Asking a Big Question

Asking a Big Question

Recently during a session, I was asked: What does the energy of the current political situation of the USA look like clairvoyantly?

“A big question”,  I thought to myself, an interpretation quagmire maybe, but an intriguing visual possibility.

Big questions generate big pictures. The composition of the intuitive information received visually, as in this case, can distort the image and ultimately the answer. The question itself carries a charge simply by the amount of energy invested. The image or picture clairvoyantly visible is a bit of a crap shoot.

I decided to take a look at one picture.

I’ll describe the picture I see and articulate what I see. I ask you to put your own spin on the image I describe. The meaning is then relative to you, as so often truth can be for all of us.

The picture
I see mass amounts of people in repetitive images that flip in rapidly succession. They appear to be about to sit down, or already seated, about to get up or maybe stay seated. They are continuously fastening or unfastening their seatbelts. I only see the lap area no faces and these rapid-fire actions over and over again. All of the people are dressed in button down dress shirts, ties, belts, and pants, all colored beige. There is no obvious indication as to male or female. The emphasis is mental, thinking and questioning should I fasten or unfasten stand up, sit down or stay seated over and over again. The image appears blurry, repeatedly going in and out of focus.

Interesting picture, here is my spin.

The mass amount of people is literal. There is a very large amount of people, perhaps alluding to a collective consciousness. The number of people creates a strong force. This force is currently ambivalent, and uncertain about how to make changes. Confused by the shifting fundamental principles of truth that affect ideologies, economy, culture, archetypes and our collective existence.

The repetitive images of indecisiveness as seated, not seated, belt, no belt suggests a volatile energy lacking security. The focus on the abdominal area plays out emotionally as uncertain, certain, fearful, courageous, lead, follow, action, no action, safe, not safe, secure, not secure. This represents dualistic thinking and feelings. Despite the large number of people, the force is weak, their resources polarized. Survival is uncertain and based in fear.

The blurry image is an indication that the paradigm defining reality is changing. The prototype vexed to emerge, but lacking direction is entangled by what has already happened and is in past time. Again a repeating pattern of seeing clearly then blurry. The beige color is excitement or enthusiasm. The all dressed alike is all inclusive, to all people everywhere, men and women present in this moment right here right now.

The taking off of the seat belt or putting it on is a reference to our individual mock-up for the American political system. Different paradigms spelling out divergent version of reality. The elements that structure systems as complex as a global community, or as simple as an experience, collapse as perceptions emerge that redefines fundamental architecture. Everything as we think we know it is about to shift.

So fasten or unfasten, sit down or stand up, we are ready for liftoff.

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