November 2011


Welcome to Earth, baby, is something I tend to say when I’m explaining, in a reading, or just in conversation, the trials and tribulations of creating change or healing. Life in present times seems beyond challenging and even therapy and processing just does not seem to help with the tasks we see before us in today’s world. Our consciousness seems to be expanding at exponential rates, and the integration of information and awareness into a body based reality is complex.  Traditional therapies and self-help protocol methods are eclipsed by the rapidly evolving human energy system. We seem to suddenly be very different from each other and attempting to lump us all into basic needs and fundamental systems based on “unresolved issues” to explain our behavior is not working anymore. Even when reading a person’s energy, sometimes I have no idea what I’m looking at because they are changing right before my very eyes, and I have no way of referencing what I see. I actually enjoy seeing this because it tells me exciting things are happening and I have to learn how to read them.The very fabric of reality, as we think we know it, is in flux. This kind of fluctuation has always been going on it just seems “bigger” now.  Some people call this a paradigm shift or the evolution of societal structure. Hundreds of books are published explaining, or trying to explain, the possible trajectory of our situation, culturally, behaviorally, economically, governmental, etc. etc. The basic premise being that massive change is a afoot. With approximately seven billion people living on Earth right now any and all change is massive compared to what it may have looked like in past time. Never before has the total energy mass of seven billion living beings been considered or conceptualized as conscious energy. Reality has always been changing and the paradigm shifting, it just seems more apparent because information travels faster and faster.

Your individual power contributes to a piece that fits into the puzzle linked to the energy grid created by the total mass of beings living and dead. Each of us play or have played into a segment of the overall momentum of energy you actually can feel today in present time. The ability to access this phenomenon is very real to all of us, and what we do with that impacts Earth and our universe. It is estimated that 107 billion people have lived on Earth over time. What does that mean to total energy or potential energy? It seems relevant and is an interesting bit of information when it comes to our evolution, especially when you consider that most of what we think of as history has more or less just occurred. Rapid amounts of energy and information crammed into a very short amount of time relative to Earth’s existence and our universe’s existence. With our universe being fourteen billion years old, and appearing to be aging faster and faster, what does that mean for us?

I can only speak as a relatively informed person because I base what I share with you from what I have witnessed reading people’s energy. I have probably read about a few thousand people over thirty years, so I am by no means an expert on anything. However, what I have seen is obvious and quite simple. There is A LOT more energy coming at you – as data and information – as you exist in your body as well as A LOT more energy leaving – as perceptions and consciousness – as you exist day-to-day. Everyone is doing this exact same thing – of course relative to their life circumstance – but energetically it looks identical and has a flow. I like to think of it as momentum.  This energy is you, you move, you vibrate, you affect your own mass (body) with energy, you self generate by existing. Your existence has a huge relevance that has absolutely nothing to do with what you do, who you are, or any of what we experience as life on Earth. If you are talented, poor, famous, a doctor, female, gay, sick, religious, republican, Chinese, it is absolutely irrelevant. Energy is the common denominator and is what fits your piece into the puzzle of reality. Each piece is vital to the puzzle because the puzzle represents the energy dynamic signature of Earth.
Welcome to Earth!

It is really pretty astonishing all the vastly different lives we each live and just what happens to each of us as we go through a life cycle. You can never assume you know anything about anybody no matter how well you think you know them. Each person is a system of energy encased in a body, a body that is only alive for a certain amount of time here on Earth. Each system of energy tells a story derived from the content of consciousness, the  body, and the perceptions made by each individual. In this way each person is unique and different form the next, by way of their energy signature. When you first arrive on Earth, at birth, you already had a signature supplied by your lineage and the actual birth process. Nothing is quite like it and nothing will come close to matching that energy except perhaps your death. Since no one has actually died and been able to share the experience firsthand to anyone, we can only witness the process by watching someone die or by having the experience of our own death. So where does all this energy go at death?

Your consciousness is the only thing that happens to you

Arriving on Earth, with your birth is a lot like leaving Earth, with your death. It is really the exact same thing. The amount of energy you arrive with is the same amount you will leave with. In other words, your consciousness is the only thing that happens to you between those two points in time, including time itself. Death reboots life. So energy doesn’t really “go” anywhere it just “is”. Telling the story of you is telling the story of your conscious experience. When you have a reading or your energy looked at you are allowing your consciousness to be witnessed.  A therapist can offer you a reference to that experience and trying to help you assimilate patterns and issues.

The Earth experience is an opportunity to learn how to merge with everything consciously. Anyone can merge and lose momentum, keeping momentum and merging at the same time is what we appear to be learning now. How to be a significant energy signature as mass. Obviously not an easy task, just look around, no one quite gets just how to do that and do it well. Conflict is the growing pains of learning how to work as a collective, as an individual, and as a part of an energy puzzle. You have to clearly comprehend how vitally important your piece is to the puzzle, and the responsibilities that come with that awareness. So welcome to earth where there is an organic process going on that is in constant flux and only growing bigger and faster.
When you read someone’s energy, you are basically looking at the consciousness story that is being told within the system. I try to reference it to the experiences we all share or know through having a life experience. These basic patterns are shared by us all but individualized by our consciousness and ability to be aware of our multiple experiences. We are individually having a life experience and collectively having a life experience. The story of our signature as a life form is readable and visible and can be described. In this way, we all share similar stories but each unique to our conscious experience of that story. The actual particulars, events, people, places are interesting but not significant to the signature you emanate from your energy flow. The actual details of your particular life contribute to your energy package, however it is your consciousness around that energy that convey the signature you create.

When you get a reading or healing try not to waste your time finding out information about the particulars of your life that you already know. Is it really important to you to be validated or to be right? Right is when what you are being told is something mundane and perhaps a proof to you that the person doing the reading is in fact capable. Don’t bother going to or working with anyone who is selling you information through fear or manipulation. Being told that you “have two brothers and a cat named Ruby” are the particulars of your life experience, it will not validate the consciousness you are, in this life experience. It will not allow you to understand how your piece fits into the puzzle. If you want to be dazzled, go see a magician, if you want a reading and to have your healing witnessed, go see a person you know you can trust and who perhaps has been referred to you.

We are long past the time of psychics and fortune tellers. They still create a business in telemarketing and entertainment. If however you want to change and heal, then invest wisely and don’t be manipulated by false advertising and schemers. Being properly welcomed to Earth involves a lot of paths. Sometimes we have to go down some not so great roads before we realize just what we are looking for. If you truly want to understand yourself as energy then investigate what that really means for you in your life circumstance. Consider the ways you have thought about yourself up until now, you may need some updating and need to expand your ideas of just who you are in present time. Talk to people and ask questions. You are way more than you think you are because thinking is just one way to experience yourself. Realize that you are consciousness and that you vibrate and your flow has an affect on everything all the time. You are a conscious being and you contribute a vital element to our energy signature here on the planet. Welcome to Earth baby!