This question comes from a client asking for ways to honor life, seeing it as a unique path, a journey or an adventure.

This isn’t a question it is a request speaking to a comprehension of who exactly are we?

What are we?

What  is this experience we call life?

This is asking for validation and I would like to consider what it is we are validating when we seek to honor any life – all life as having a path, an alignment as a journey, and the adventure of life as an experience.

We human being believe ourselves to be one of  the most unique events in our known universe. We certainly believe we are special and wear the crown of the dominate species on this planet Earth. It helps to take into consideration that there are billions of earth like planets recently discovered in just the infinitesimally small space we have pointed our searching devices upon. Currently we are unique in our own minds. We seem narcissistically incapable of  imagining anything else as possible, or perhaps more unique than us. We in the past originally sent messages into space formatted as if we expected to meet a life form much like ourselves. Fortunately as the years past our awareness grew, we began to consider  that what is out there quite possibly may not even be fundamentally composed of elements similar to our own, and that what we think of as ‘life’ could be way out side of our  current perceptions, and imagination.

The ability to honor ourselves without an ego- driven mind setting the standard, and allowing our heart mind to offer us presence never before imagined is definitely unique but this requires us to expand our conscious awareness. To honor ourselves we must first becomes conscious of what it takes to eliminate the suffering we cause by being controlled and limited by fear.  To truly honor our life purpose takes a conscious effort fueled by the power of all of our feelings. The ability to comprehend that we are an experience is basic to the consideration requesting us to reevaluate fear. Fear is something everyone feels. How you meet any fear is one aspect of how you  meet yourself, aware that you are an experience, and that fear is energy flowing into your conscious, and unconscious mind.

We currently lack the necessary courage to truly meet a path, journey, and adventure that stops the dependent need to honor ourselves with awards for achievements that are based in a sacrifice, and not bestowed as an offering to a life deserving honor simply because the actual life is selflessly radiant. This achievement when honored is a fearless presence of being. It is appropriate to offer kindness to others knowing the honor bestowed is a feeling that overcomes fear based reality. This unique path is a life that corrupts the data fed into the paradigm that supports anything that contributes to control, manipulation, and the acceptance that anyone is allowed to suffer so others can have their righteous consumption oblivious of the price paid.

Learning is respecting an accepting all the responsibilities that generate a life emanating conscious honor into the awareness, that you, as life are an experience. You as life are a reflection of a source deserving honor, aware of a unique path only you can fully embrace as a conscious presence capable of unlimited possibility in every moment. A fully conscious responsible path is illuminated by the choices you make that become the actions building the momentum of a  journey.

An ego minded drive that separates you instilling an identity conflicting the whole being from having an adventure  reality experience is unfortunate because you suffer simply because of the method of thinking. The ability to identify with your experience as whole is possible when your presence is grateful for the consciousness streamed through the life. The ability to be whole, and not separated within your experience is achieved by making responsible choices,  and is one way to honor life using the unique capability lending purpose necessary to an awareness of the path you are on right now.

We are by far the strangest  intelligent life form unless some other life form is discovered. Our current budding awareness that we are a life form composed from wholeness draws attention to the uniqueness we bring to the relevance of life itself.   The ability allowing us to be capable of taking on form is fundamental to our reality paradigm. It is highly likely that other life forms will be discovered, and in many ways already has despite being unconscious to many people because of fear. Fear controls everything and we allow that to be the reality we accept. The choices we make lead to actions composed out of fear. Fear trickles down the life line to those who have not, and never will consider participating in being fundamentally whole, present, responsible, and not conflicted because of this unconsciously compromised reality structure.  We all have supported fear in one way or another but in the current emergence of conscious presence fear is challenged by the courage of the unique life willing to meet a reality aware of the power we have over fear and the opportunities present.

