This blog post is to be read as a reading meditation. Read it right through with out thinking about it as you breath  Read as you breath and let it take you on a journey……….


Doing things allows us to believe. Doing anything is what makes your reality  seem more real.

You are in present time.

Are you in past time or future time?

Is this what you believe you are “doing”?   Are  you “doing everything” every single moment always thinking that you are in present time?

This is the fun of having a brain-mind you can talk to.

You can  pretty much do anything and mind believes it. The brain wants you to survive. This is your flow……


There are many realities. Each of us have our own reality.

Nothing just happens everything happens because of you. My experience happens because of me, and my choice to meet my experience in present time. This is the choice, my choice, I make, and it is one of many possibilities that I have as a dimension emerging from within me Right now.

Even you happens as a reality because of you, and the source that streams through you.

Our universe, and it’s exploding stars is what gives us the materials that are the elements as well as the opportunity to exist as humans.

This opportunity that is available to us because of exploding stars coming together into a particular arrangement or being on a particular planet at a particular time.

We exist as humans, but are animals really,  and live in a body that has the ability to cling to a rock using the force of gravity, and  this rock is a planet we call earth.

This earth is hurtling through space time contained in the solar system with other planets centered by a star that is actually in a collection of other solar systems that composes a galaxy. We very seldom think of  our lives in this way. We are very busy doing our life.

For the most part most people are doing there life buy surviving.

Our ability to survive requires energy. We each provide the energy to survive.This is the source that streams through us.

Even your thought forms are energy – often unconscious to you. We think in past time as memory and project in to the future as possibility.

When you think of yourself  from past time  you are mostly unconscious of behaving in this way.

We often access a templets that allowes us to grow our life on.

All moments in time open automatically.

Manifestation is assisting us into surviving, and may feels like that is exactly what you are DOING, because that’s what doing does. Doing has the exclusive ability to make us believe almost anything.

We think we are real and it feels like there is a present time going on always. We ARE surrounded by the pop-ups and scenery of objects that we each invest into – your reality is the reality marker  for you.

I just made a lemon meringue pie so therefore I created it. Did I?

You orchestrated a doing of objects that are ingredients that when combined created to you in your mind a lemon meringue pie.

You didn’t create the lemon meringue pie lemon, meringue pie happened because of you as you meet your experience.

You had an experience, and in part of your experience was a meringue pie. Nothing was created or destroyed. You experienced a change in the form of something from one thing into another and it’s all energy. This is your flow…….


When you start to look at your life as energy and that you are yourself energy everything starts to become slightly different. One of the first things that begins to change is purpose.

What is your purpose and what is the energy you are the purpose of?

This is why we experience religion. Religion provides people with a set of answers to questions that come up around why they are here and what are they doing here .

With the identity of yourself as energy comes responsibility. Most people I have found do not want to take on any more responsibility than they already have. Just waking up in the morning and having to get through the day is for some people perhaps most people the most responsibility they ever want to experience.

You create nothing, and experience everything.  Often you may even act as if you don’t understand this statement or this way of putting things. The reason that you would do this is because it involves responsibility.

You are having an experience in present time. This is a part of your flow…….


Of course not everyone DOES this sort of thing.  Many people ARE very involved with the NOW.  Orchestrating a relationship with the NOW is an ability to meet the experience and the way that they DO  this  is with the ability to care.

They care about themselves enough to make the effort to conceptualize what it means to meet their experience and comprehend that THEY ARE a reality paradigm. Who ever would have imagined that the ability to care would have mattered so much especially this time right now.

Nevertheless metaphysically  the ability to care and to care for yourself as well as to care for others is an ability that is emerging strongly within people right now.

Obviously this ability has been around forever but not until now has it become so important to our survival. The ability to care is energy just like everything else. You can use your ability to care in the NOW of present time.

This of course requires you to be able to be caring within the now. Once you experience this, and  make the effort to repeat the experience over and over again as your intended practice of being is how you will begin to be here now.

You will quickly discover that now you will BE the ability to care.

As this energy expands your awareness of your presence into the appropriate places within your particular energy field – know  that you are a reflection of your connectedness to the universe. This is your flow…..


This particular illusion of reality is the beginning of learning how  TO BE.  The ability TO BE  is within the illusion.

For so many of us we need desperately to believe that we are real.

It is impossible for us to comprehend that this reality we experience could not be real. Why is that?

We are beginning the journey of discovering that the experience you’re having is perhaps your current ability to survive and survive well.

You DO this by BEING caring.

This is the beginning of a beautiful partnership where in the past  “doing  vs being” was a challenge.There is no challenge there is only the ability to merge the duality that is naturally set up by us in our reality of illusion.

What is most important  is the CARE offered onto everyone else by placing your attention on the ability to CARE and this action allows caring to BE what matters in each moment.

Each person who is interested invests into this caring they add mass to the emergence of a reality structure composed of the NOW. The dimension  is potential.

It is so easy to blame yourself that once you discover your ability to care you will no longer need to blame yourself or anyone for any action or in action that has or has not occurred.

Deep within you is the true caring. Consider stopping the madness of your doing relentlessly .

However your heart is telling you how to BE the amazing element of CARING that is truly inside of you, and all of us,

We all do things to distract ourselves and this is a common occurrence.

With caring your emerging presence of being overrides the doing and this caring will be the salvation to your future effort to care, do, and be.

Any salvation completely depends upon you.

Remember that everything happens in your reality because of you.

You must accept  your responsibility in your reality. You also have a choice to not accept this responsibility.

Choice is what opens us up to possibility, and a new dimension. Perhaps it is not within your capability to have the responsibility of salvation. Perhaps you don’t believe in or find salvation to be a necessary ingredient to your recipe of life and survival.

Too much responsibility to take on?

breath breath breath …….


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