The Future

Whenever I do a reading people generally want to know about the future. I have only seen the future from within present time. This can result in a very one-dimensional answer, unless the person getting the reading reveals an energy trail lending insight to the future time question. Energy trails are stories or events that explain how you got from the past to the present. They reflect a momentum of how you most likely will be into the future, and what it might look like right now. This allows us to look at the momentum of energy as a precognitive indication of what could be coming towards you as a possible future. By looking at images or events that occurred in past time in present time, we can establish a possible future time.

How you think and feel about your experience is a major factor in looking at the future.  The setup has a tone and allows insight into finding out what direction your energy is carrying you into the future. It is through our thought patterns woven into our feelings that, at times, produce a perspective that will indicate the future time possibility. All future time is contained in a potential energy state, and very much a part of your energy package visible clairvoyantly in the present. You are the experience and you contain possibility that is a probable option to you meeting your present moment. In the present moment, all options are available to you through awareness. Just by paying attention to your experience changes the experience. Your attention makes things matter.

Reading the future is about being able to read the momentum and capture an energy trail which shows up as a stream of events that lead up to the future time question. In this respect, examining the accumulation of past time events reveals a path to the current state of that future time question. The other consideration is to see the energy currently being placed on the question. This included the thinking behind the present time reflection of energy during the reading. The present moment contains an abundance of information about any time you care to look at, remembering that the future is also contained in the now along with the past.

An example would be, “Should I put my house on the market?”

By asking that question the person getting the reading will reveal an “energy state” around the question that indicates the frequency and tone of the question with regard to current circumstances occurring in present time. This is a very definite, concentrated, and clairvoyantly visible,  energy.  This opportunity is given when the question is asked and often is a “yes” or a “no” vibration. Being able to see what the person holds energetically in the form of the question will show the present time situation clearly, and a prediction is based on that information. It is not exact, but it is in the ballpark of possibility.

Another very important factor is if the person asking the question has a presence of being in the present moment, and if this awareness is intentional to the overall well-being of the flow of energy met as the experience they are having with themselves in this present moment. It is in the present moment that all change or healing takes place. So attention paid to this circumstance is vital to the question about the future being relevant to the choices made, and experience having applicability to the question.

Another example is, “Will I have a relationship and, if so, when?”  This is a very very common question and a future time consideration. Because there is usually a big charge on this type of question, the answer is a consequence to consider when moving into this reply. This is also a very clear “yes” and “no” answer in present time.  Seeing a relationship in someone’s future is speculation. This may not be helpful information if that possibility is never available as an event in the present moment. You can “look” like you have relationship potential in the future without that ever coming into the reality of the experience you are having in present time.  Unlike the house question there is usually more of an investment, emotional or otherwise, when we deal with intimate relationships.  The ‘relationship space’ needs to be looked at in order to see what shape that space is in, and if there is a history. There usually is an information packed history that can be completely unconscious to the person asking the question. They may want a relationship, but not possess the energy to move into an actual relationship, and so the ability to HAVE is also a necessary consideration.

The future is a space time relationship that is changing as we live through the age of information and evolve into the age of enlightenment. All of us are currently at various points in this evolution, and it will have a significant effect upon the concept of  how we embrace the future. The future is predictable, but often not exact to the actual event and how it occurred when played back upon reflection. The future is, however, very visible when viewed from the present moment. Accepting that the future is a possibility based in potential often opens up the relationship question revealing all the complicated energy patterns that construct a possible relationship. Even this moment is completely covered in possibility and is changing the way that we participate with being present in the now. This is just one possibility among many, and it is up to you to develop a relationship with what is available to you in the now. It is especially important to know the energy circumstance that makes possibility or any event unavailable to you, and why.

Contained in the present moment is all-time, past, present, and future. All-time is a perspective and the process to a relationship you are having meeting your experience. You can “see” the future by BEING a presence in the experience you are having in the now. Answers to all questions about the future will be reflected to you as exact as your ability is to be a presence in the now. If you want to know the future you have to explore the contents of the present moment you are experiencing.  Fluctuations in meeting your experience “fully present” will affect your ability to answer future time questions. The practice of BEING a presence in the now opens up a very different reality structure and changes or heals your experience. This exploration or journey is about developing a relationship to your being able to just BE present. All answers to all questions are in the now of your experience, past, present and future.

All answers to all questions can sometimes and oftentimes look like an “I don’t know.” If you are trying to have a relationship and putting a lot of energy into making that happen and yet nothing does, there is probably an answer to this condition found in the energy trail leading up to the present moment. Pushing on the fabric of space-time, trying to make something happen, is oftentimes a lot of effort without results. It is now that the power to BE is being discovered and applied to awareness. Substituting BEING in place of DOING is a consciousness changing perspective and has a profound effect on the ability to release energy from our space and get the flow of energy moving. Without flow the energy slows way down and no amount of doing will have much effect, except to add stress to the situation. Discovering how to flow as being present in the now is very different than making something happen.

The future has always appeared as unknowable because we have set it up that way. This agreement is on purpose, but perhaps completely unconscious. I say unconscious because not having a relationship with the future as knowable is built into our perspective and accepted. To consider anything else is often judged negatively and easily let go of as not possible. It is not possible to know the future because we believe that to be true, and so it is true until proven otherwise.  As we evolve and change, we develop new relationships within ourselves that give us permission to consider new ideologies, paradigms, philosophies, metaphysics, and ultimately shape the sciences we so strongly believe in as ultimate knowledge. The ability to meet your future in the presence of the now on a continuous basis will result in you having an awareness that reflects this ability and gives us new dimensions.

The deconstruction of what got you to this present moment is bits and pieces of  information whose content is revealed as images in an energy trail. You leave your imprint on everything you think about or feel. This can often be displayed in a reading as information and projected into the future as possibility. Your pictures tell the story of you, and all of you as an evolving being is built into the experience you are having in present time.

The expansion into more space and time that we seem to be currently experiencing is an action of being and changes the formula of how we experience the concept and relationship to all-time. The human race is obviously going through, to put it mildly, change on a fundamental level. This change has always been a part of the experience you are having, but only now are large numbers of people able to realize themselves as continuous energy streams. In other words, you will probably continue with more of the same unless you investigate what got you here and follow the ‘connect the dots’ to where you will most likely go based on the energy dynamic you currently hold. The construct of the future is a possibility based on the potential states your energy comes in at as a momentum to your presence. You will continue to experience the same possibility until you grasp the potential you have available. This oftentimes boils down to control and the minds need and this can separate us form the wholeness available in the present moment. Fragmented energy and the effort that goes into making something happen that is outside of that type of energy manipulation can be very stressful and deliberately challenging to your authenticity.

The future is change and exists as potential. Your energy field is connected into the potential as a sustainable presence. This BEING on your part gives you access to the information, all information. A part of being informationally-enlightened is believing you are possible as an experience of this state. The capacity to understand that all of your thoughts and feelings are actions into the experience and have, in a sense, a life force, is one way to track the energy trail. It is your thoughts that set up the attraction of future time. This vibration determines whether you will have a relationship or if you should sell your house.

Two seemingly unrelated events, having a relationship and selling a house, are of a potentially infinite amount of energy that sets up your momentum and gives you information as to the next step. Asking yourself questions about your future is an important aspect to participation. Consciously participating with your experience and asking questions in order to capture ‘wholeness of self’ is found in the abundance of all-time. You are all-time and only you can ask the questions that lead you to the answers contained within your presence. This is the future of your experience, of all of our futures, as we expand and construct an ability to meet our future here in the now of present time.

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