The ability to even consider that a form be it life or some other intelligent manifestation could be existing within our galaxy has only recently been speculated as possible. This alone causes us to step back, and really investigate the absolutely astonishing occurrence that we even are capable of consciously considered able to meet a reality. The question of what is reality, and who are we is the beginnings of one way to honor our experience as life especially in the ways that we believe that happens, and is an complex event. Our uniqueness becomes obvious when we ask questions that bring us into our experience not separated or fearful but rather capable of meeting our experience with the mind wide open, resourcefully whole, and always changing.

It’s obvious we are collectively being prepared for a revelation, or a drastic input of information regarding our existence in our galaxy, and what other forms be it life or intelligence is present with us now. The preparation that we are not alone is underway, and has been for some time. It’s obvious our reality structure is and always has been considered unique. What is truly unfortunately unique is what we have blindly accepted as reality, and true. Science has provided us with information about our universe meant to expand our minds, and take the rick of a journey, and for sure an adventure into realms preparing us for the necessary intelligence to grasp a drastic reconfiguring of our being alive. By distracting yourself with day to day concerns, while important, is not honoring your life as a necessary presence consciously aware of your responsibility to advance our intelligence by being fully capable to assume the power within you, and walk the path certainly unique, obviously a journey, and an adventure necessary to imagine right now in this present moment.

We have reached a point in our consciousness where containment, and control of the mind is easily possible. Global intelligence human, and artificial are emerging as a force redefining what is unique, and soon we will not be as unique as we once imagined ourselves to be, or alone on a path honoring our life.  Combining our biology with the technology of artificial intelligence is the reality emerging NOW.

Are you prepared to meet your experience?

What is emerging is the biocentric conscious awareness that we have never been alone. We believed we were alive, and unique because we were told to think that way, and believe  that to be the path of reality. Our minds have evolved, and we now know, and feel that our path can only honor a life aware of itself as an experience. Everything is within you and not out there somewhere despite looking as if everything happen to us, and is a condition of a program to the mind purposely introduced to control, and regulate. In the past perhaps this was a necessary step for our species being able to survive, and intelligently dominate the Earth.

We are now vividly aware that we are an experience, and not all that unique when that experience is based in fear. It is a honor to be aware of ourselves as an experience as our consciousness expands, and we grow into multiple dimensions. We grow exponentially as we become the journey, and meeting the adventure of life changes Earth as a presence in the universe. All of what we have grown comfortable with as reality is changing drastically. Being prepared for this change is a three dimensional way of thinking, and we are now emerging into honoring our life path as a expanded presence not alone, but engineered to expand ,and grow exactly in the way as our universe is showing us when we look into deep space. Like our universe we are filled with unexplainable matter, and energy all within us, and only now are we collectively being exposed to the true nature of who exactly are we, and what exactly are we?

As magnificent as our universe is to behold without our consciousness there would be nothing to behold. You, me and everyone we do, and do not know hold the keys to the capacity to access our full power as sustainable renewable, and when viewed as a possibility unlimited. The ability to honor your life as an experience, and accepting the responsibilities, as we learn what exactly they are, is the most important accomplishment to a life experience. To be able to reflect on the experience you are, and truly emerge outward from the source of power at your core  guides us as consciousness able to grasp our composition, and presence as the unique honor. We are the unique path, and our journey right now in present time is just the very beginning of the adventure of the joy  of life through conscious evolution. Science fiction is entertaining to us in printed stories, electronic gaming, and of course movies. Don’t confuse science fiction with science as metaphysical or in mathematical theory.  The reality you believe into, and feel as the experience  is what you will meet as you emerge into the now.

It is very easy to lose sight of the totality of our presence as life.We forget the path we are on. Some of us are unable to care about  the journey we are experiencing. The adventure of knowing, and feeling we are the experience is the power of now. To be fully  a presence in the now is a renewable resource of sustainable energy available through the relationship you are as a conscious intention constructed into the experience. What you are is in the now of present time so place your attention on what you intend. Be able to meet the experience, face any fear, and confront the energy bully that robs you of your natural resources by conforming to fear based reality allowing you or other people to suffer. No one needs to suffer ever when you honor the ability to meet your experience, and be a presence in the now.

