Money Vibration and Energy

Money, vibration and energy are for the most part interchangeable words these days and especially so when consulting with a person about any consideration of change or the process of learning something completely new.  Money has always been an energy resource,  but is it a resourceful vibration within the context of your life style?

It all depends upon the experience you are having as a lifestyle. You are having an experience and your lifestyle is a show of that expression.

The vibration of money is set within the experience a person is having and so too is the energy.  The interesting connection of money as energy in an experience in the relationship. This relationship is expressed by you with your vibration supporting the experience.  The energy of money has drastically changed in just the last few years as consciousness has expanded and people have a different experience. The difference is awareness. The energy of money and the money of energy collide into the same event by allowing you to actually see what MATTERS  to you in that experience. Money has taken on the roll of the great divider in the relationship held as to have and to have not. Money matters into everyone’s experience but the energy of money in the experience differs greatly depending upon your personal identity. A person’s vibration is often very obvious regarding money. The relationship you have with money and energy is woven into the fabric of the space-time of your experience, and this composes a vibration that is a reflection of your identity.

It is a common belief that money cannot buy you happiness, but it can buy you pretty much everything else that is your experience.  Money has no natural energy, all of the energy of money comes from you. The experience you are having gives money energy and sets the vibration. Into your experience you birth the energy of money relative to your experience, and raise the vibration much like an offspring. Money is your energy baby, you believe it, and you are having an experience that proves it to you.

We are having an experience, change is evident as consciousness evolves, and the truth about money and our relationship to energy is revealed. For many of us we are learning as we go about having an experience. We are all having a conscious experience. A lot of the experience is unconscious and is a dualistic expression of conscious and unconscious.  Unless you are willing to take full responsibility for yourself as an experience you may encounter unconscious controls your particular paradigm. In this paradigm you are having an experience, that’s it. We all realize and think we know the dynamic of conscious experience, but truth be told we are an evolving energy dynamic, and we currently experience money as energy and vibration. It is the reality of our circumstance as consciously evolving beings.

For some people this is an absurd conceptual arrangement and for others it makes sense because we are undergoing a transmutational experience. What the hell is that?!  We are changing from one form into another, this is what transmutational means, and interestingly it is through our relationship to money and energy. The change is allowing us to evolve consciously as well as unconsciously. All that really happens here on Earth is change, so this is a big deal because we have a platform as awareness to launch change in the experience.

This awareness is somewhat new to the masses, but of course old school for people’s experiences in the understanding that energy can be, and is controlled by money.  We are having an experience, and it is perfectly clear that we are not having the same experience despite the need to feel that you are a part of a similar experience. You are having an experience and that is all you are really having regardless of what you believe, feel, need, think, or think you know. Within your experience is the root of the energy of your relationship to money, and vibration, you resonate into the experience. It is a giant loop of energy where you feed the energy to the money and the energy of the money feeds the vibration of the experience.

This is the design of a survival based in fear consciousness, and with that information comes the  evolutionary expansion necessary for a leap from fear into the truth of what you and I make MATTER as we have our experience. Matter is the reality of our experience. What matters is determined by the choices we make or don’t make as our experience. The awareness that our choices are made out of a fear based mind has started a change that nothing can stop because it is energy and money that is changing, and our experience reflects the vibrational pulse of consciousness.

A self-generating rotation of energy is exchanged on an on-going basis, and this defines the relationship you have to money as a part of the experience you are having in present time. It appears to be “happening” in present time, but nothing is present about the energy of the money in your experience. The entire energy dynamic of money is past time and unconscious. Money and our energy as experience is completely and unconsciously a past time learned vibration and oblivious to conscious evolution. It is only recently that the concept of the present moment was discovered and the only event truly happening. Time  is relative to your energy and experience.  This information is broadcast through the internet and, thank you Jesus, or whoever the heck you want to thank, because you are the energy that makes money matter. All of the vibrational resonates of your experience are responsible for the choices you deliver into your experience. The genuine thank you of appreciation and gratitude goes to the YOU as the experience you are having and your presence in the now of present time. Your mind as ego is irrelevant, and the BEING expressed as the PRESENCE in the now is the opportunity for an expanded experience.

Only you are having the experience you are having, but contained within the energy of that event are the seeds that grow the relationship you have with money and the energy. You pay with your natural resource of energy for the existence you believe you are having in exchange for a process that translates into money. That is your energy and this sets the vibration of your experience. The process is a relationship, and what happens in your experience involves who or what you have your energy invested into. Your experience is an energy portfolio of your investments. Where you invest your time and energy is the money. The money is your energy. You may not want to believe this, and I don’t blame you, but the mind believes this totally unconditionally and unconsciously for you.

The interior designer with a retail outlet and consignment warehouse who works eighty hours a week, is divorced, and has three grown children he never sees and needs a couple of drinks at night to shut off the mind is having an experience.

The single mother, who is now fifty-eight years old and has a developing online travel agency with limited online presence, is deeply connected to her three grown daughters. She provides for them lovingly, but unnecessarily because they all have jobs. She visits with each of them often, she is having an experience.

