Each of us have to find a way to let go of all the things in our lives that keep us cemented into a past time event or circumstance. Pain and suffering often comes from a resistance to letting go and feeling the full force of the source that streams through you. Pain and suffering could reference our connection, or lack of connection to people, situations and feelings. Even the feelings we have about ourselves are always evolving and necessary for us to be present with as we change and grow. Letting go can be easy but more often it is difficult to accept. We forget how to let go or that we even have that option available.  Letting go is a process that takes time and an intension set at change and acceptance.

Conflict is a part of life and considered necessary to grow. Conflict  is a part of the greater harmony. It can be seen as a opportunity to meet ourselves in different and conflicting ways. Conflict is everywhere and the stress of conflict is often indirect and painful. The energy of the world we exist in reflects conflicts as war, pollution, survival, money, health and the basic ability to be happy. This is our collective consciousness evolving. Life becomes a on going effort to let go of the many things that have a painful and alarming affect upon us as we move through our individual experiences as life. We each have to find ways to come to terms with all the events and people that just did not meet our expectations or caused us to feel our pain.

Letting go can be a huge challenge because we are invested into our pain and can blame others for causing us to feel the discomfort. The ability to look at other people as teachers coming to us to help us grow is one way to consider the conflicts we encounter. This is  a way to aid in the process of letting go. Letting go then becomes a on going process within the life experience. The integration of meeting our experience and letting go becomes the flow of a life lived always moving toward peace.  This practice is a vibrational force that can be offered to the conflict as resolution or moving on. There is no right or wrong only the differences within the experience we each have as we meet our destiny each moment in the life process.

Let go and allow yourself to be who you are right now in present time. Accept that you make mistakes and so do others. Forgive yourself and others continuously. This ability allows for evolution to be shared and witnessed as a healing or change to the conflict and start the flow of energy into and out of your physical space. Conflict will jerk or tear our energy field and not feel good. Letting go allows us to forgive and engage the flow once again. Backed up energy from holding on tightly with eventually takes it’s toll on the ability to be a living animal.

Learning to let go and forgive is an ongoing ability we can acquire as we move through life. Each of us have to come up with how that manifests  within our experience. Allowing others, even the people we are in conflict with, to be a witness to how we let go and forgive.  Allowing others to see how we personally consciously evolve is another way to let go allowing energy to move through as we meet our presence in present time. We each are an example of how to be a presence that can do anything by choosing the possibilities that offer us the freedom that comes with letting go.

Peace is the power of letting go and love is the power of forgiveness for ourselves and others. Each wave of letting go lets the source that streams through you be realized and felt as your present ability to love.

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