The Expanded Energy field

Your expanded energy field looks and feels like there is more to you than just your physical body in any give moment. Your sense of your presence expands when you make the effort to meet your experience in the moment right here right now. This expansion to your energy field is just more energy that you’re able to be aware of and bring into the moment you are meeting and able to be present within as the now.  Your presence is always being requested by your experience because you are the experience.

How do I know my consciousness is expanding?

Conscious expansion is something you can not know in the traditional sense of knowing something. Your consciousness is expanding when you begin to place you attention on your relationship to change. The momentum of change is an energy you can become aware of as you meet your experience. Consciousness like change is a momentum  of energy  within you and continuously flows through you. As you begin to place your attention on the momentum of yourself as energy  your conscious awareness begins to expand and match that attention. Conscious expansion is everything that happens and does not happen to you as you move through your life as an experience.  Life and death are  expansions and contractions of the conscious energy field.

How do you know your energy field  is expanding?

Your personal experience of  what you perceive as your world will reflect back to you the you of your conscious expansion. You will know your energy field is expanding because you are within the experience of that occurrence.

What if your energy field  no longer fits into the experience you are having?

An adjustment in perspective is necessary. This adjustment can be made by considering how each moment of your day unfolds. Notice what happen when you sleep and pay attention to what you dream. Noticing every single choice you do and do not make throughout the day. Especially notice the choices you do not make. Focus your attention on the people you choose to hang out with and for what reasons. Notice your patterns of behavior as you go about your day. Consider what you are feeling all the time. Start to pay attention to what you focus your attention on and why. Notice what you think about as well as what you feel and consider if your thought patterns are connected to the pattern of your feelings.

All of this is a closer examination of your experience and how invested you are into life. You are an event of consciousness, and your experience is a reflection of how this occurs. Clearly you are having an experience and how in tune to that reality you are is evident in your energy as it expands.

In order to grasp the depth of your expanding energy field experience you have to pay close attention to every detail. Consider approaching everything from a neutral perspective and not judge but rather observe the event that is you having an experience.  Be self reflective and be amused. No one else can do this for you but you can seek out support from with in your experience by generating an interest in your conscious evolution. This would include noticing the people you surround yourself with by paying close attention to what happens when you are with these people.

An expended energy field  expands and evolves as a result of the survival instinct. This instinct is energy and this energy is located in your core and is the source of your being here now. Your awareness of yourself as energy has an effect on your physical body. The attention you give to your survival within the first energy center makes you matter in this particular way of being present.  By placing your attention on anything you energize and allow this attention to give “weight” to what matters into your experience.  You make it matter to you, and the experience you are having in the present moment. This gives you power and this power fuels your experience.

To be able to access a sense of selflessness with sustained power consider exploring the present moment. The idea of self is evolving in step with your awareness of your expanding energy field. The expanded energy field changes your relationship with anything that separates you from an in-the-moment-sense-of-self as become energetically bigger. A bigger energy field has an effect on what you believe. Belief can separate you from  our experience unintentionally. How to be integrated and whole rests within your identity as energy being accepted into your thinking mind. Thinking your way into and through an experience is like using a candle to light your house when you have electricity. The expanded energy field is able to use a thinking-mind synced into a heart-mind so that the  house you exist in is well lit. You don’t throw out the candle because you have electricity you use the candle to fulfill the space.  You are then able to see your next evolutionary step as you continuously change.

If there is a sense of separation know in your heart-mind that the separation is from events within your experience. A sense of separation may indicate that things you are making matter into your experience are depleting your power. Why ?

As your energy field expands so does your power.  This changes your relationship to your physical body and the third energy center and your ability to have a rational and clear understanding of your life.  A feeling of separation is a red flag that you are loosing power and different choice are needed to be made by you. Be aware of what you’re invest your energy into by noticing what you are paying attention to as you go about meeting your experience in present time.

The expanded energy field is primarily composed of our relationship with ourselves as energy. This relationship is building more dimensional aspects for us to imagine and to expand into.  Dimensions come into focus and result from our ability to imagine the manifest experience within our presence.  By focusing our awareness on our first chakra the power to fuel the thrust necessary for a dimensional aspect to emerge into our experience comes from our changing/evolving relationship  to our third chakra and the connective abilities of the fourth chakra. These three energy centers are primarily responsible for the expanded energy field happening as our experience. We then are able to realize that everything happens because of us and not necessarily to us.

It is obvious that no two people are having the same experience.  Using your awareness of yourself as an expanding energy allows other people in your experience to meet you in this way. By following the natural momentum of your experience and building an identity of yourself as energy, conscious evolution becomes what is happening because of you in the moment.

The importance of your presence being continuously invest into the present moment can not be over emphasized. It is the key factor in the handbook of how to survive the relationship with yourself ! In order to not  feel or believe you are separated from our experience check the ego-mind and ego related identities you construct. Right now in this moment imagine that you are building a new identity.  This identity is a example of your complex continuously evolving energy package. This identity will help you navigate the experience you see coming from within you without necessarily having to see it with your eyes. The expanded energy field offers you sight-fullness through perceptions and the cognitive abilities of understanding immediate intuitive recognition. Being able to deconstruct the  experience that happens because of  your consciousness becomes a pixilated composition that breaks apart segments of your experience so you can see the components that fit and do not fit as your conscious energy field expands. You now can consider exactly what and how you make anything matter and especially how to not make something matter. The quality and quantity of change you experience is equal to how conscious you are of the ways that you invest your energy.

The awareness generated out of an expanded energy field gives you insight into all  past time energy pattern located in your unconscious. Expansion into the energy field that is surrounding your physical body offers you a multiple dimensional directive into the now of your present moment. This means that by pulling your attention or energy off something you no longer make it matter. This may not sound like such a big deal but in your expanded energy field it literally changes the manifestations within your experience in the present moment.

Consider what is the density of anything in your experience. The density of what matters into your experience is evident in the reality you see before you. Dense matter is to your advantage as long as you understand how that concentration or weight will impact your life and the present moment. Density will matter into the contents of exactly what you experience. The ability you have to make things matter or not is a density relationship that affects the world around you from within your experience. Everything is within you projected outward as your reality. If you are conflicted by something, as you meet your experience, you have the  ability to change what you place your attention on and how you  make that matter.

The world is not happening to you. You are happening into the world. Once you consider the density of what you allow to matter you will heal or change quickly because you will be able to see what separates you from yourself or the energy you think of as abundance. Changing anything within your experience matters by where you are placing your attention. The density manifested by your presence is energy and you are experiencing that right now. Never forget who your are and where you are coming from within the moment and your expand energy field will take care of you and the experience you are having in present time.


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