The Source That Streams Through You

The source that streams through you is your conscious flow. This is the flow that composes the core of your being and everything you experience is a result of this energy within you. The experience you are having in present time is a reflection of your ability to meet that flow with intentional conscious awareness. When you are able to meet your flow as the experience you are having in present time you have entered the now.

The now is an experience that will take you deep into the fabric of space-time and allow you to grow dimensionally. In the now and if you are able to rest within the comfort of the source that stream through you, you will be able to shine the light of conscious awareness onto an expended experience. In this experience you can witness your psyche and emotional circumstances as just a part of the way your experience is showing up right now. The ability to let go of how the story is told – thought about, and felt is vital to your being within the source that is your true essence now.

As we approach the fall equinox the dimension of Earth become vivid to our awareness and the experience we meet as a vibrational flow. This is a excellent time to meditate and regroup into the source that streams through you by allowing your awareness to literally see all that you are composed of in this moment right here in the now. The Earth dimension is shifting and vibrationally louder during the equinox. What you are able to see within the dimension of Earth is visible with the eyes of your extra sensory perceptions and not so much with your physical eye. Your physical eyes are really just cameras sending sensory impulses to the brain for reference into the experience. Learning to use your expanded presence of the source that streams through you will give you support in using your abilities. Never underestimate the source as it moves through you bringing more dimensional aspects into your experience. This is your consciousness evolving.

The fall equinox is an energetic shift from the summer to autumn. The seasonal aspects of Earth is one of many three dimensional experiences that is expanding into more dimensions. Even the fourth dimension of time and space expanded as we literally grow bigger and our relationship to time changes. The source that streams though all of us is unique to each of our experiences and reflects exactly how we are able to meet our conscious awareness. Allowing ourselves to consciously evolve into whatever our experience is showing us unencumbered by the mind chatter of the psyche or the emotional attachments we have to pain and struggle is offered through us as the source that streams though us.

Use your suffering be it emotional or mental to step into your conscious resource and see how prismatic your energy is to your experience. You are not your mind  or your feelings or your body exclusively. You are a expanding multidimensional experience of consciousness. Use the source that streams through you to look out onto your struggle as but one aspect of your presence and let go of the struggle by accepting the journey you are on right now by taking it into the now. In the summer we grow fast like the garden and in the autumn we harvest the rewards of that work. Just like the Earth we dimensional meet and match that cycle knowing and feeling the struggle was worth the effort as we continuously move as the source that streams through us now.

You are a beautiful flow of energy unique to your experience. This source is your consciousness. During this transitional time on the Earth dimension allow your experience to reflect your truth as energy identified and validated by your heart mindedness. This is a opportunity to expand into more dimensions and leap from summer into the autumnal splendor that is the source that streams through you into the now.


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