Waking up is something that is happening to many people right now. Waking up is an experience. Waking up means that you are aware that there is more to your conscious presence than what meets the eye. You can sense the multidimensional expansion that is happening to you as you embrace a shift in your perception. The world as you know it begins to change and change begins to happen fast. Each of us can take responsibility for our experience as conscious beings and waking up is a part of how that happens.

Every person I do a reading with is expanding into the space that surrounds the physical body. It looks slightly different in each person because everyone is having their own experience. Everyone evolves differently but waking up connects us allowing us to feel whole.  This expansion gives new meaning to what is considered reality. You start to experience more dimensions into your reality structure. Reality becomes more fluid less fixed.

This change appears to be happening on a globe scale as people throughout the world begin to witness reality as a experience filled with information and build an identity of themselves as energy. Energy is what we are composed of and each person is a universe unto themselves. This makes them capable of experiencing things not visible within our current light spectrum. We are evolving rapidly to meet the intense demands placed on our ability to survive now. If we want to remain on Earth we have to meet change and meet it unafraid.

To remain unconscious and addicted to past time energy patterns that deny interconnectedness to each other and all things is no longer an acceptable option. We are challenged by money based economy and greed reluctant to consider a resource based economy that shares our planet rather then killing or exploit our need to survive and flourish. The polarization has already begun as groups of people identify with themselves as either awake or unconscious. It is obvious who is unconscious because they do not have the basic capacity to CARE for all living things. To care is the ability generated by waking up. This provides each of with a sense of each other as living beings sharing a planet and a universe.

When you wake up you feel more alive then you have ever felt before. This can  be overwhelming and very intense. You may have to change the way that you live in order to meet this experience. Change is the entire point to waking up and change is healing to our conscious evolution.

Wake up or continue to suffer the unconsciousness associated with reacting to consideration and the obvious need to change our dynamic. As you wake up you will feel and know the effects your actions have on other people and you will care. You will not isolate and separate yourself for the whole of humankind because you understand how that is impossible. You will make the effort to be a conscious presence in the now of present time.

Waking up can happen randomly and be completely unexpected. The way you wake up and if you wake up has to do with your purpose and intensions. Waking up is an experience with in your experience and makes you aware of a bigger reality very rapidly. Waking up can be startling and even frightening. It take time and desire to meet the experience of waking up.

We can be together and we should be together rather than standing around separated and alone. Waking up is a stage of enlightenment that is not perfect but it is whole as an experience. Waking up takes practice and is a commitment to kindness and self love especially when we behave in ways that displease us. Waking up is a process into an experience of ourselves having a relationship with the ability to be here now. We take care of this moment knowing it will secure us into the next moment and the one after that by listening to the information available only in the now of present time. Remove the walls that suggest we are an outlaw when we are in fact the future of conscious evolution.

Wake up and be here now and meet your experience as a fully intensional conscious presence. Practice this and allow other to witness your energy. You are the future and you emerge out of the past all within this present moment. Any new dimension will manifest through your conscious presence as you meet your experience and learn how to sustain your energy. You are a renewable resource of energy and you’re learning how to be that  right now.  Only you can bring this information into the reality that is your experience.

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