THE FLOW (part one)

Each day I wake up, and open my eyes – if you are me – to – OMG I’m still alive and now I have to come up with what I will BE today. I always already know what I will DO today, pretty much the Same thing I did yesterday and the day before that. This begins the flow of my day each day and everyday. What I will be involves the use of my imagination. The ability to be is in part and for me a very large part my ability to imagine what being is all about.

Currently I’m making the effort to establish a relationship with present time. As I work on this relationship I also take into consideration the actual flow of what happens to me in that process and throughout the day as I remember to engage my ability to be as well as my ability to do. I do clairvoyant readings but I also need to be present in order to do clairvoyant readings. Almost all of the readings that I do are on the phone, online, texting or in a very rare occasion in person.

Each morning when I wake up and I confront my ability to be I become a little bit better at the ability because I now have established to some degree a little bit better relationship with the present moment and I consider my relationship to time. My relationship with time is the part of my being that is the most interesting to me in the present moment.

For me the ability “to do” makes what I consider to be reality challenging. To BE meet in present time means for me that I have a very clear and obvious attention placed upon the moment, The present moment. But what is the present moment if I’m not doing something because I am always DOING everything in past time. The reason I say this in this way is because the flow is what makes the present moment seem like the past. The future present and past are all happening exactly in the same moment when you are making an effort to BE. To be for me is a relationship that I have been establishing consciously therefore it is to some degree in past time partially because I have been intensionally establishing a relationship since I started to make the effort “to be”. The very nature of making the effort “to be” challenges me every moment with the awareness that I am in motion or have a flow that is continuous and constant and unavoidable if I am successful  at “being present”.

I am always trying to get-to the present moment, and nothing I “do”as well as everything “I do” intentionally or unintentionally is in actuality made up or imagined by me in the present time moment. The moment flows it moves it has motion and as I become more aware of being present I noticed the flow becoming more and more obvious to me.

The thought form that I come up with in any given moment is alway pulled up and out as a past time idea. I say pulled up and out because the idea or the thought form itself appears to come from within the unconscious part of my being and that also has a flow in a direction much like the consciousness has a flow. The flow is basically connected to time as a realization, and in this case the unconscious flows in one direction and the conscious flows in another direction however they are both flowing in a fourth dimensional time-based scenario where time moves like an arrow from a future to a present moment, and then into a past.

For me even the things I have never ever done before are past time by reference into a timeline that is a four dimensional experience where time actually flows. If I imply that I never have actually DONE something and I unconsciously keep a tally of having done or not done something simply by a reference of doing or not doing this then becomes the entire point of my experience. Boring to put it mildly. Whether or not I actually have done something or not appears to be irrelevant when it comes to the present moment and the experience of BEING. This on the other hand is not boring because what is revealed is that being is an actual experience to my ability to perceive flow or momentum to my presence. It’s not a game of DOING versus BEING. What you do is actually a bonus to your experience or a distraction to your experience. Or perhaps doing is neither a distraction or a bonus to the experience it is just the experience of doing and nothing more or less. We are an expanding conscious experience and being is just our current challenge in order for us to be able to survive. We either meet the challenge and expand our consciousness or what else is there to do let alone be.

It’s ultimately just an odd sensation of our current time. For me the sensation of time is mobile and has within it all-time past present and future occurring as the flow and the momentum is apparent when I be present. The more presence I have the more time I am aware of having and this expands my awareness as energy so that there is a sensation of time as abundant or sustainable in fact it can actually be considered renewable if that is a possibility you can consider when you make a choice among possible choices. A thought form entitles you energetically to be a true NOW and BE It and do it for your consciousness to expand. Who cares really? Only me most likely.

The entire point of experiencing flow and of having a sensation of time is for me a consciousness shifting perspective that allows me to consider more, more possibility, more potential, and I can imagine these possibilities or potentials as dimensions to my presence.

The current perspective and universally accepted notion of time being a fourth dimensional element to our universe has grown tired and there is something obviously gone terribly vacant to this perspective when we look at our universe and it’s expanding exponentially and our consciousness demanding more of us to be present with the consideration to be one more possibility of many ways to regard ourselves. We are an emergence of presents and there is obviously something coming from within us. The more that I be the more I am aware that there is absolutely nothing happening out there so to speak but there is a lot happening within me

Into what we consider our past Is a very strong belief pattern that we did not have the presence of mind to pay any attention to Raising our consciousness and awareness because we were busy surviving. We were busy just trying to live and populate the earth, but survive we did we in fact we flourished, and are now the dominant intelligent species on this planet we call earth.

The question before us now is how will we meet in expanding universe as an expanding consciousness. Can we continue to survive and be an example of our ideas as a conscious presence?

Are we in tune within the harmony of our conscious awareness? Are we even in the same time zone of that actual experience? Are we consciously building an awareness that can construct a reality that literally will support us ?

Each day when I wake up and face the challenge of being I take into consideration what I can contribute to the flow of my conscious presents an offer as an example to others. Other people matter to me, and I care. This ability to care is what I have learned from doing readings with other people. These people have taught me that the capacity to care is something that is emerging from within us now. In part for me to be is to care. I care enough to make the effort to be. This doesn’t make me a special person or anything ego-brain-mind based. I don’t desire to become rich and famous because caring is in demand.  It comes from an awareness that if I don’t start to care we will not survive.

To me it is fairly obvious that we are not the only conscious event in this universe. Thankfully there are hundreds of thousands of light-years between us and possible other conscious beings. I do not want to be witnessed as the collective consciousness we obviously represent and bring forth as our way of living here on earth. To me we are a conscious embarrassment because we lack the capacity to care for each other and to make sure that we as human beings grow consciously and understand how we flow within the rhythm of the universe that is our home and that is the source of our actual being.

More on this later in part 2-   I’m really busy right now caring about being present, because it’s in demand,  and flowing fully conscious that my reality is an illusion construct but nevertheless enjoy the delusional opportunity to BE HERE NOW! I always encourage a sense of humor it really helps with the flow of life.

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