The Energy of Jumping to a Conclusion

The Energy


Jumping to a Conclusion


Examples of jumping to a conclusion


  1. I don’t have enough money to pay my internet service and my phone is past due.  I’m $100 short and the payment is due now.  If I lose internet service and my phone gets turned off (the jump) I’ll be unable to continue with my job search or send a resume. I won’t be able to cover my expense, I’ll lose my house (the conclusion)


  1. I had a dream I was with that hot guy, the one I met when i was in LA. I haven’t thought about him in over a year. I remember how obsessed I was over him and nothing really happened. There was an attraction, I felt it.  I’m going to look at his twitter feed (the jump) omg he’s in town!  I really need to have some sex, he’s totally hot. It would be so much fun.  I know this could jeopardizes my marriage and the children, but it would be fun. I need some fun, I’m going to text him. I hope he remembers me. I need a break from my day to day routine. ( the conclusion)


Both examples are from Energy Reading session with two different people. The people involved  have completely different lives and yet they do share some energy characteristics.   


The shared energy traits are based in the  thinking-mind of the sixth energy center and  intense feelings of the second energy center. The energy trait or characteristic contains information about this behavior. The information can help explain how and when jumping to a conclusion occurs and why.


The energy in both cases reads as strong emotional needs occurring within an unconscious pattern of thinking that triggers jumping to a conclusion. Patterns are behavioral programming. The people involved are unconsciousness of the behavior and the  programming. Patterns program the behavior matched to the emotional need.. Patterns control the ways that we go about doing our lives.


Reading the energy of jumping to a conclusion can help deconstruct the story of this behavior. This helps build awareness of why this happens and how it impacts the experience of you. The pattern even though held within the unconscious can be brought to awareness with practice.


Jumping to a conclusion comes in many forms and noticing when it happens is the first step towards conscious awareness. This behaviour manipulates your relative reality by fixating on there being only one possible outcome. The conclusion is fabricated by the thinking-mind. The thinking-mind networks conscious and sensory awareness to automatically channel our attentions into a pattern of programming lodged within our unconscious.


Jumping to a conclusion is also jumping out of present time into future time. The conclusion that is jumped to in these two examples share an energy dynamic relative to victim energy and the energy of controlling behaviours. Seemingly unrelated but also relative to this dynamic is the energy of consciousness evolving.  


The circuitry of the thought process in the brain and throughout the body creates pathways that once established are used over and over again. We share pathways because it is familiar to our thought process as delivery system.  All of which is set in motion by the  networking route built into the programing of the unconscious pattern.   


Interestingly we often travel the very same neuro route to jumping to a conclusion as when  victimized, controlling, and evolving.  These 4 considerations share an energy trait that threads them together on the same pathway. The energy is visible clairvoyantly as pictures or images. The pictures inform by displaying how the thoughts we think and the emotions we feel are conveyed by perception to our behaviour.


The conclusion being jumped to is usually not apart of present time A mental fantasy that depicts us as apart of some event or place in the future. Noticing that you are projecting into future time brings conscious awareness to the delusion of unconscious energy patterns.

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