If you are an experience – everything happens because of you.

If you are having an experience – everything happens to you.

There is a difference, a big difference. When you look at this picture, you are indeed having an experience but also you are an experience.  This picture is rather ridiculous and serves the purpose of challenging any certainty you may have as to the way you experience. Are you an experience of this or are you having an experience of this?

Perspective is what makes the difference apparent and takes into consideration the degrees of involvement. If you are an experience of this picture the impact is subconsciously suggesting that perhaps you have a sort of visual responsibility. If you are having and experience of this picture involvement is minimum because it is just one of many things happening to you. Some people might believe that there is only one way and this belief may involve faith.

The difference between having and being an experience is a willingness to take responsibility.

Often we jump back and forth, sometimes having and experience and sometimes being an experience. A very convenient way of operating but essentially going nowhere in terms of personal conscious awareness and the potential of aligning with a purpose.

Our friend in the picture is selecting a brand of paper towels. Is she having an experience of selecting a brand or is she an experience of this action. We will never know because our focus is drawn to something else and perhaps the entire point of the photograph.

As you go about your day check in by asking yourself if you are having an experience or if you are an experience. If you are having an experience you will notice that things appear to be coming at you, giving a sensation of walking through or into the experience surrounding you. If you are an experience you will notice you are connected to everything and have a sensation that everything is within you expressed outwardly. Perspective allows you to become a diverse presence and a multifaceted event. Give it a try.

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