Abundance is a consideration within the life experience and is visible in people’s energy field and the flow they have going on in present time. Allowing yourself to appreciate what is and also what is not can propel your energy package into a revelation of sustainable abundance. Your existence when viewed clairvoyantly captures the obvious connectedness we all have to everything and it is this witnessing that true abundance is visible. Sustainability is a choice we each have to participate as a presence in the now and feel like we are connected to everything always. This awareness can be very helpful when we encounter difficult circumstances or situations that feel uncomfortable. Connecting deeply into our life experience is a choice we all can make to know that each of us is an abundant reflection of the sustainable now.

To put it more simply, you have to get into everything that is happening to you in order to evolve and change. Even the not so good stuff is opportunity to feel your presence and explore how expanding into the now provides you with the ability to accept abundance, and not push it away or cut yourself off from the flow of a sustainable experience. It is sustainability that gives our experience the capacity to influence the people around us and inspire us to try new directions to our conscious presence. This action is a choice we have to make in order to shift our paradigm and grow new insights about our life and how to manage ourselves through difficult times and feelings, as well as thought patterns so we can emerge into an evolved perspective of just who we are now.

The energy of abundance in a clairvoyant reading primarily occurs to the left and right of the physical body. Abundance as energy is also surrounding the body entirely. This abundance is a possibility or potential to all actions based in choices made and is done so with awareness. You either experience abundance or you do not. A huge part of experiencing abundance is knowing that you have it available to you and that the ability to tap into this energy varies as a reflection of your state of being.

Awareness is essential to conscious abundance being realized as sustainable. Sustainability is revealed within the experience you are having and oftentimes asks that you connect into the actual flow of your energy. Sustainability is the momentum of your flow and actually feels like a lift to the physical body or a high.

Flow is governed by the momentum of your being established by your intentions and commitment to the journey of your life as a process in relationship to self, as well as other people who occur in your experience. Flow is essential to life force and tells us just how we are doing at any given moment. If the flow is slow then to is the experience we are having in present time. Flow is visible in a reading and indicates the general wellness of the individual. Often flow will slow down in order for us to meet a certain circumstance and would occur as a pattern in our energy field. This pattern is readable as information telling us why circumstances are as they are in the momentum of our experience.

Abundance is not about money, success or anything we use to measure our effective portrayal of form. The form while interesting, and perhaps the whole point of experience for some people, is not necessarily so for all people. This shows up in a reading revealed in the authentic awareness of self. This awareness is the whole point of experience for many people. It is easy to distinguish this portrayal in people’s energy as presence. Without presence there is no authentic abundance. Authentic abundance is not dependent upon a material reality. Nevertheless, success and money can be a part of the experience along with present authentic awareness.

So what is this sustainable aspect currently evolving into experience?

Well, what it is not like is solar power, wind power or any other emerging sustainable energy alternative. Sustainability within the experience of being is a 7th chakra ability of knowingness. It is not something you can stockpile and use later. It is not about power in the traditional sense. It about full capacity within any given experience. To be able to fully engage with what is going on with us and feel that this experience is supporting us right now no matter how difficult or challenging it may feel. Sustainability is acceptance that all is necessary to get us into this moment and the experience we are having regardless of the content. If we are practicing sustainability, we are aware that we have this capacity of abundance within us always and if we are not feeling it right now, we breath and allow this sensation to show up accepting that it may be unavailable to us in this moment.  This aspect is a part of the experience of the flow of our energy. It is a lot like the tidal flow of the ocean, it comes in and it goes out and we are a part of the ocean of energy.

Let us consider a relationship. Let’s say you have feeling of love towards someone, but it is unrequited. Sticking around hoping that this person will see the light and love you in return is one way to approach this experience. A sustainable energy will accept that this love is your ability to expand into love in this moment NOW. There is no waiting around for this other person to wake up and smell the coffee. There is no waiting ever because your presence is an experience you are having with yourself and love is the feeling you have offered right now. This has a flow and that flow is not attached to an outcome. In that moment or revelation comes the sustainable presence of you within your experience.

 to go with the flow

This experience can of course be painful and disappointing and this is the challenge of a sustainable presence – to go with the flow – and accept that the current state you are learning about is love and that energy within you.  In a reading this would show as a wave pattern coming towards the physical body and also as a wave pattern exiting the physical body. Everything flows through you or not, and this is a reflection of your present state of being. To sustain abundance, expand your energy into the wave pattern entering and leaving the physical body owning the space of your full presence. Remembering that you are always building a conscious awareness of you potential in present time and that you can access your abundance always. The feeling of abundance is found within your presence to participate with your experience and not judge. Judgement will separate you from the field of your abundance because it deflects the flow of incoming and outgoing energy.

Because each person is different, so too is the experience of sustainable abundance. Sustainable abundance is an experience. Your ability to be a presence with that experience determines the potency of your experience with abundance and sustainability. This experience is currently an evolving process that is building your relationship to your personal sense of abundance and a “how to” regarding sustainability.

Sustainable abundance is having awareness of the flow of your energy emerging, and gathering momentum allowing you to grow within your experience, and  tapping into the power to make the things matter in your life based on the choices you make.


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