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What is an Energy reading?



Answer - An energy reading is an opportunity to be witnessed in your most fundamental form, and to interpret information by providing a unique and insightful perspective different than the one you currently have or know   



Why does J Ro do Energy Readings?


Answer – Because extra-sensorial seeing is a natural and easy way for me to be informed and perceive energy. Energy Readings involves personal awareness with the contents of consciousness so I learn and utilize extrasensory information to navigate my life. You are my teacher giving me opportunities to learn and grow. 



How does an Energy Reading happen?


Answer  – By establishing a connection with you I receive extrasensory perceived information about you from you and relay that information to you. I am the messenger I deliver information about you to you, to help you, help yourself.  



Is an Energy Reading based on a system of beliefs?


Answer  – Perhaps. What I observe generalizes what I believe. This explains my world. I observe everything as energy, therefore, I believe everything is energy. The word system isolates, implying a separateness.  An Energy Reading is based on belief but not necessarily based on a system of belief as are religions, ideologies, or spiritual practices.     


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