Asking a Big Question

Asking a Big Question Recently during a session, I was asked: What does the energy of the current political situation of the USA look like clairvoyantly? “A big question”,  I thought to myself, an interpretation quagmire maybe, but an intriguing visual possibility. Big questions generate big pictures. The composition of the intuitive information received visually, as in this case, can […]

The Source That Streams Through You

The source that streams through you is your conscious flow. This is the flow that composes the core of your being and everything you experience is a result of this energy within you. The experience you are having in present time is a reflection of your ability to meet that flow with intentional conscious awareness. When you are able to […]


Waking up is something that is happening to many people right now. Waking up is an experience. Waking up means that you are aware that there is more to your conscious presence than what meets the eye. You can sense the multidimensional expansion that is happening to you as you embrace a shift in your perception. The world as you […]


Each of us have to find a way to let go of all the things in our lives that keep us cemented into a past time event or circumstance. Pain and suffering often comes from a resistance to letting go and feeling the full force of the source that streams through you. Pain and suffering could reference our connection, or […]