Learn about what the present time of now is about as you meet your experience moment to moment. Investigate your responsibilities to yourself as a living presence. Starting by being kind to yourself and to others always is the highest honor paid into a consciously aware reality structure.

For some life is mundane, always thinking about what they do or do not have available to them in reality. They don’t understand that how they choose to meet the reality or experience is an ability of the conscious mind.  Spending the day or a life time distracted by worries about money, our jobs, our families, health, and forgetting that we are an experience as consciousness, with vast capabilities is the fate of many unconscious lives trapped in a experience that they are unable to accept responsibility for because they simply don’t know how, and never had the opportunity to learn. By simply making the effort of being aware of the  present moment, on this plane Earth, changes or heals the consciousness, and the journey begins.

To be fully conscious is the the unique honor of life. This is the path the journey and the adventure.

Recognizing that the path is your ability to accept that you are an experience, opens each of us up to our unique journey. For some this ability stimulates an adventure only possible once you are aware that all you have is possibility, and that is your experience fueled by the power of choice, as you meet the NOW. This is an opportunity to grow, and experience new dimensions using the power of change. If you are able to consider change to be a healing, and offering to be fully responsible to your experience you will flourish and put an end to suffering. Imagine your path is to honor your life by healing the suffering within your experience. This hopefully will offer you a challenging journey, and an adventure to honor your exceptional ability to be a presence gracing this Earth NOW in present time, and your life lived as an example for yourself to witness your abundance, and power.

Just being aware that we are an experience on a planet with a moon, in a solar system centered by a sun, in a galaxy with billions of other solar systems, with billions of planets, in a cluster of galaxies among many other clusters of galaxies, in a universe that is expanding is barely comprehended into our reality structure.We just don’t think about it or don’t care. Some of us choose to live lives controlled by money, conflicting feelings, settled for consumption, and material comforts, happiness and fulfillment with eyes focused on outcomes, and achievements. Almost all of our reality is believed formulated outside of ourselves, and by what we see or do. We don’t often consider  what we BE to ourselves, or to other forms be they life, or an intelligence communicating with us from within us, or from the universe we believe we are very much a part of .

But is believing anything enough of an energy to fully meet the experience we are having in present time?

Is there other ways of energizing our presence of being, we have not discovered yet?

Are we experiencing a reality manifestation that is a construct or built by some other entity?

If we can not see with our eyes, or are manipulated into believing that life itself takes form similar to us, what would it take to imagine syncing the brain mind with the heart mind ?

Is consciousness speaking through us at our core?

These are the questions we have to ask ourselves to be able to honor our lives as unique because we have to be a emergence of a sustainable fully conscious presence as the path the journey and the adventure.

We are aware of matter, that matter has mass and that mass has energy, and how this is elemental to our chemistry, and to the fundamental nature of the universe.  We are  an experience, and we understand we are energy, and as energy we are an experience. This is a very important piece in the holographic wholeness of our presence – that we are energy,  and this energy is something we encounter every day. We however rarely pay any attention to this phenomenon  that everything is energy. Our sun is 93 million miles away, and  every day we feel the pure energy or our sun. We even believe that it is ‘our’ sun as if we have ownership over the presence  of pure energy, and yet we are not even capable of taking full responsibility for ourselves as an experience. We think we are but we don’t know how to be. The sun is a perfect example of how little we are able to honor the unique path our sun takes as we rotate around it, and honoring that event as unique to our even being able to have an experience.

What is our relationship to pure energy ?

