When ever I do a reading I investigate if the person is receiving or letting go of energy.  In other words is there a flow to their presence. A lot can be taken into consideration, and determined healthy. The flow of energy into and out of the physical body can vary,  and  still be in sync with the circumstances of the life experience. It is in the inward flow that I fist started to see what I call a new dimension emerging. This dimension is about possibility in the present moment, and the choice’s we do and do not make that bringing change into our experience.

Are you growing, are you changing, are you in or out of balance?

These are important questions to take into consideration as you go about your day. Simply by asking yourself these questions will provide you with the  answers. If you find yourself out of sync or out of balance you can stop and assess the situation. Take a good long look at your behavior and notice how you are being present or not. Notice the little things about the choice you do and do not make, and why. These answers would be the beginning of understanding what is healing within you now and what  to expect down the road. Remain open to possibility even when you are confronting fear.

Fear is the biggest challenge to BEING able to meet and experience possibility that is available to you and your circumstances.

As the new dimension opens up to you you will notice that anything is possible. Alone with possibility comes responsibility to accept change, and grow from the experience you are meeting in present time.

As a clairvoyant I have to ask how can I be of service to this person? In this consideration I have to know that your success is my success and that my success is your success. A mutuality in purpose and presence. Even though we are all in our own reality we affect each other. Understand how much we do or do not is the awareness emerging from the dimension of possibility.

Is it too late?

Is the Earth our home changing too fast for us to meet our experience fully.

Everything depends upon how you CHOOSE to look at yourself and the circumstances of your presence. If you are feeling down or upset remember another moment is on its way – wait for it in the now of present time and your energy will shift into what is possible for you. Remember you flow, and you you are alway in motion. Your ability to BE PRESENT  will set you free


Everything depends upon the story you are telling yourself. Notice what you are telling yourself about yourself right NOW.

We are faced with the stark realization that we are animals living on a planet called Earth. We share this Earth with other animals and we are alone in space. It is in our aloneness that we expand and emerge into more possibility unique to our story, and experience you are able to meet in present time.

We are consciously evolving – some more than others. Ask yourself if you are consciously evolving? Find out what need to meet differently and how fully conscious and present you are with your experience of reality – your reality.

Here again a balance is necessary to the energy around awareness, and the possibility of that being realized. The dimension of possibility is already upon us and it is your responsibility to find out how you are meant TO BE that experience. Each of us have the opportunity to BE the person we consider possible right here , right now.


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