About Jro


My name is Jeffrey Rozzelle and everyone calls me JRo. Evolving as conscious energy is why I am on this Earth, and my ability is that I can see and manipulate energy.From birth I have been able to see the energy of all living things. In pictures I can see your physical body as an energy field as well as the entire experience you are having in space-time. Sharing with you the story of who you are and what you are doing and experiencing here on earth is what I can do for you.This skill has been developing for 60 years and I share this with anyone who is willing and ready for a life changing experience.

Authentic Presence

The lifestyle I practice as a way of life offers an authentic presence of being reflected in the now. It is with grace that I can share this skill of awareness with you as my contribution to the evolution to our consciousness. This Journey is always connected to the flow of life and is experienced as a reflection of a deep appreciation and willingness to share.

A nomadic life allows for traveling, doing readings & healing, giving lectures, and offering classes. This is a dedication to explore within myself, and my experience. Sharing with you how to be conscious of yourself as energy, and how to create change or healing is something I have learned from reading people’s energy and witnessing their healing. Readings have taught me how you can realize the power contained within you.

Maui and the islands of Hawaii are my home and I return here each winter to offer my service. Travels resume in the summer months where I make personal appearances and share my awareness through healings & readings. Everything is visible as energy and this is my offering to Earth and the people who desire to be a part of the evolution of consciousness.



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