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What is sustainable resourceful energy?

Sustainable resourceful energy is power activated when challenged with insurmountable circumstances, shocked by fear and hope is lost. The power of sustainable resourcefulness is an ability of conscious awareness that skillfully directs renewable capable energy, often in the form of creativity, to meet and promptly deal with difficult and challenging circumstances.

Often sustainable resourcefulness goes unnoticed until a trauma is upon us and then and only then does our awareness activate the ability to resource energy sustainability.

Once aware, your sustainable source energy will power-up the grid of your energy body. One  example of a sustainable resource is to have presence. When you become consciously aware that you have energy, present in your body and experience, you have a presence.  Presence is a sustainable resource that is also a sensory perception.  Having a sensory perception of your presence within your body sustains you as an experience of your natural resourcefulness.


I first discovered a sustainable resource while doing an energy reading for a client. My friend and client was deeply depressed after the recent presidential election and expressed a hopelessness and fear both personal and global. As she spoke, I noticed a yellow gold color deep in her chest cavity. Slowly growing brighter an emerged of my friend speaking to a large group of people demonstrating a body movement and energy play, related to communication and productivity. This was a spark to take action creatively to skillfully meet and deal with the doom and gloom being described to me.

I told my client what I saw and with an immediate sense of calm she shifted their awareness to match the energy of the yellow gold color. A new resource emerged and a seemingly new ability to sustain the resource with action. Being a very talented and creative person my friend launched a performance piece and a new business. The challenge and hopelessness was met and dealt with through action and creativity.


I don’t get it, this is confusing me, why?   

Because that is the story you are tell yourself at this very moment. That story is instantaneously what you experience. You are an experience of that story. The experience is the energy you invest into telling your story.

There is nothing good or bad, right or wrong here, this is simply the mechanics of how you generate an experience. Try reframing I don’t get it, and consider “I need some help understanding this”. Change  this is confusing me, and consider “because this is new to me”. Are you able to sense the difference in the tone and energy investment? I don’t get it, this is confusing me, why, is not sustainable and suggests resistance. I need some help understanding this, because this is new to me is resourceful.


How about another example?

If you go to a theater to watch a movie and the movie stinks what do you do? Do you leave or do you sit through it to the bitter end? For some sitting through to the bitter end is how they participate with their movie as an experience. They become an experience of this movie and the story they tell themselves is to sit through it to the bitter end. Why? Because they are unaware that they can get up and leave at any time that they decide to do that. They are also familiar with  this behavior. They are unaware that they could start a different movie, perhaps a movie they enjoy.

This condition is very common of some people, they have no idea that they are meeting their experience in this way and are powerless because they accept it that way. They settle and never discover the awareness necessary to trigger their natural resourcefulness. They become over time powerless or misuse their personal power and never experience energy as sustainable.

Some might define power as having money, being in control or having a drive to make things happen. Personal power is a relationship you have with yourself and may not be part of your experience. Simply telling yourself that you are powerful and have unlimited power at your fingertips is probably not going to have a huge effect upon your experience. It certainly can’t hurt but lacks the awareness of how to sustain energy as a personal resource.


What are some other ways to consider this?

We can consider a sustainable resource from strictly an energy point of view.

Sustainability is a characteristic of the energy of your experience when you are in present time. A self realized energy resource stemming from an awareness that bridges the esoteric to the  obvious.

Personal sustainability comes from within and is an energy resource that supports our experience.  Each moment of our personal experience we have the ability to make choices. We are continuously changing and this often goes unnoticed. We are also continuously making choices, and this too often goes unnoticed. When we make a choice we change what is probable to what is possible. This is a fundamental characteristic of our energy dynamic.

Your attention and focusing capabilities are another subtle ability resource. Your attention is what makes things matter.  Attention directs potential energy. When you focus your attention you provide the potential energy resource necessary for your choice to be possible and to matter. You become and experience of sustainable resourcefulness when you give your attention to the choices you make when the energy of your presence is invested into the present moment.


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