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A friend shared this statement with me – We don’t seem to realize that there never was, is, or will be any other experience than present experience.

I agree we exist in past time. We don’t celebrate the experience of present time. Experienced from the past, the present has no significance or purpose and little if any sensation. Just a line between the past and the future. Our alignment with past time interrupts our ability to be consciously aware of this moment right now, while being seduced and hypnotically pulled into an erratic future time.

To gain insight and develop a perspective of your present experience,  practice giving your attention to this moment right now.  Get a sense of present time by noticing unique sensations and new ways of thinking. Find out how your present experience is also a sensory experience. The sensory experience of this moment right now is a sensation beyond or more than what is usual, or expected, maybe felt strongly and uniquely by you.

A sensory experience of present time delivers information as a sensation about you, to you. By giving your focused attention to this moment right now, you can access a heightened sensory experience. When you pay attention and invest your energy into establishing a continuous present time presence, you open to an extrasensory experience. The present experience becomes significant and is deeply felt because you are the experience of this moment right now.  

Culturally we have very little present time conscious awareness. We are obsessed with memories of a past that is set in motion with expectations of a future. We notice only those things that we remember from the past. From the past, we establish patterns to our behaviors and program our thinking. Living in past time we operate unaware that we distort reality or exist separate from a present experience.

Being stuck or addicted to the past you do progress and change, but the operating patterns of behavior never truly evolve. The repetitive behaviors and programmed thinking of past time plays out the same story over and over again. Degraded to a fear-based paradigm humanity continuously tells a tired old story. Consciousness does seem to change but will our awareness evolve out of the illusions of the past.

If you want to evolve and change, stop confusing what actually is the world with the need to interpret the world.  Notice the constant need to measure, talk at or describe the world and choose instead to give our attention to this moment right now. This is one way to have a present sensory experience and discover your extrasensory awareness of present time information. This moment right now is where everything happens and quite possibly where your evolution begins.   

The relentless fascination for tools, names, numbers, symbols, signs, concepts and ideas makes us needy, sick and fat with this over consumption. When you yo-yo from being pulled to the past to being projected into the future you are distracted from present time.
Notice when you are being pulled into the past and give your full attention to this moment right now. Attention is what makes things matter. Focus your attention on this moment right now. Consider your attention as an ability of awareness, allowing you to invest your potential into gently freeing you from the patterns and programming of the past.

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