The New Model – changing reality using your brain

Lately in the clairvoyant readings I do it is becoming clear that evolution, change or healing is always occurring and this is often the specific type of change, healing or evolution referenced to as a part of the experience of a reading. The entire point of a reading is to capture the changes occurring within the experience you are having and allow for that to be seen and witnessed from another perspective. This process is called a reading and the evolution to your system is the healing. A reading and healing give you proof that you exist as a conscious being capable of anything.

Emergence – The joy of Conscious Evolution or JCE2 is the title of the book I am currently writing. I was inspired to try and describe what this current level of our conscious evolution looked like in peoples experience. I wasn’t particularly aware that I could conceptualize change or healing as evolution until I saw this event occurring over and over again as an energy pattern in a person’s energy field.  The word emergence is the best word I can come up with to tell that story in a way that includes all the different ways that individuals are, within their own experience, meeting the manifestations of a new model to their reality construct. They along with many other people are emerging into their life experience as data, beliefs, values, and a vision of what is happening to them internally and using their imagination to punctuate key elements that seems to change the chemistry of their brain.

It “looks” chemical because the hormonal secretions intensify producing an effect that shows the actual energy centers of the body morphing into new dimensions. These “new dimensions” look geometric with shapes that change the way a clairvoyant image is revealed and shared during a reading. I use the word evolution because the words of change and healing really do not capture what is emerging from within each persons energy package and the way that they meet their experience with regards to their affinity. The affinity is energetic and offers a way to evolve using the natural abilities of the source energy streaming through our bodies into a life experience we all are participating with here on Earth.

These people often show me the physical locations of their experience on their body energetically by pointing to the pineal gland and  the other glands of the endocrine system. This system is a hormonal network of “information”. That is what it looks like and the best way I can describe it because I am not a doctor or chemist,and my experience is limited. At the same time I am challenged to look into these areas shown to me, and do the best I can to explore the possibility of understanding the images they show me, and use that data to reflect a consideration of what is happening to us as we consciously change.

Emerging into being is a new model of the human brain that does not look any different than the old model but it is being used in a different way. The YOU that is reflecting a reality through the brain is emerging aware of itself as a abundant resource possibly unlimited in the choices into possibility, and only limited by a lack of imagination. Triggered by a major eruption to the fourth energy center of the physical body, or the heart, the rest of the body, and consciousness occupying that body are working together to expand into a new model of a life experience or reality using the brain linked with the heart. This is how it looks clairvoyantly, and each person is telling their particular version of this story relative to their life experience, and fundamental to the structure of the collective awareness emerging at the same time.

Just when many of us thought that only our technology could save us from our own destructive tendencies there is an emergence of imaginational ability that calls into focus the literal power of the resource streaming through each of us that is not based on some outlandish speculation or fantasy but rather a traceable signature to each of our presence as a pattern in the energy we consciously hold. It is becoming clear that we are capable of anything we can imagine if we can hold that intension into the experience we have available. This takes the notion of believing in yourself literally to a new place of being/doing the things you never imagined you could achieve. This energy pattern is clairvoyantly visible as an expended extension of the physical body out into the space around you, and what some people may have considered the energy aura. The presence of more attention into this space is a reflection of the new model coming into being with the conscious evolution necessary to address the old school – healing or change – we are vividly aware we need in order to survive, and to perpetuate a living experience we all can actually live with, and flourish into as we embrace an new paradigm.

Using your brain and your heart as well as the endocrine system the physical body displays this layout of a network reflecting an internal relationship emerging through each person reflecting a blueprint of where they are going and how they intend to get there. In may cases they look like they are making it up as they go along, and this sounds like a discredit to the process, and yet it is not. They possess a moment to moment ability to be present, and build a presence that emerges as a abundance of a resource streamed through us in the now of present time. This emergence is happening, and it is happening in slightly different versions depending on the life experience of the person being read clairvoyantly, and each showing a imagined signature of a seeking outward that reflects the inward expanded awareness. These people are changing the way that they meet manifested reality, and in so doing are healing the reality they participate within by making choices that actually drives their presence into new directions producing a new model of their reality using their brains to  see with their eyes the combination that is everything, and that is available  streaming within them.

What is available within them is a abundance of energy existing as a possibility, and delivered into our three dimensional experience as a choice. These choices make things matter. What matters is displayed into the experience as a sustainable presence never before experienced by a mass of individuals at the same time. This momentum is energy.  This energy from within actually shapes the contours of reality with participation through perception (sixth energy center) and using the brain to process data in ways that it did not before, and this affect the  ability to be present and how that is offered. This seemingly simple consideration of being snowballs resources within to emerge through us, and into others with our presence, and intensions to meet all that is possible all the time, and make choices that sustain this event as a new model offered as a reality. The full potential of the human brain is in the presence of  NOW tuned into the frequency that allows for basically smarter people. This is not the kind of smart that gets A’s on a test that measures liner left brain thinking. This ability is not about measuring how smart you are but rather gives the abstract right brain, and liner left brain thinking a unity of purpose that literally joins all parts of the brain into a whole, and possibly a never before realized experience.

The way that this “looks” in a clairvoyant reading is that there is a focus on the pineal gland and an ability to think into all directions at once. Literally the abilities of knowing, ideas, values, beliefs, vision, purpose, perception, and extra sensory perceptional seeing can process all the spaces in front of the body behind, to the left and right, and above and below. This is having the sustainable presence to access an abundance to all possible and potential experiences at once allowing for this particular mix (unique to each person) to reflect a reality that is composed of all the resources found within to be realized, and experienced into life. This is what I call an expended experience, and it is an energy pattern emerging now in may people because it is evolutions answer to a call to heal, and change a life experience that is necessary to survival.

