the flow of energy and how we make things matter

If you want something to matter place your attention on it. By placing your attention onto anything you give the matter mass. By watching television you make the television matter and depending upon what exactly you are watching you give to that program the mass necessary to be part of your conscious experience. In most cases it is our unconsciousness that actually chooses the program that you watch and make it matter by giving it your attention. It is in this sense that you and because of your ability to place your attention on things make things matter, and you make these things matter by giving it mass.

Mass can be considered weight or more appropriately is the density of the experience. By watching a lot of television you have increased the mass of the television programming you place your attention on. If you eat a lot of food and gain weight your attention to food has added mass to the food you eat and the relationships you have to the potential of food and how much it matters into your experience is a relationship to the dimension of potential. Your weight or if you are over weight is because you make food matter into your experience. Too much attention will draw density to the way that you choose to meet your experience, in this case food.

Obviously there were plenty of over weight people before the dimension on your right was expanded into and you started placing your attention onto anything making it matter into your experience. However because we have discovered the NOW and for some of us we have begun the process of construction a relationship with the present moment or the NOW we have opportunity to BE the attention that makes anything matter and give it mass by BEING in a process with our expanding universe and how that takes our consciousness into MORE. More attention, more choices, more mass, more density, and more of the actual experience we meet in present time – this is your NOW – we each have more experience, more presence, more, potential , and more ability to BE reality.

Our abilities to make our experiences matter is connected to our being present. By being present you become aware of the experience you are having. and in that relationship you start to notice what matters to you, and by noticing what matters to you, you give attention to those things and those things begin to acquire mass. The potential mass of the dimension as an emergence to your right is relative to the time, and energy you ARE able to BE.

Factors never before this moment met and is an emergence NOW, and  matter very much into the equation of your expanded presence as a universe and as a NOW. Obviously you ARE more than a body, a life, or anything that is happening in your life because you ARE a universe, a multiple dimensional event, a NOW and probably most importantly you ARE HERE NOW and YOU MATTER. You matter greatly to the survival of our universe as a conscious presence- source streamed through you always.

It is through our awareness that we each have, and to some degree, are able to bring those things that matters to us the necessary mass that makes it relevant or not to our experience. Relevance is a quality that has importance in present time. Outside of present time our attention does not matter.Especially right this very moment if we are unconscious and DOING  our experience we are loosing mass. Our sustainable presence will collapse we become separated from the relevant space-time of our expanding universe and we don’t matter. This is a common disorder affecting billions of people today right now. They suffer the senselessness of not meeting the experience they are having instead persist in DOING   the experience unaware that this is the reality trying to connect (fourth chakra) the source that streams through them, and unable to BE ( sixth chakra synced with the fourth chakra).

In fact our attention doesn’t matter at all in the same way that it does when we are present and aware of the things that matter to us. This is why the attention we place on food becomes so dense, and causes us to gain weight because we do it unconsciously and we are not present when we go about this process. The reason that we gain weight is because we are doing the process instead of being the presence of that process in present time.. This simple change of our attention from doing to being can cause a significant change in the attention that we place on things and the mass that we acquire or the density that we add to the weight of our experience. Time is the most significant experience unfoldment to potential and the expansion of our presence into a new dimensional reality. Without the consideration of time factored into the emergence we ARE as the NOW we loose our momentum of the dimension of potential . Time is a force that until NOW was not believed possible. Time is the force that inspired the NOW to BE our ability. Time powers our purpose to BE and to reconsider how we DO anything.

Some of us place our attention on smoking cigarettes, and others place our attention on cleaning the house. In these particular examples of circumstances smoking cigarettes and cleaning the house are the terms that matter to the actual experience. In this case what matters is a value based experience. The only way that our attention matters  in these circumstances is that we do the smoking or cleaning. To actually be present while we do smoke or clean adds mass to our experience.  So in other words doing an experience and being an experience are two entirely different events. What makes the matter be given mass is the intention we have as we go about being the experience.

The ability is exactly the same and we WILL make the smoking and cleaning matter into BEING have mass and matter into our experience. The way that we make anything matter into our experience is our CHOICE. Here on the dimension of Earth we constantly make choices. All we really do is make choices all the time. Whether you are aware of this ability to make choice is irrelevant at this particular moment in this blog post. However it is very relevant to the overall big picture of matter, choice, and attention when we take into consideration our ability to be here now. It is with our unconscious that we make things matter that truly don’t matter to us when we think about it consciously. 99% of the people on earth are walking around completely unconscious of the potential of the things that they make matter. They either don’t care or they lack the awareness to understand that THEY MATTER and that everything they placed their attention on matters consciously or unconsciously. They often choose for it to not matter because they are afraid of the responsibility implied by being aware. By choosing to DO anything implies a much greater risk to the responsibility necessary to coordinate the power of time to circumstance and allows choice to be a chance we all get to take or not. Gambling with your presence of being here now is generally not understood by the people addicted to DOING. The life they believe they have involves the lack of awareness  that an illusion of time has placed a veil of one reality, and one reality only over their ability to smoke or clean as a choice when really there is no choice whatsoever.