The twenty-year-old sexually confused Iowa farmer who has really good looks and is going into the Navy in hopes of developing a career and meeting men who are like him. He is saying good-bye to his widowed sixty-year-old mother who is deeply religious, and considered a kind and loving woman in her community and has no idea her son is gay, is  having an experience.

The thirty-nine-year-old attractive woman is devoted to her spiritual meditation practice and runs a yoga studio that offers other classes and services. She works full time and is not attracted to women, but prefers women friendships to men because she dislikes the agenda straight men have when they come to her class. She is flattered and sickened at the same time and she is having an experience.

Obviously we are not all having the same experience, but we believe when it comes to money and energy that we are similar because we are all equating the value of our life.  These experiences I described all have money in a relationship to the energy of their experiences. The relationship is not obvious or out in the open, and is not intentionally consciously evolving the experiences. However, never underestimate the power of freeing your mind so the rest can follow. Nevertheless each experience pays for its existence with an energy exchange or money. Each experience has different values, goals and belief systems, yet they share the bond of radiating a vibration into their experiences. The vibration of their experience is synced with the money and the money is synced to the energy and the loop is complete. Each experience is obviously very different in how it is played out as a story. Each experience is conditional, and personally energized as money by the way we make it matter.  Even though money and energy may not seem to be apparent in the story of the experience, you are paying a tax for the existence you and I call an experience. Most of us do this unconsciously because it requires that you do something, and it doesn’t matter what you do as long as the experience you are having makes you pay for your existence. You pay for it by having the experience relative to your money and energy and the vibration. It shows up in the experience as jobs, loans, credit cards, goods and services, government, war, marriage, entertainment, shopping and ultimately the concept of happiness.

We live to deliver our energy to the experience, and only in the awareness of the now in present time have we discovered that our BEING is a conscious event. This conscious evolution has allowed us access to the now of present time. However, we are a continuous event and that requires us to BE the experience. Once you have experienced the now you will never go back, and you will never exchange your energy for money ever again unless you are unconscious or compromised in ways that does not allow your consciousness to expand. There is a lot of energy going into stopping your consciousness from expanding because of the great value your natural sustainable resourceful presence delivers into the now of present time. You do not have to or need to stage a revolution in order to stop your energy from being taken from you. You have to consider your choices and let the healing begin. Stop making things matter that drain the energy out of your experience and consider choices that may include a choice you may never have considered before. This radical departure is accepting your ability to be conscious, fully conscious all the time, and this seemingly passive gesture restructures the paradigm of your experience from within your energy stream. This is the grace that is the experience of being in the now of present time, aware of the price you pay for the energy to fuel the money of economy and the experience to have and to have not.

Until you can consciously bust free from the loop of money, energy and vibration that controls your experience unconsciously, but relentlessly, you will continue to be an energy slave to the system of life support we all believe is essential to our survival. The key to unlock the secret door exposing the relationship that is hidden out of shame, guilt, and the actual lack of awareness, is now available. We are consciously evolving energy systems, and we do not have to settle for the money/energy arrangement installed into our experience by the institutions, people and fear that has collectively designed the current systems of survival. We all seem to suddenly understand that we are being literally robbed  of our vital energy in exchange for money and the illusions of what you can and cannot have be your experience. As long as you keep DOING your experience you will never have the freedom to BE your experience. Two very different experiences, one in past time and one in present time. Time is the masterpiece of our illusion. A construct that believes in its own reality and containment.

 our conscious evolution

Too metaphysical for you? Trust me, we are about to expand into where no one has gone before and we will be able to have the experience only in the present moment because that is all that is real. Money is of course not real, and energy is as real as it get when it comes to our conscious evolution.  We have no other place to go except into the NOW. The now allows money, energy and vibration to be realized as the construct of a mind-made universe. There is nothing wrong or right about that except placing a limit on the experience we are having in present time. Nothing can stop change because conscious evolution is change. Money will someday very soon be forgotten as a method of delivery to survival and fear.

Letting go of the manipulation of fear and the agents that profit from your addition to a fear-based reality is in many ways like a break up in a long relationship. Admitting that it is over will allow you to make different choices about your life and what you desire that experience to be. Your ability to be present and embrace the now is this present moment. The only place you can change the current addiction to money, and the energy it literally takes from you to energize and maintain a vibration to support the reality, is found in the choices you make in your experience. The experience is different for everyone, but the intention is exactly the same for each of us. We have to change our choices and make choices that pull the energy off of money and not make it matter. We are the responsible energy systems that “control” what matters in the experience you are having in present time. You matter and your experience matters.

Money, energy and vibration are evolving into a very very different paradigm of reality because of communication and information. If you can build an identity of yourself as energy and grasp that your being is information consciously evolving, and communicate that into your experience, then you my friend are healing the moment with your presence and intention. Don’t let past time fear and other people’s past time fear define an agenda for you. There is no agenda, only the flow of the now, your presence in the moment and your experience. So bring it sister, the money, energy and vibration will set you free.

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