If you want to learn how to take any fear you feel as a possibility experience and change it into power you have to make the effort and follow a few steps. It is also helpful to get someone to look at your energy field to help you help yourself in the process of healing fear or any negative emotion.
You are never alone. Always ask for help and never be ashamed of your process of healing. We are all healing. Understand all fear is thee dimensional and stuck in time. Time is our biggest illusion. We are possibility dimensional consciously evolving being, this is our destiny NOW.

The first step is to be honest about the fear and see it as a possibility to you. possibility you have either within your physical space or the area surrounding your presence as a living being on Earth. All fear is masked as possibility and is past time but shows up in present time as a fear that can show up anywhere, and it is vital to your healing. You must identify exactly where fear is located within your reality structure. Often we find fear in our thoughts or mental construct of the reality we meet as we emanate the source that streams through us as a life giving force of energy. Location is everything and once you locate your fear you have acknowledged the source and nothing will ever be the same again. Your source that streams through you is the god of your experience – trust your source, trust yourself, and let the source that streams through you show you the way to infinite possibility and a new dimension to time and space.

Everything is energy even our thoughts are energy, our bodies, and the reality we accept as real is a energy construct of an experience we are able to meet but often are unable to fully embrace because of the fear and complex nature of the actual event of a life being lived as a consciously evolving animal, and human being. As we grow and mature we change and our capacity to BE a presence with our own reality experience expands into more dimensional possibility as well as a potential to our unconscious awareness.

In order to transmute fear an be a possibility locate it within your experience. It could be a fear of the future, of death, or lack of money, relationship, love, or just being alive and having to cope with the survival of life itself. It is important not to judge your fear because it is the possibility within you. Just you having an experience, and EVERYONE experiences fear because it is familiar but doesn’t mean it is real. It is a possibility. Most people hid or deny they have fear. It is natural and healthy to feel fear, but it is inappropriate to have fear block you from your experience as a life force vital to all of our survival and collective conscious awareness. Start to think of fear as the possibility emerging thought you just like the source that streams through you.

To locate fear it helps to meditate or go into a light trance and focus on yourself as energy that flows and is having an experience with a dimensional expansion of possibility. This many mean many things to you and it is important to know in your brain-mind as well as your heart- mind what exactly is happening to you as you meet your experience and face the fear that is a part of that experience. Never back away for fear because it is offering you a dimensional opportunity tune into the possibility of choice and the matter that makes up this space as time.

Once you locate the fear use your imagination to move the fear into the solar plexus area of your body. This is just and exercise to help you meet a new dimension. The solar plexus is under your breast bone. This is a three dimensional event that extends out to your sides, and back and beyond into your auric structure. In this place imagine the fear as power, your possible power and an ally to the force that move though you and is the source of your life force. Let go of the old paradigm that is constrictive and limiting with rules and regulations – expect some disorder and freedom you have never experienced before.

In present time imagination is KEY to accessing the ability to transmute energy from one form to another. Energy can not be destroyed but it can be changed. You have the power to change fear into power so that you are able to make CHOICES from the dimension of POSSIBILITY. Possibility is an emergence of dimensional capacity available to all of us right NOW in this moment. BE aware that you have choices and any choice you do not make is still a reality option that exists as possibility to our expanded conscious awareness. All the choices you don’t make add mass to the dimension emerging right now in present time. You have to surrender to your source give yourself to to that energy that streams through you and let it guide your actions as you meet your experience.

Allow yourself to see your fear – possibility transmuted into power to fuel your experience. I often see this transmutation as a yellow color. A color so bright that it is like looking at the sun – too intense for your eyes to see but like our sun life giving, and essential to our survival. This process allows our power to grow and change as we change through conscious awareness of ourselves as something more then animal, human, and subjugated by a fear based reality structure.

It may look entirely different to you because you are your own reality. Share your insight with others let them know you are changing – healing and you are a version of one possible experience. People want to learn and they are NOT afraid they are inspired by your presence to be courageous and take the steps necessary to be here now.

We are conscious energy and we are evolving faster than ever before because we have to in order to survive the challenges of a money based economy, global warming, fear based survival, and a global fear to BE A PRESENCE OF CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION AND CHANGE.

Use your eyes and your intuition to see that experience you are having without the filters of glasses that color the world in ways that are a false or distorted version of our conscious ability. YES we are changing very very fast, be present, be a active agent in the changes you bring through you as a resource. Call it whatever you need to call God, Buda, Christian, energy, source, it does not matter – the only thing that does matter is you and your energy meeting this moment now. We all need each other to pull this off and make this reality paradigm more the what it has been in the past and more then a refection – projection of quiet despair. We are the now of time and space and it is our evolution as animals on Earth to BE the possible – make a choice my friend, and I will help you if you need guidance or find someone who is a match for you.

I can help you with a reading achieve your goals and meet any challenge you face as an energy being realized on Earth right here right now, is dedicated to your well being and conscious evolution – nothing can stop the energy of your source as it streams through you and allows us all to take care of our beautiful Earth and ourselves.

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Peace and love, my dear friends
J Ro


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