One of the truths is that on the Earth dimension WE MATTER AS TIME EXPANDS INTO ALL DIRECTIONS. We matter because we make anything matter by placing our attention on -anything and unfortunately consciously or unconsciously . This is potential and within potential is the time of our placing our attention onto something or not and making it matter more or less into time.  THIS IS ALSO POWER. Potential is a dimension out to our right side and is composed by the frequency of tone associated in part by the sound of our intensions to vibrate a resonance into the potential of all mass by making the mass matter. We can not DO this even if we try really really hard because DOING is a discordant tone that disrupts the harmony of the MATTER, and we end up with problems, negative feelings, conflict, abuse, confusion, and a whole host of discordant consequences to the (our) event. Doing actually distracts the ability to be. The ability to be is an ability to meet your experience in present time and be aware of how you Matter by placing your attention on those things that you choose to give mass to. This is in part HOW YOU BE  grace on this planet  when you meet it as Earth .

Because WE MATTER we are able to give anything mass by placing our attention on whatever it is we are interested in placing our attention on. It is of course much more in our best interest if what we make matter by placing our attention on it if  it is in present time. The entire paradox of space-time as a force or a power is revealed as the emergence into the NOW of present time with our full PRESENCE OF BEING. So understand clearly that nothing of this ability is available outside of the present time occurrence. This space time is the ability of what is the emergence of the NOW. It is our ability to BE. Our ability to be is the single most important thing that brings potential into matter by giving it mass. Remembering that you be this when you place our attention on anything and consider that as we are BEING AND EMERGENCE INTO THE NOW we matter. It goes without saying that you have to meet the (your) experience in the NOW of present time always And when you forget forgive yourself move on, and bring yourself back to the present moment

By placing your attention on anything you grace the moment with your ability to flow as a life form and experience a body simultaneously. Your flow is what makes everything happen in your experience. You also make things APPEAR as though they matter into other peoples experience if that person is showing up in your experience. Everyone is having their own experience and reality is within each person. It is the flow of energy within your experience that makes you believe that you are having your own separate experience and is an illusion of a thee dimensional reality structure supported by ideas, beliefs, ideologies, religions, and delusional thinking. In truth the dimension to our right which is potential is the potential that we are whole because we have each the ability to make things matter simply by placing our attention on whatever it is we choose as long as we BE that NOW- right now.

Because of the global Internet and because we communicate with each other constantly we have started to network and we are beginning to have the experience of meeting the manifested. The same experience is happening to many people at the same time and they too are placing their attention on those things that matter to them and in many circumstances they also matter to us. This simple gesture that can be achieved simply by placing your hand on someones shoulder to convey a hello is an experience that makes us whole and we dissolve the illusion that we are separate and disconnected from each other. It is the hands that deliver us into our expanded dimensions and are able to connect ( fourth chakra) us to our expanded presence and also reassure others in our experience with an example of HOW WE ARE HERE RIGHT NOW. This is a global consciousness event that is emerging in many ways, and in part involves addressing the potential that we have within us as the source that streams through us. Time conceptualized as ALL TIME  rather than an arrow of time moving only in one direction is the power sustained as a renewed resource  when we place our attention on something/anything,  and make it matter. We ARE this source and this is because we matter when we BE the presence that has choices.

The truth is that we are each whole and connected to each other. We do each exist in our own reality but we have the ability to be connected and we have the ability to be connected because we have the ability to be here now.  All the effort that has gone into DOING  the experience rather than it BEING the experience has caused matter to distort the mass and  the potential necessary to construct a dimension to our right has been unavailable until now. Any and all conflict of vested interest you witness on the Earth today, be it war, hunger, poverty, lack of education, many having nothing or very little so others can have it all and consume without a conscious awareness that others suffer  is because we have been unable to access responsibility to the power to be a presence in the now and BE connected rather disconnected believing that this is just how it is , there is nothing you can DO about it is in fact a very true statement.  Only now with global consciousness applied attention collectively intensionally into making things matter can we  by investing conscious mass and expanding the  potential necessary of HOW TO BE A PRESENCE IN THE NOW. This is not a solution to a problem it is a problem because no one CARED about the problem in the first place. The overwhelming challenges to war, hunger, poverty etc etc have never been resolved because the  necessary responsibility to BE a completely conscious being and a better version of the being involves letting go of three dimensional reality with the fourth dimension as time too great of a – let go- no one wants to give up their comfortable seat even if it means many many people have to suffer for your seat.

The 3D and 4D paradigm is dead and dying right in front of your very eyes. Expand or die, explore the dimensions emerging or parish in the irresponsible pleasure of your unconscious ego driven mind. OR risk everything and open your heart-mind and sync you brain -mind and discover the conscious evolution of the source that streams through you.

Each of us is the flow that is necessary to make things matter. I will discuss this in future blogs but for now understand that in this particular blog we were dealing with the dimension to our right or a potential a potential that is available to us when we place our attention on the things that matter and give that matter mass. We are astonishing creatures that have only begun to realize our full capacity as we emerge from a three-dimensional spatial relationship and a fourth dimensional time relevance to a expanded experience as multidimensional beings I look forward to any of your questions or comments about where we’re going and how were going to get there as we evolve consciously and move into a new dimension and direction with earth and our universe.

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