Describe what an energy reading session with JRo is like?

Most of my readings are by phone or online. In person, we sit across from each other in comfortable chairs. I see energy, this includes the energy of your consciousness, your body, and the experience of you. Your energy contains information about you. I receive intuitive information visually about you. I am the messenger of that information. I tell you what I see and provide a unique perception of you. A reading is relaxed, personal, friendly, confidential and fun.   


What kind of questions & how many should I ask?

It is entirely up to you. I encourage you to ask freely


How can you help me?

I can’t help you but I can support you as you help yourself.


Why do you offer different options and types of clairvoyant readings?

The dynamics of how energy is composed interests me. I enjoy learning new and challenging ways to clairvoyantly see and read. By offering different options I get to witness energy dynamics in a variety of ways. I offer various types of clairvoyant readings to provide for my clients diverse ways to learn about themselves as energy.     


How long is an energy reading sessions?

1 hour


How much does it cost?

Individual Energy Reading $175.00

Family Reading $225.00

Relationship Reading $200.00

Retainer Service $575.00

3 clairvoyant reading package $475.00


Is one reading enough, or do I need more?

It is up to you. Considering your need is important while the number of readings is less important. Whether anything is enough is a subjective point of view. 


What is the difference between a reading & a healing?

A reading provides information.  A healing is an adjustment to the information that changes the experience of you.


How can I see what you see?

You can’t, you can only see what you see. Clairvoyant seeing is an intuitive Interpretation of your conscious awareness as all things are experienced. Clairvoyant sight is a perceptual rendering of extrasensory awareness. Invest your attention into full presence, and allow a present time perspective to emerge. You see what your conscious awareness needs to see right now.


How can you see me if I’m not sitting in front of you?

You, me and everyone we know are energies within a vibrational field. Location obeys the laws of physic in everyday life. A Clairvoyant energy reading is non-localized and does not matter if you are in front of me or in another country.  I don’t have to see an apple to know what an apple looks like, the same goes for you. The energy of everyone is visible all the time anywhere. By giving your permission to look at and read your energy an agreement is generated. This connects us and you begin to share your information with mine. For me this formats as receiving intuitive information visually.


What is an energy center?

An energy center is a non-physical location in the body that flow energy providing the characteristics of a body level experience. Energy centers map the physical body and define certain human qualities with location and abilities. Most often we refer to the 7 energy centers within the physical body and the 2 outside the body above the head and below the feet.


Why do they have a color associated with them?

The energy frequency of the energy center suggests a color tonality.


When I try to imagine an aura around me I can’t really picture it It’s elusive, like trying to see myself in my mind’s eye or in a dream?

You cannot see an aura like you see a chair. An aura is not literal. You’re on the right track because an aura is elusive, a mind’s eye imagining or a dream. Try looking at trees and plants in the distance, their energy field is accessible to our sensory perceptions. Once you get the plants practice on humans also from a distance. Practice by imagining an aura and the energy field. This will set up a template that you can work off of and change as you grow and change. With practice your ability will gradually emerge and with patients you will become skilled.


How can I increase my awareness?

Hold on to this intention as you go about living. Your attention guides and fortifies energy with potential because of your focus. Intentionally focus your attention with your conscious awareness. Attention will gradually  build potential into your conscious awareness. 


How can I unblock an energy center if it is blocked?

Energy centers are a flow of energy and cannot become blocked. A “blockage” may occur that is representative of an energy center ability and be sensed within the experience of you. Reframe the word blocked with the word challenged. Accept the challenge and address it as often as possible building a bond and gradually take responsibility of the challenge in present time. As an experience, I am challenged in various ways and meet whatever is my challenge. The responsibility of acceptance mitigates the challenge.     


How do I know if it I am blocked or challenged as you call it?

An adverse challenge can be a discomfort, pain, emotional imbalance or upset, mental unclarity or a string of odd or unfortunate events.  A constructive challenge may show as a vague sense that something is off, not quite right or low energy. Be the challenge, become it. With desire, patience, and speaking your truth you can unravel the energy of any challenge. Offer peace and let go of your resolve, accept your challenges.


Are some people naturally better at seeing and feeling energy?

Generally, humans feel emotions and see light. Everything you feel and see is energy. To what extent you use these abilities is defined by your conscious awareness. I would avoid comparing yourself to anything ever. Naturally and better imply a ranking order that is best to avoid.