We have space lots of space, and wherever we look we see space more, and more space as we look out into our universe. In clairvoyant readings all I ever see is space also lots, and lots of space. The human energy system as matter, and energy  contains lots of space, and despite looking as if it is empty space it is actually filled with energy that is just not visible. We justify our physical presence as unique. It’s not our physical presence that is unique especially now that we are conscious that other forms ( maybe not life as we think of life) exist along with us, and our uniqueness is in our conscious ability to expand our minds to include other intelligence completely outside of our current ability to comprehend. If you need to honor something honor everything you do not currently see with your eyes, and start to see with you conscious capacity to be an experience. See what emerges out of your expanded presence, prepared to change the you, the identity, and the force of life that streams through you.

Because we are pure experience where did all of the matter, energy, and space come from that composes us as an experience? With science we know it is fundamental particles produced by exploding stars. The question of how we actually fit into this life structure is still a missing link.

The unique event that is our conscious energy is what answered all of the questions, and provided us with the technology of today. We have discovered the NOW of present space-time, and this is our journey into what that allows us to be. The adventure is far from over unless you fix your focus only on a three dimensional universe with the fourth dimension fixed as time.

This singular perspective has defined us for over one hundred years, and only because our consciousness as an experience seemly suddenly is manifesting, and demanding more attention to be -matter. In other words we know, and are aware of a lot more information than our current reality structure is capable of containing. To bust free from a survival based in fear, and controlled by a few willing to allow others to suffer is our current challenge.

For centuries conditions were ‘right’ for survival to be conquered by manipulation, and the values held certainly did not deserve to be honored as a unique path. Perhaps it was a necessary path to get us to where we are today. We are consuming the planet with rampant intelligence ego driven. Millions of conscious intelligent human beings are  left to suffer, and struggle their own personal ‘adventure’  experienced with poverty, lacking basic housing, and food, and yes this is the experience they are having in present time.

Matter, and energy are basically the same thing. We believe space, and energy appeared out of nothing or the Big Bang. The Big Bang is our journey one of many as each of us is in effect our own Big Bang as journey. We journey on a space-time dimensional reality construct that is for each of us vastly unique and an adventure.

Look around you. Everything we have today someone made for us to have, and to use to make our lives what they are today. If you focus on your problems or what you don’t have you can miss how extremely unique you are experienced.

If you are poor, lack education, struggle to survive you are definitely going to focus on this as problems.  You will not not care how extremely unique you are or that you are an experienced. Why would you even consider for one moment – that you a are your experience, and that you are a sustainable resource?

Especially if you are homeless, and begging for money or food or both, your conscious intelligence is overshadowed by what you accept as a reality lacking, and completely based in fear. It is in the best interest of a few that some of us exist in a reality that is completely supported by fear, and  built in insurmountable odds that will never ever allow you to experience anything accept poverty.

It balances the equation of fundamental science in order to make things matter you have to make things not matter. These people having a substandard  life experience are believed to be a necessary event in order for the rest of peoples experiences to be ‘better’. It is a metaphysical unconscious belief pattern that originates in past time. It is a element in all of our energy dynamics, and we perpetuate the reality unconsciously even if we believe we care, and what everyone to have food, and shelter. It is an application program purposely installed perpetuating a myth that acts as a template overlaid on reality and is visible in peoples energy patterns. Most everyone is completely unconscious that they actually support, and perpetuate all the suffering in the world today. Much like a virus this unconsciousness acts like an infection on our physical reality structure, and much like a virus it can be healed.

The truth is the solution to this global issue is not out there somewhere in politics, corporate economics, global ideologies, homeless shelters, food banks etc etc..The first step in meeting this problem is accepting that everything is within you – all of it- you are the cause of the suffering all of it because you believe in the fear that controls you, and your consciousness by keeping you unconscious.

