An energy reading gives you a unique and insightful perspective of yourself. A reading also provides you with opportunities. To be witnessed as energy is an opportunity to be validated. Discovering the informational context of your energy is an opportunity to grow and learn.

I receive intuitive information about you visually. This tells the story of how you are represented as an experience.

Another opportunity is for perception. A clairvoyant energy session is a storytelling about your consciousness, physical body and the emotional sensations that play into your life.  A reading provides you with a perceptual opportunity for a different, yet complementary story about how you and the life you are living is happening right now in present time.

In a energy reading session your energy traits are visible and interpreted relative to time. Your past and future are visible from present time. I do not speculate about future time events or make predictions. I deliver information about your energy to you. I am the messenger.

I read your energy as an experience of your current state of consciousness. The energy of consciousness flows.  An energy reading is the opportunity to grasp how your conscious energy flow culminates as your reality. This perspective suggests that  everything happens because of you rather than to you. This is an opportunity to expand awareness and understand how everything happens based on the information of your conscious energy flow.

Your authenticity is unique and personal. Presence is something you establish and build as you grow. When authenticity and presence are witnessed from another perspective more opportunities are revealed about your purpose for living.

Perspective provides direction and a course of action for our lives. An energy reading provides a unique and neutral perception of your current perspective.  I avoid making judgements or giving you advice.  What is available is an opportunity for a honest, responsible and informative look at you right now in this present moment.

A reading can be an opportunity for you to grow, heal and change. All sessions are completely confidential.