Imagine if you will that everything, and I mean everything you think is a reality somewhere.

Where exactly is this “somewhere”?

It’s all in your head and the relationship you have with your source that streams through you , and the reality structure you CHOOSE to meet or you CHOOSE to ignore or not meet at all. We all project our reality using our basic five senses, and that reality is the illusion of our experience.

We human animals are in the process right now of expanding upon our ability to project a reality structure that is a reflection of our conscious awareness. All sorts of wonderful technological, scientific, and paradigm ideologies or emerging into the possibility of our experiences as well as not so great challenges that alter our physical existence here on our Earth.

Its no secret that our beautiful Earth is in transition and we face insurmountable unforeseen events that threaten our vary survival. Everyone is aware of it even if they keep it hidden in the back of their brain mind too afraid to include it into their projection of their reality, and meet that experience. This mental fear is a quite presence within the troubled brain-mind of our global community.

Global fear seems unable to be stopped because its only cure is consciousness. Global awareness and conscious evolution is the rapid change you feel inside of you that often is mistaken as fear. The fear is that you can actually know too much and with your ability meet the reality you see before you – afraid but filled with the power to transmute the fear and consciously evolve.

We are on the verge of a New Earth a very different Earth. Earth is able to speak to those who CHOOSE to listen. It is all about the CHOICES you make as well as the CHOCES you do not make. The energy of CHOICE is the momentum of our generation to meet the possible as an infinite dimension to each of our realities and the ability to meet, fearlessly meet, that experience. That experience is the source of your life and the purpose of your destiny as a participant of the person you bring forth into our Earth right now.

I invite all of you to share with our community your experience with how your life experience is being meet by you. The information inside of you is important to all of us as we assist each other in our conscious evolution. Bring your fear into the light of a powerful transmutation of BEING a presence on this Earth right now. We ALL deal with fear all the time and we all have a way to meet that fear that is an opportunity to think about yourself, your Earth, and your global community in ways that transform our reality.

Never fear being alone because many of us are here to help in any way we can to cross you over into the new Earth and a brain-mind you can sync with your heart mind and meet the possibility of a dimension new to your experience.

I can always be reached by phone, text, Skype. or email. I have done thousands of readings and have learned how to face fear and BE HERE NOW. Together we will build a reality that each of us can meet as an experience and offer our Earth a opportunity to BE right there with us on this journey we call life.

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