Maintaining a high vibration takes practice and a strong desire to know yourself as energy beyond a body, your needs, or your life situation. Maintaining a high vibration means that you do not unconsciously drop your vibration or deliberately allow yourself to take action from a place that is anything but what you have set as your very best to offer. Fluctuating in vibration and dropping in frequency is usually an indication that a challenge is presenting itself. A challenge can come in many forms either with other people or circumstances or within ourselves. Try and accept a challenge it can sometimes raise your vibration. If however the challenge is energetically set at a very low vibration or you can not match the energy in order to offer YOUR very best, then the thing to do is remove yourself from the situation. You may have to move on permanently or regroup and try again later.

Your vibration can drop dramatically when we get angry, feel hurt, overlooked, or are in the presence of someone behaving in any way other than their very best. This happens all the time when someone approaches you and is in a foul mood and you go right there with them. You met or matched their lower vibration through mood, and it is easy to do. It is much more difficult to get someone to match your high vibration especially if they are feeling self justified or complacent in their “bad mood”. High vibration transcends mood and behavior. Holding a high vibration requires awareness that you vibrate as energy no matter what is going on around you or from within you.
It really does boil down to your mood in most cases where the body is primary and ego is in charge. Either your mood is “up” and available, perhaps you feel happy; or it is “down” and unavailable, perhaps you are unable to feel anything. This “up and down” reflects a servitude to duality, but can also be an opportunity to think outside of that box. We want others to feel “bad” with us. Gossip, spreading of rumors, talking about others is a common low vibration practice, and we all do stuff like that at times, often completely unconsciously. Being conscious of your behavior is time consuming and demands a relationship with the present moment. People who need to be “in control” are really unconsciously “out of control” and completely unaware of their needs not being met and their basic unhappiness. They are often angry because others do not meet their needs unaware that it is their responsibility to meet their own needs. This is, of course, not your problem, but having to be around someone as unaware as this IS your problem. It challenges your ability to keep your vibration high and not react to their unconsciousness. Others and their ego driven behavior can become our opportunity to grow and test your abilities to maintain a high vibration under stress. Surrounding yourself with people who have an awareness of themselves as energy and are not constant “work” to be around is perhaps the best opportunity to grow and change in a manner that is healthy and available to your best interests.

To raise your vibration, consider the basic approach you have towards your life. Are you “tired” all the time, feel “sick”, or just in a “bad” mood? Are you searching for meaning but can’t find any?  Are you unhappy? Do you complain often about circumstances and ask perhaps, even pray, for change without considering healing or changing your character?  Do you unconsciously or consciously try to control everything or everybody?  These are just a few examples or symptoms of a low vibration. You could just need some rest, and it is necessary because you have been pushing too hard on the life flow and your momentum is in jeopardy. It is not easy to pull yourself out of this rut especially if you have been there for a while. Raising your vibration is one way out of the momentum spiraling downward. To raise your vibration, start by finding out where you are grounded in your body, if at all. Find out if you are even in your body. Chances are you are far away from yourself lost in some thought pattern you can’t seem to shake. Your mind is playing and replaying a loop of thought energy that tells you the same story over and over again. Usually it is about something someone did to you and what you need to do or say to them to make it right. It can also be a story you need to tell about something that is “wrong” and how to “fix it”. Giving it a rest is great if you can, but what if you can’t?  Start by establishing a connection from your body to the earth in present time. Since you have a body, put it to use by allowing yourself a sense of grounding. Find out the best way for you to connect. If you don’t know how to ground get someone to help you, plenty of people can teach you this simple and necessary survival technique. Also try a little gratitude it can go a long way.

When you are are stuck in a low vibration, this can be very difficult to manage and hang out in, as well as hang out with. Very often and perhaps long ago we abandon our bodies. We leave our bodies for lots of reasons, we don’t like the way they look (too fat, too ugly, too pretty), we don’t physically feel good (any chronic pain or body level judgement), emotionally we are drained (angry, depressed, in pain, manic). We leave our bodies for both “good” as well as “bad” reasons, because energetically they are the same. We leave our bodies because they feel like too much work, and you already have enough to take care of, surviving, making money, going to work, being happy, meeting deadlines, taking care of family or friends, taking care of yourself, etc. etc. Perhaps you drink too much alcohol and have a hangover each morning. Perhaps you use drugs because you are so sensitive you can’t bear another moment of having to feel anything. Perhaps you overeat and feel fat and bloated all the time. Perhaps you never eat. Perhaps you simply do not know how to take basic care of yourself. Perhaps you are in so much repressed pain that you are angry and just don’t care about yourself enough to takes care of your body level needs. Perhaps you want others to take care of your needs for you – when they don’t – you get angry at them and yourself. It is an endless cycle of pain and suffering, no wonder your vibration is low! Having a body is a huge responsibility and so is living life.

