I live on the slopes of Mauna Kea on the big island of Hawaii. Its 2500 ft from sea level so its cool and windy. You can’t tell that you are on an island from this vantage point. I can get a deep sense of mother Earth, and often I hear her moan a deep tone of letting go. Usually late at night when things settle down from the day. The Earth sounds as if she is changing.

Changing into what?

We humans are the animals that live on this planet along with other animals, plants, reptiles, fish, and insects.  The rising water of polar melt – down will continue as the ice melt, and industrialization of China continues. The carbon level was 395 ppm last I checked and rising. Far from the 350 ppm once desired. Within the next seven years we will start to see the change that is upon us as citizens of Earth.

We all interact with information like this differently. Your emotions indicate a vibration displaying the ratio between your current focus or desire (consciousness) , and any other belief , thought or feeling you hold on too(unconsciousness). If this consideration about carbon levels allow you to feel negative emotions or thought patterns ( anger fear etc) the name of the feeling does not matter. There is a desire within you and a and you are contradicting that experience. Suddenly the global warming information becomes a multidimensional opportunity.

Needless to say survival pictures are popping up in everyone energy when I do a reading. Large amounts of fear begin to surface in to the experience we are meeting in present time. These fears may not look like the fear you have encountered in the past or feel familiar. This is global fear.

The fear of death is loud because the carpet of hope has been pulled out from under. There doesn’t seem to be a likely zero carbon reality available at this time. Since we are aware that each person is a reality experience unto themselves the solution for you is found in your experience and how you show up.  Never before has the need to be present been more necessary. The necessary changes in consciousness does not  seem to BE happening fast enough globably. People are scared and worried.

I decided I would take a mini- survey  of my clients pictures I read when I do readings that are connected in some way somehow into the transitions Earth is making now in present time. Every single person I read was drawing large amounts of energy from the Earth in a panic sort of attempt to reestablish a deal we can all live with, in other words anything!

I like to think of it a possibility.

Some people when I asked them if they were aware of this said they were but for the most part the majority of people did not. In other words they were not conscious of their energy behaving in this way. However unconsciously they were taking action. Most people tell me they just don’t know what to DO about any of it and sound angry.

I suggested to them that perhaps they consciously consider the situation and see how they could show up and BE present to meet their experience in this way. Most everyone was torn between the DOING aspect vs the BEING aspect. It seems it is very hard to sit still and BE. Facing any, consequence we unconsciously hold on thinking, and  resisting our desire to be. Especially when you consider global change. The key word here is THINK you see.

Are you projecting into you future?

Most of us have forgotten that we are animals. We are not that different then the other animals on this planet. We want to survive it’s our instinct. We certainly have survived here in the west and now sit in quiet despair. This is the consequence for a lacking in conscious evolution and the ability to meet change. All of us have to face the moment we see before us and decide how to proceed.

The flow of energy inside of you right now will tell you how to meet your experience especially if you are making drastic changes. Some people I read  are activated by there endocrine systems hormonally to stop what they are doing and make changes and explore possibility. This would ‘show up’  as a weight gain, skin rashes, mood swings, disorientation, and cravings.

Notice if you are taking in more energy or releasing more then usual. This is the time to go ahead and make the change in your relationship that you have put off  for so long. Quit the job that limits you ability to meet an experience where you are feeling free and unencumbered by fear. Change your diet. Exercise and meditate. Get in touch with those negative emotions that compromise the desire to meet the challenge.

If you notice that you are releasing large amounts of energy look to your behavior in the past for clues to how to be here now. It is important to level off the release of energy form your space or the taking in of energy into your space. Earth is letting go of huge chunks of energy and it is not uncommon to try and match the energy of Earth. A leveling off could take up to three months to accomplish if you focus on it and intentionally make the effort to turn you flow around and balance the experience that is you.

Be a presence in your life fully in present time. This sounds easier then it is to accomplish and BE comfortable with because it is a discipline. Most of us like to conform and play by the rules because we are too afraid to BE a conscious presence. Conscious presence take responsibility, lots of it. When we accept the NOW as a place we are comfortable with we no longer needing distractions. The flow must be balanced just like Earth must be balanced in order to survive or to flourish.

Are we too late?

That depends on how you look at it and how you meet your experience.

No matter who you are you play a part contributing to the whole. Each person plays a very different roll, and some may be overwhelmed by unlimited possibilities. We are just getting use the dimensional shift in our awareness that anything is possible.

The youth today are in many way our future. They carry the ambition of showing up in their experiences, making choices aware they have possibility. The younger generations are able to show up sooner rather than too later. They carry the hope for a future that is a representation of their own reality construct, and the older generations are here to support and guide when asked to BE a presence. This sort of awareness is comes from a new dimension emerging.

Issues of money and distribution of wealth within each individual are also coming to the surface. Can we survive a money based economy ?

What becomes of the resource based economy offered as a possibility ?

The flow right now is about change, and making choices that allow for the possibility to emerge as a dimension within our experiences. At the same time investigate you potential by noticing what you place your attention on. Possibility and potential are the dimensional aspects emerging right now. This is one way to look at your flow and any obstructions to that possibility would involve noticing the choices you DO not make.

Hope and faith are always available, and sometime all you to do is ask.  Power is what we stream though us and that energy can be expressed by imagining a bridge anchoring your dimension of possibility and your dimension of potential into your current flow of energy and see how you emerge into the NOW.

All of what  we have within us is just being to show as we meet our experiences in present time.

We are changing!




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