill I maintain and upgrade on a regular basis. My clients are my teachers. It is through them that I learn new ways to read and interpret information from energy. I continuously change how I read based on the energy of my clients and their evolution as conscious life forms. My clairvoyant abilities have been developing throughout my life and I willingly share what I have learned with anyone who is ready.

I live a clairvoyant lifestyle as a practice and to generate an authentic presence within my experience. I have learned how to live in this moment right now. I see the information of energy by establishing a connection to whoever or whatever I read. The privilege of connection provides affinity to what I am shown, what I see, and what I shared.

When doing a reading I explore how you compose from energy into an experience. I can clairvoyantly see ways to build awareness and understand your consciousness as energy. An energy reading helps you acquire an understanding through awareness, of how, as energy, you occur as an experience.

Everything about change and healing I learned by witnessing the energy of the people having readings. Readings have taught me how to locate the resourcefulness contained within, and deliver that information to you.

Personally, as an experience, my purpose is to have fun. With amusement, I have been able to evolve my conscious awareness steadily through life. This steady pace has aligned my purpose to the evolution of my conscious awareness.

Sometimes in the summer months, I make personal appearances in Portland Oregon, Los Angeles California, Sun Valley Idaho and New York City. I share what I have currently available by providing in-person energy readings and personal appearances.

Your information contained in your energy provides a unique and insightful perspective of you. I offer this perspective as well as a sensory perception, that I share with you, about you.