On the other hand maybe you exercise three to five times a week, watch what you eat and drink, enjoy your job, but still feel mad and frustrated a lot of the time. Well welcome to Earth, my friend, and say a big hello to living life through a body-being relationship. All relationships seem to take quite a bit of time and maintenance to keep them reasonably on track. There is no guarantee that by doing anything you think or have been told is “right” that you will be able to raise your vibration, and be happy, because raising your vibration has nothing to do with being happy. You can have a very high vibration and still feel sad or mad. Feelings are a part of having a body and raising your vibration is part of existing as an energy-Being, two very different things. Frequency and vibration is a part of your identity as energy, not so much as a body. Living a body based existence is just ONE WAY to approach life and what you see before you each day as your life situation. Not everyone is cut out for a –  body based need driven –  reality and understanding that in yourself and not judging it in others is a step toward understanding who you are, not based on a comparison with others. Compassion for your particular life event involves courage. Courage to not be contained in therapeutic structures that try to offer you meaning or explanations as to why you are the way you are. We are not at all even remotely alike.

Everything is energy including you. Your body is energy. Your consciousness is energy. Your unconsciousness is energy. If you have an understanding and relationship with yourself as energy you then participate with yourself as frequency and vibration. Your moods, feelings, needs, disposition, behavior are all a part of you having a body (and energy also). Your energy is about you with or without a body. You take into consideration that you are more than just your body or your life. From this realization comes the identification that you are energy and energy vibrates, it is in motion. Your momentum is a result of energy being applied to your mass. Vibration and your life force is a result of your frequency as energy being applied to your mass (body) acting in present time. This action is your vibration. The entire concept of vibration concludes, from awareness through consciousness, to consider the effect you have on everything you come in contact with directly or indirectly. This awareness gives your life dimension and a conceptualization of existence beyond your life circumstance, and your body, and everything you experience moment to moment. It requires that you pay very close attention to your totality, most importantly, perceptions made.

Once you start living a life that is energy identified, through consciousness and choice, you start to change or heal some of the dependency defining  a body and need based life . Your body and your needs are still a major part of your life and identity, but these needs and identity do not have to run the show; it becomes a subject within the show of your life force as energy. Here is your opportunity to truly “help others”, by helping yourself and allowing others to witness your vibration, even if they have no idea of what they are looking at within you. It is ego that needs everyone to know how great you are when, in fact, you are and always have been great even when you have believed yourself not so great. You have to bust open your perception of yourself as anything other than a high vibrational being acting through a body in present time. No one needs to tell you how great of a job you are doing at this because it is irrelevant to your needs. Vibration requires no needs, no self, and no body, despite having all of that going on simultaneously. This does not mean that you stop taking care of your needs or listening to your body. What you do stop is behaving as if that is all that you are or that matters. What matters is “your matter” and the energy acting upon it in present time, your energy.

Raising your vibration is a service. A service to you, your body, your identity, your life, and everyone else on this planet. To accomplish the ability to raise your vibration you have to desire the need to know yourself as energy and the responsibility that comes with undertaking such an investigation. There are others like yourself who know themselves as energy and don’t expect a welcome mat to be rolled out in their honor. You have left that world behind because you will never ever fulfill the needs of the body and of life circumstance on Earth. That world is over and completely useless to the life lived as an energy being. Yes, you still have needs, desires, and you will feel pain and suffer and have to make money, and eat and sleep and perform all body level functions, but you are free of these as containers to live your life in and through. You will notice that your body is an energy mass that literally moves outside of the physical dimensions we have come to accept as real and absolute. Your life is way bigger than you ever thought because it is woven into the fabric of other living things and our universe. Your vibration will rise because there is only one place to go, into affinity with life, and the service of expansion and multidimensional reality. YOU ARE NOT YOUR BODY, remember this and at the same time remember YOU HAVE A BODY RIGHT NOW IN PRESENT TIME AND IN THIS DIMENSION. Raising your vibration will expand your fundamental elements and complex structure so you can take in all the information coming at you, have it, and expand your conscious awareness by inputting all you are into your current perception of reality. Leave all expectation behind and maybe you will experience an epiphany, who knows?

Remember time is relative

Within a short amount of time – remember time is relative – your life, and your being will grow, change and heal by way of your raised vibration. By raising your vibration you are contributing to our evolution as conscious beings, rapidly and with intention. If this all sounds too “out there” for you, then it is and will only be effortful and not make sense to you and your life journey. However there are many people “out there enough” to accomplish the task of an energy being acting through a body and very much in need of an assignment of raising their vibration. For some it is not a challenge at all but a relief to be able to practice energy expansion and perfectly appropriate. It is a way out of the “drama” we so often find painfully amusing. Living life is beginning to mean very different things to people as we expand our consciousness and raise our vibrations to claim our destiny.