Many people are beginning to show the signs of a additional dimension emerging within  them. They are aware that they have to meet change, and prepared to face fear. The fear is metaphysically located in the head area, and often connected to the thinking brain-mind.

What exactly is this new fear?

It’s mental in structure so this fear is brought into reality by thought, and consideration of choices being made in present time. Earth is changing fast and we are entering a new dimension of possibility that is motivated by fear, and the power that can be found in transmuting fear into power. It is power that propels the momentum of all of our abilities to flow with ease. To flow is the purpose of our being present to meet our experience in this moment.

The dimension of possibility extends out side of the physical space. The dimension is moving towards the physical body from the front left, and is what we commonly refer to as the future. In the dimension of possibility time is “all time” or now.  Time is the most obvious change to the experience  we all experience in our reality. It is our desire to meet fear and be present with what is being offered to us now. The new Earth emerging is filled with fear and desire relative to our current relationship to time. Emerging is a new dimension into our experience. This dimension is available to be meet in your experience as possibility.

Anything is possible .

The new dimension is obvious and some considerations can be made to allow the transition to be meet full on. Some of the sensation that burst in to experience are overwhelm, anxiety, hope, restlessness, sleeplessness, dark dreams, spaced outness, restlessness, pleasure, comfort, health concerns, bigger sense of purpose, able to see yourself and others as energy, fear, and desire.

The dimension of possibility is accessed with the awareness you have within you about meeting change, and making choice. For every choice we make there is an infinite number of choices we did not make and that is what composes the mass of the dimension of possibility.  This suggests that your dimension of possibility may be very different that someone  else’s dimension of possibility. You can see that when combined in to a collective realty experience. The possibilities are literally endless. This is what opens up the dimension to you as an experience. Meeting a new dimensional experience is learned gradually with profound humility to your presence of being a living reality structure.

As we grow and change so to does everything else that we come in contact with on a moment to moment bases. We here on Earth are conscious evolving animals. We humans are having a unique experience as animals with a conscious awareness that propels us into our reality structure with a source that streams through us. Earth is changing and it is obvious, and so to is the existence of life on Earth. The source that streams through us is the life force we experience as living our lives.

When we die it is obvious that the life force that streams through us shuts off. Then what happens?

We cease to exist in this body or so it seems. We seem to merge back into the whole and remerge possibly somewhere else. The possibility exist even if we can not SEE the option with our eyes. Dimensional desire is the ability to ally with your fear and allow yourself the emergence into a new Earth. This takes desire to trust that you can see with out your eyes and know the possibility of your life force.

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