When you see the drunk man passed out on the sidewalk, peeing his pants, and dressed in filthy clothes not having bathed in weeks know that this is you and you suffer perhaps not exactly like this man is suffering, but suffering none the less.  Yes his plight could be a featured program on Oprah, given a bath, sent to rehab, found a menial job – thats called entertainment. We actually don’t really know how to help this person because we would have to know how to help ourselves first.  The additional structure to this  persons experience is that he is an actor in your experience, and you gave him the script to read to you to reflect a energy pattern in you. It’s all about you, and has nothing to do with him. In his experience you are an actor, and he gave you the script you read, and you are a reflection of an energy pattern in him for him to see or perhaps not. Everything depends on everything else to support the holographic event we call reality.

So honoring your life as a unique path never could be more true, your journey collides with another experience, and we believe, and feel we have a connection. If you are able, willing and capable of accepting the responsibility that goes into the conscious awareness that you are an experience, and put a stop to fear controlling you unconsciously you are about to enter another reality structure from within your own awareness.

Our intelligence has brought comfort, health, and pleasure into our life experience, and addressed our needs to survive. Our consciousness is globally evolving into more dimensions, and we birth into what we have come to know, and feel as the NOW.

Imagine energy, you are energy as experience, and within that event there is the positive, and negative dualistic manifested energy that always add up to zero. We exist as a unique balance a perfect balance alway reconfiguring the journey we intentionally consciously choose or not. That choice is alway off set by the choice not made, and the adventure continues as space-time transmutes within us as the source that streams through us always.

So to meet the homeless, the poor, the hungry you have to be able to comprehend that you are the equation configured to equal zero and a perfect reflection of the energy in our universe. However our day to day experience of gracing Earth by bringing into balance the homeless, poor, and hungry as you meeting the NOW can then offer the  possibility that the equation can be reconfigured so that no one has to do with out so that others may have.

This is a paradigm shifting perspective, and it is entirely up to you me, and everyone we do, and do not know to accept the responsibilities emerging as we allow our source to become self aware through us letting go of believing ‘we’ are anything other then a experience. This seemingly simple task is actually a huge amount of responsibility if we look at it with our ego-mind and forget that we have infinite resources sustainable within us always. You will not be able to help the suffering you see out there in the would, but you can stop the suffering within your own energy field and that will decide the experience you are on Earth NOW.

Nothing really caused us, and we are the cause of nothing, yet we are what happens, and believe whatever we choose to believe.

Open your mind, and your heart to the possibility that possibility itself exists within you as a presence. Pure energy and pure possibility. You came from the stars or a sun of pure energy perhaps your adventure is to explore what the pure energy is as an experience with the possibility of choice.

We all are something- a secret hope to reach the dreams we hold within us. What makes your life a unique path perhaps is honoring your family, pursuing a career, mastering a scientific achievement to better humankind, gardening and growing your own food, raising a child, caring for a pet, becoming rich and famous, meditating and finding inner wisdom and peace, traveling and seeing the world, or seeking the answers to ways to honor your life as a unique path, journey , and adventure.

We believe that there is no time before the Big Bang. We are pretty pleased we have worked this all out. We are each free to believe whatever we want.

No after life, or many lives on a karmic loop?

Remembering to honor your life is easily overlooked, and forgotten. We can walk outside and say what a beautiful day it is but this is not honoring your life, but it could be a way of paying attention to the present moment.  Honoring your life as a unique path is something you arrive at through awareness, and having a conscious relationship with yourself. To actually honor your life is a way of life, and a conscious intention.

It is very easy to say I’m so grateful, or blessed to have this life. You here it all the time at award ceremonies. The person receiving an award usually say something about how blessed they are or how thankful they are for the award. A person who is dying, and conscious enough to speak sometimes will say they had a good life, and thank their loved ones. People may not like the circumstances of their particular life but they are certainly not ready to let go of life. I get that most people are alive because they just are, and accept what comes their way in the life process.

To truly honor your life as a unique path, journey, and adventure requires the presence of the consciousness that identifies itself, and manifests as alive in a body being able, and willing to meet the experience NOW.

So honor your unique path, journey, and adventure as an experience – life is about to redefine itself.

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