and the meek shall inherit the earth

If the meek are going to inherit the Earth my questions are, when and how?

So who are these meek?

Is it the poor and suffering?

Is it the large number of people who have nothing including food and water?

Is it the quiet and patient?

Maybe it’s the many who live alternative lifestyles and believe they are not locked into a survival based in fear and suffering. Maybe it’s the people who have their basic needs met and actually have the time and space to consider another option to meeting their experience.

We exist in what I call LOUD times. Energetically this shows up in an experience as conflicting tones and discordant frequencies. There is a lot going on at the same time and taking it all in as part of your flow can be impossible and ultimately separate you from your abundance and the ability to develop a sustainable presence. This shows up as some days are clear and you can be present without interference and other days you just cannot meet the moment no matter how much you make an effort.

If you are a person who has an energy identity, perhaps you experience abundance as a possibility, and have an awareness of that potential in all parts of the ways that you meet your experience. Sustainability is a pure experience exclusively built out of your awareness as a presence in the relationship we have with present time. Conscious sustainability is not the same as sustainable energy, as in resources. Conscious sustainability is an evolving relationship, we  experience in present time as we meet our moment and begin to notice what is going on for us as we pay attention to the sensations of our potential.

The meek are already inheriting the Earth naturally. This momentum is what you see in the growing awareness of the desire to shift the paradigm and actually live differently out of the need to survive as a balanced experience. Two percent of the people can no longer control all the wealth and power and, in this awareness, the meek are the ones emerging. This is very visible in people’s energy as they consider taking responsibility for their full potential as an energy expressed as life on a planet called Earth.

This means that no matter what you are doing you are a being of abundance, and it is up to you to meet that as experience. The negative co-worker or disgruntled parent you are trying to provide care for now that they are aged and suffering are excellent examples of everyday opportunities. It is with these tricky relationships that we get to test the energy identity we are constructing, strengthen our presence, and know that we have possibilities presented as opportunity. We each are able to provide an example to our challenging relationships about just what is abundant to each of us always, and take responsibility for the things we each do to be apparent and relative to our lives.  It is difficult relationships and situations that ask us to think outside of the box and explore our inheritance of life on Earth.

The abundance shows up as opportunity strung together with time as moment to moment. Birthed into matter with the space to bring forth the energy of a healing (change), and offer that in a way that the co-worker or parent can receive this without you having an attachment to the outcome. You provide the choice in your action and give your challenge the space-time to take the ball and run for a touch down or fumble. You provide the play or game plan and let the chips fall where they may. The meek are inheriting the earth and the meek are ready as they take the ball and run to meet your experience, going for a touchdown through your presence in the moment. You knowing you have unlimited possibility will reveal the truth of the abundance to a sustainable play and ultimate victory. Learning to play the game of life experience is offered to each of us in every situation and often we do not know how to make the play.

These options show up in a reading by seeing that the person’s energy is expanding outside of the physical body into unexplored space. It is this space that contains all possibility to outcome and is what is being inherited to the meek or anyone who wants to consciously evolve by taking a chance and responsibility at the same time. It is out of the combination of these two that insight emerges into actions that change the paradigm and offer each of us a chance to be.

The meek who are not struggling with survival and hunger are in the position to inherit the Earth. These individuals are a quite harmonious presence, not locked into a fear based survival knowing that they have options, lots of them. Obviously this rules out a huge number of people simply because they do not have their basic needs being met, and can only identify with getting themselves out of their current circumstances. They just want to be able to not suffer and yet everyone suffers.

But what about all of us who have our basic needs meet and who do not desire to operate from a fear based survival? There are many of us, and I meet all sorts of people who at this time are eager to evolve into a completely new way of being. I meet these people in clairvoyant readings all the time and they are searching for options to their current circumstances and are willing to explore what being a presence can bring to their life experience and, if necessary, make drastic changes.

Often these people are building an awareness that is evolving. They know this as a presence combined with feelings and thinking their way into their experience. They understand that they are the experience they are having and with this information leap to an enlightened perspective that changes their ability to give as a presence within that experience. This rapidly changing momentum is the now of present time and we are all positioned to emerge. The meek are emerging to inherit the Earth.

They quietly and consciously make the effort to be attentive to their total experience in the now. This elected consideration and attention to exploration gives them an edge when it comes to having the momentum necessary to be different. The enlightenment is sparked by the information accumulated and can only be an experience. This is why so may people are asking questions and seeking clairvoyant readings because the emergence from information to enlightenment is an extrasensory perception of truth relative to the person having the experience.

It appears as though the meek people of the world out number the loud and discordant people of the world. What does this mean? It can mean that the necessary number of people needed to tip the scale for a meek takeover of the inheritance of the Earth is a possibility. This possibility is contained within the abundance of the present moment.

Possibility is an expanding consideration that is abundantly aware through presence. However, is this awareness a true reality option available to the vast number of meek beings taken into consideration as the heirs to the Earth? It certainly is apparent that the powers that be do not have the necessary consciousness that an evolving awareness can bring into a experience.

Just having the wherewithal to be a continuous presence is deeply lacking if you look at the evening news or attempt to bring any unconventional ideology into practice. Often I hear people say they are just too scared to make any shift that may rock the boat. It is fear that separates you and me from the havingness and it is fear that gives power to the people with money-contol issues and the drive to operate from a consciousness constricting reality. Fear pops up all the time in a reading and it is the number one issue all people struggle with meeting their experience. Taking responsibility is the second issue that pops up, because people are too afraid. The third issue is money and how to change consciousness around money.

We are barely not killing each other and still rationalize war as a necessary evil. We do not take care of each other unconditionally and with a loving embrace to all as welcome. These events are all brought into “reality” by choices made from an unconsciousness into our experience by all of us each and every moment.

So what is the human energy system going through at this time? It is experiencing a giant wake up call that is guiding the destiny of just what you experience in present time. This is, of course, different for each person, but there seems to be no doubt that change is what we get when considering empowerment here on the Earth plan of experience.

 unfolding evolution of consciousness

The clairvoyant readings I get to experience give me a glimpse into the unfolding evolution of consciousness. It appears to be happening rapidly and this speed is not always reflected in the awareness or consciousness held. It is as if you can evolve as much as you desire, and learning to meet the challenge of your intentions often is not knowing what is happening to you because you have never been here before.

Do you consider yourself one of the meek? What exactly is a meek? Do you want to inherit the Earth? I have always interpreted this meek inheriting the Earth thing as a redefining of the experience of progress. There has been little or no progress to inherit the consciousness of presence and  meet that experience and grace with all.

Little is known when it come to the ability to meet our inheritance. This is changing rapidly and the intentions of many people are focused on the abilities we all have to accept our inheritance and evolve here on Earth.

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