It so often all boils down to survival, and yet this event is not a unconscious reaction to survive but a call from within to expand past a survival based mentality. The interesting thing about this energy pattern is that it is not pushing survival aside or discounting anything that we may judge. This energy is inclusive of everything including the negative emotions, circumstances, unrest, complex problems, anything and all things are INCLUDED to enhance the spin we put on our experience to be inclusive, and whole rather than exclusive, and separate. This is clairvoyantly visible in the energy system as showing in each energy center through out the physical body to be vividly linked, connected, and joined intensionally. This syncing of systems is obviously, and intensionally a purposeful infusion for maximum sustainability to the abundance found streaming through our system like the blood in our veins, vital to our being alive.

The brain comes up in reading after reading for a reason and this reason is emerging as information as well as a indicator of the direction the flow of the human energy field. This is an emergence of continued flow that actually beckons more flow streaming into the events unfolding within each of us, and the changing beings we are connected to internally always. The imagination is what most people are using to build a reality they can flourish in, and actually willingly share with others aware that these others are being/doing the same thing in their own way. The new model is emerging and the brain is delivering  the goods into the experience.  If you want to do something  of service to your own experience then be present. This seemingly over used expression and by now a clique has nothing to do with your ability to do this, but to rather be this. This being, you, is available to yourself imagined as whole. Everything is fueled by the power of now. Giving up, let go, surrendering, owning it, believing, whatever you want to call it,  perhaps the most important thing I see going on in peoples space is that they are using their imagination to be. THEY IMAGINE THEMSELVES INTO BEING. Only you can know this experience. Alway remember that it is an experience and has nothing to do with some ability to do something. Just be who you are.

How does this play out in the day to day experience? Some of the things I see in peoples energy are the literal changes to the energy centers I described. Clairvoyantly it all just looks like these people are really changing their energy format. The way that it plays out in their experience is perhaps that they are aware of their unconscious reactions to things around them and no longer want to participate in this way as a service to themselves and to the people they meet in their experience. Another way is that they consider experiencing things they have never imagined themselves able to experience before. This can be a very simple consideration like understanding that they are disappointed a lot by circumstances, and the way that events unfold, and they accept this as just a way that they perceive things. This disappointment is often traceable into past time. They accept that this is just one of the many ways they meet their experience, and some times it is with disappointment. They understand that this occurs, and is a part of who they are, they narrow the gap between the judgement that this disappointment is bad, and accept that what’s good about it is probably nothing, and to change it they must meet it, and feel the disappointment and move on knowing this is who they are, and perhaps disappointment is a springboard to knowing that whoever or whatever is disappointing, and indication that they have this opportunity to move on realizing to dwell on disappointment stops the flow, and the abundance into their sustainable experience. Disappointment becomes a reminder that they are in fact the purpose of offering a new model of the way that they think about this event and choose another option from with in the pool of possibility.

Another example is people who self medicate to deal with depression or anxiety. This is a huge huge energy pattern I see all the time in peoples energy. I don’t see it as bad or good. I understand that having to constrict the brain into thinking into a contained version of a life experience takes its toll after years of suppression and regulation. Medicating is often the only way that they can cope with having to think small, fit in, not act crazy. Sometimes these people feel very very guilty about their behavior, and judge themselves harshly or feel judged by others or society in general. One of the most important things I have learned from looking at other people energy is to have compassion for anything that this person shows me, and to be grateful that they allow me to be of service to them in any way that I can do that. Usually my job is to just listen since I am not their therapist or doctor. I read what they show me, from this I can find the level where I can meet them, and often I see that these people are indeed evolving, and in a way that they can live with, and survive. Each person has a journey and I accept that as their path.

How else does evolution show up in the experience? People are often skeptical about anything not conditioned into the experience they are having and refuse to consider that they hold the key to a conscious evolution, too afraid to take any level or responsibility. They have lost the ability to imagine their potential as a living possibility because they have lost the the power of knowing that they actually have a choice, and that the choice they make matters. They don’t understand that everything they choose matters into being as the way that they meet their experience. They are too afraid, and energetically compromised by money, love, fear and basic human needs to comprehend that they have abundance and sustainable presence within them. Their minds have been compromised by a system that does not support existence, and life but rather feeds into a need for consumption and servitude. Skepticism is the fear of adventure and often these people in a reading need proof that their energy actually can be seen by another human being. This skepticism often wastes time delivering information just to prove to them that they are in fact visible clairvoyantly. This is a distraction that has to be overcome in a reading. Once they are satisfied that they can in fact be seen by someone over the phone clairvoyantly, and only then do they let down their guard and allow themselves to be truly seen and witnessed as a conscious human being that exists. Often these people unconsciously do not know they exist, and are wounded carried over from childhood where they suffered the pain of not being truly accepted into life. This translates later in life as skepticism, and doubt. This blocks the flow, and you suffer. This is very healable by evolving, consciously evolving, and choosing to be vulnerable enough to expand, and embrace the whole being.

These are but a few example of what I encounter clairvoyantly and what we as a evolving presence meet in our experiences. There is nothing that can not be meet, and evolved into a higher vibration with a conscious intension to be a whole person. Wholeness includes not only the life you can see with your eyes but the part of yourself emerging through you as an energy stream, and imagined into being.