Be grateful that you can stop, and reconfigure your moment. Not knowing what your next step is all about is the relationship you have with yourself. The worry that you do not know where you are going in the future is very often a past time unconsciousness or energy pattern emerging, and ultimately fear. We become unclear of our next step because we feel we should know that, and not knowing is stressful, pulls you into past time worrying about future time. This leaves your present moment unattended to, and you presence is lacking. There is only the now of present time, the past is over, and the future is yet to be. This is an excellent opportunity to bring your conscious attention into your experience. The ability to let go, and be present can offer you options you may not have been able to consider or bring into your experience. Readjusting your attention onto the present moment, breath, and allow the energy of your body to expand, and flow freely. This may take a few tries because you have to assume the responsibilities of a living presence in the now. This effort will give you insight into what is happening with you NOW, and make available the power you have in present time. Adjusting your perspective to the realization that you are an experience can begin to allow you full access to all of your potential.

We often don’t know what to do next or how to get to where we are going. This is common, and everyone experiences this concern at times, but in different ways. Finding out what this means to you is essential to the process of finding the answer. We may not even know where we are going. It helps a great deal to get out of your head, and trying to figure out what is the next step. We have all been conditioned to ‘know’ the directions we are going in automatically, and without any doubt or lack of certainty. However that is idealistic, and may not even be truly a reality for your conscious evolution in a body on Earth in present time. Consider yourself as consciousness, and that everything is a result of your conscious awareness. As a conscious presence you are the experience you are having in present time. In your full presence of the NOW you will discover you have everything you need, and that the flow of life – your life- will literally bring the next step to you as you build a strong presence in the now of present time.

A lack of perceived clarity will cause you to contract or pull inward. This is an uncomfortable feeling because it is fear based in survival. This question in, and of itself is a fear based question. Fear is not meant to scare you it is meant to create change for your consciousness to evolve, and grow. Anything that challenges you in life is an opportunity to grow, and become more present within your conscious awareness. The consciousness that is expressed through you organically desires to expand, and to experience more always. It is natural to desire more but looking for it outside of yourself is counter intuitive to your consciousness because everything is inside of you, always. Start to think with your heart, and your mind together. Know, and feel who, and what you are right now. Accept whatever comes up. If the feeling is a negative feeling know that it is a resource woven into your experience. If the feeling is a positive feeling know too that it is a resource woven into your experience. Make the effort to compose the duality of feeling, and thoughts into meeting your experience consciously. Intentionally breath, and release the contraction that pulls you inward allowing your breathing to expand your presence into the now of present time. Think of only the now.

Confusion or lack of direction is a natural component to consciousness as it is expressed through your body. Your life is how your consciousness express itself. The ‘you’ is a part of your mind- identified (ego), and can separate you from your conscious -wholeness. Learning how to ‘be’ as you meet the experience is the ability to trust the next step. Not knowing what the next step actually is a reaction to fear. Feeling the fear, and knowing you are confused is honest, and a very powerful presence if you are able to own the process, and be the experience you are having in present time.

Your next step in life is not in the future or pulled out of the past, and going to these places with your attention will only cause you to suffer. Thats not to say that you can not take the past, and the future into consideration but investing your attention into the past or future will make it matter into your experience, and you will feel the pain of confusion or self doubt. Knowing, and feeling yourself in the present moment will reveal the ‘next step’ with ease. A joyful life is trusting the ease of letting it unfold before you as you walk your conscious path. Any unconscious reactions or behavior will cause you to feel the uncomfortable feelings locked into that need to push yourself through life, and that will be your experience.

Take a very close look at what is your experience right now. You are the experience, and at the same moment you are having an experience. The subtle dualistic elements of this awareness if embraced by you consciously will take you deeper into the now of present time. The more attention you place on the now, and the more you can feel into the now the more apparent will become your next step in life. You next step is always to be more consciously aware of your presence in present time. As you build an identity that is fully present your life experience will come to you, and you do not have to go out an get it because everything is within you already. Finding out how to access your full abundance into a sustainable experience is your next step. The actual particulars or event that show up in the experience as you consciously meet it will be obvious, and you will feel secure about the next step. The next step is often a small step into a bigger reality structure you are having as an experience.

Once you capture your moment in thoughts, and in feelings you will be aware that a destiny is already being streamed through you exactly in the way you stream a move on your computer or television. You are downloading your signal from within your resource of consciousness. This source is available to communicate with you but you have to take the responsibility, and make the effort to build an awareness, and an identity of what exactly are you streaming into consciousness. This is your experience, and that story is within you, and revealed to you as you allow yourself to expand, and grow unafraid or even having to consider a next step. Ask yourself where am I at right now, and where am I going next. The answer is you are there right now. Embrace this moment, expand you conscious awareness, build an identity as a presence in the now, and you will clearly know, and feel the joy of life through conscious evolution. That is your next step always.


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