The energy centers of the feet are our body’s physical connection to the earth. The feet chakras link us energetically to the planet and the energy frequency of the Earth, and ultimately the universe. This is the place that you can create any type of grounding technique that suits you. The base of the spine, the legs and the feet all function as a hook into this planet. We also experience a sense of body-being-space-time by the relationship we develop over our lifetime with the ground and experience of manifesting on the Earth. Each foot and leg act differently in just how we go about realizing that connection and relationship. Our bodies and Earth are in a relationship for whatever time we spend here as beings acting through a body.

The left leg and foot is energetically very different than our right foot and leg. Both feet provide a connection to Earth but each do it in unique ways for us. The left leg is aware of the future space-time and develops a path or purpose for having that connection. Your life, and your method of going about meeting the challenge of space-time in the form of incoming energy is through the left foot and leg. The chakra of the left foot considers places, events, and situations, as possibilities: these possibilities show up as data and information about where and how you want to ground or connect with the planet. We recognize this through things, places, or events, and are affected by nature, home, or like energy. The left foot chakra does the connecting by estimating how or where we want to connect. The ankle gives the leg and foot a very basic yes or no to the possibilities and choices available. The left calf embraces the choice, while the knee provides understanding about the considerations, and the thigh stores all memories of emotional relevance  to where we desire to be and go in life. All of this is structured through our awareness of having a body and the momentum of movement. We place our left foot into the space and energy of the future or where we want to go, and draw energy into our lives, by determining what is familiar to us up to that point in time.

The right foot and leg do the opposite of the left. The right foot decides where exactly you insert your energy and by doing so becomes the immediate space-time of the past. We put our right foot into the actual space-time of where we are in relation to information provided by the left leg and foot. We ground or connect to the places in our lives that make sense to us through the right foot. It is the actual “doing” of this action that determines where we are in any given moment. Like the left ankle the right ankle either likes this choice or it does not and will tell you and your leg. The right calf may embrace the choice, while the knee needs to have a clear understanding of that direction, and the thigh will-through memory-determine emotionally if the connection is a ‘fit”. Together, each part of the right leg takes us into the immediate past by revealing just where we are physically at in any given moment. The present moment is always directly in front of you and involves both legs simultaneously. To be present you have to ground and connect into the earth directly below your feet and secure a link to the space and check that the time is set in the present. It is easy to ground into the past or the future unknowingly, by doing so, you change your ability to stay present. Being grounded into the past or future causes discomfort for the legs as well as all other energy systems of the body. Your entire life will be affected by grounding into past time or future time. Also notice if you are grounded into other “stuff” like people, situations or anything that is outside of your body and outside of present time. Most people I have found are grounded in the past and receive a big upgrade in the life experience by simply making an effort to connect into the present moment. Energetically the future, present and past all happen at the same time, so noticing your body’s relationship to time and space is key to having a present time experience.

The left leg considers all grounding possibilities, this “yet to be” is the immediate future. The right leg reveals the actual grounding reality, this “done deal” is the immediate past. A significant  amount of  information about security, general health, pleasure, comfort, relationships to food (or any intake), addictions, and money are stored in the legs. The feet can explain a lot about how a person exists on this Earth, and most importantly in the body they have been living in up until this present moment. The feet also hold information about our perceptions of reality. The feet are our physical contact with the ground and each foot chakra indicates an identification of just who you are in this body. The course your life takes is walked by the feet connected to the legs that connect to the rest of the body and energy centers found there in present time and space. Your private reality constructed by your perception and consciousness is unique to you but fashioned by a collective link to all other beings on this planet through momentum. The energy momentum you activate by existing in a space-time relationship on Earth gives you the life you witness, and allows you to perceive it as your own.

We generally exist in a dualistic paradigm that has in its construct an influence perpetuated by money. All money issues and the information about our relationship to money is stored in the legs. If you want to understand how you define that relationship, and influence your ability to have or not have money examine the legs and feet. Stored there is the pictures and energy images that will tell you that story and help influence any change or healing. Because the legs and feet are so energetically fixed and fundamental to our obvious journey, money and security are deeply rooted there in the physical manifestation. To heal or make a change in that relationship is often a lifetime process because so much is unconscious. The entire back of the legs as well as the back of the torso is constructed of the unconscious and what is stored in that aspect of our being. Often our money concepts are lodged in the unconscious and learned or passed down from the lineage we downloaded from birth. Making a drastic change in that relationship is attempting to heal a core issue and takes a lot of effort and diligence. Sometimes it is easier to accept the cards you’re dealt by working with honoring circumstance and make your move from there. Take what you can from the energy level you have set up; and rather than trying to change fundamental energy change the momentum. All your emotions, understandings, willingness to have, and ability to connect regarding money is fixed in each leg channel and foot chakra. Looking at and studying your  momentum will gather up what you already have available, and with perception clear, offer you alternatives to structure and free up the pictures long held in unconscious energy patterns. This is where being present is vital, because only there can you truly heal or change.

Direction and attention

If you pay attention to your feet and give them direction and attention they will guide you on the best possible energy route available to you and your life journey. It is very similar to a GPS, know your current location and consider your possible destination and let the feet search out your best possible route. Never underestimate the power of paying attention to location and destination, and always include the feet in this objective for maximum effectiveness. Remember even GPS systems at time fail to provide the optimum route available so cut yourself some slack and consider alternatives. Don’t be in a hurry to make significant changes to momentum, patience is your virtue, and success with having-ness will be your reward. Always know there are many roads that lead to a possible outcome that is in affinity with your journey.