Your Story and Your Life Force

Someone suggested that I blog about this subject, your story and your life force. It sounded interesting to me, but I’m not completely sure that there is a simple way to touch on these two topics. At first they seemed unrelated.

I appreciate when I get a blog request, and I thought this sounded interesting. So I wrote this blog as if I were doing a clairvoyant reading and the question being asked, talk about YOUR STORIES relationship to Your Life Force?

First let me write about what we mean when we talk about Your Story. The story obviously can mean very different things. This is not the story of your life. Starting from before your physical birth in the past, your now, and the yet to be, or future. That story is in many ways your autobiography.

The story we are talking about here  is the story you tell yourself about you. The content of a story is dependent upon you. We all tell ourselves stories about ourselves: I need more money, I can’t find a person to love, I’m not smart enough, I’m too pretty to do that, I have the worst hair, my father abused me, my childhood was a nightmare, I grew up Catholic, my mother was a prostitute, I’m too short, I have a PHD in science, I can’t seem to lose any weight, I love yoga, all of these statements are examples of stories. This is what I mean when I say, we all tell ourselves stories. It’s just a story. When you make the story ‘Your Story’ it becomes more activated and you do things to bring the story to life. In other words, you give it meaning and energy to keep it alive in your experience.

A fixed story is basically a story that is told pretty much the same way all the time, and is just repeated. In a clairvoyant reading, this type of story will usually show up as an unconscious past time energy pattern. It repeats itself automatically for you because you have it set up that way. It’s like a reminder you have set on your phone to repeat the alert every month, let’s say. This energy flow is a loop, and in most cases you identify with it in some way, even not identifying with it reflects a response within the loop. That’s why healing or changing a past time energy pattern is challenging.  Let’s see what other kind of stories we tell ourselves.

Some of the stories we tell ourselves  can take on applications relevant to cultural  differences, and adjust according to your relationship with time.  I can’t seem to lose any weight and I would go to the gym, but it’s just too far of a drive. I love yoga, everyone should do yoga; I have a PHD in science what do I care about yoga. My mother was a prostitute so I’m against legalizing people to work for sex. These are examples of some stories we tell ourselves with applications applied. The applications embellish your story, and are applied like a verbal make-over. In any case, and no mater what, the story is being told for your benefit. It’s truly all about you.

The story usually moves in one direction only, regarding time, past to future.  It shows up in the unconscious as a past time energy pattern and does what it does, it tells a story. This is not sit around the campfire kind of telling stories. This is a continuous inner chatter that sculpts your energy into a reflection within your experience. It is a slow methodical process that eventually, through the fourth dimension of time, GPS’s your route as energy. There is a lot more to this but I’m not going to get into that in this blog. For the sake of this example we are dealing with the stories we tell ourselves, regardless of truth.

The Joy of Conscious Evolution I – JCE I – covers this energy pattern in great detail. Check it out.

Your story telling is never in present time and dependent entirely upon your experience. The momentum of your experience is in relation to you. In present time we are all having an experience. The actual way in which we tell ourselves our story is evolving or devolving to our energy system. Sometimes you need to step back in order to go forward, it is entirely up to you and Your Story. Your energy has many venues of story telling.  Your Story is culturally structured and is completely dependent upon (you) having an experience.

So we are clear here, we are only talking about Your Story, because there are trillions of stories told every second, always, today we are just taking about Your Story.

What then is your life force?

In this blog the life force is energy and also a story. The story is also energy, generally we don’t call it a story but it is.  Your energy composed of a  stream of elemental particles that participate by working together and with a mutual self interest  and eventually stream to the presence you identify with as you. It is way more complicated then this but you get the drift.

Clairvoyantly viewed, the  experience you are having has access to sustainable energy. Awareness of this sustainable energy varies greatly, but everyone looks as though they have access; this is a type of life force. For our purposes we are  primarily interested in energy giving to an experience. Life force is not something you have to go get. Life force, your life force is YOU.

When considering your life force and Your Story you will also have to take a look at your mind and that process. It is possible to have this aspect of being “looked at” clairvoyantly, and this process can help you understand where this story is coming from in your energy. Is it a mental construct glued into your mind or is it just a story emerging out of the experience you are having in present time. Our energy stream gives each of us a variance of life force. Your energy stream is either flowing or not. With that in mind Your Life Force is a result of you, any diminished energy stream and flow is apparent in your experience.

We are always telling stories to ourselves, and to other people. Our relationship to our inner voice is constantly talking to us either silently or out loud as in “talking to yourself.”  The most important thing I have discovered from reading people’s energy is asking if the story being told is true or not true.

It is amazing to find this out and can be a fun and amusing process.

In order to find out if the story being told is true we first have to consider the circumstances surrounding the story, as well as the life force that may or may not give the story energy relative to the experience. Secondly, we must determine just how important the story is to the experience, and if this experience is conducive to the amount of life force needed to maintain it. Thirdly, we need to consider just where this story is being told from.

Your life force culminates as energizing to the experience , and the being (you) meeting that experience or not. So the circumstances surrounding Your Story are that, it is always tied to Your Life Force. This exclusive portion of you is the stream of you as experience, and as you are well aware, there are trillions of bits that are your experience. Ask yourself if the story you are telling yourself, considering the circumstances surrounding Your Story, is energizing your energy stream or de-energizing your energy stream?

If the story is as an example always coming from the head or mind and ends up being a rehash of what happened to you in the past that made you into the person you are today, good or bad,  and will most likely be setting you up for the future to come, well then you can be fairly certain that any semblance of life force has long since been a diminishing return. It is this way that we determine just how important the story is to the experience you are having, and if  the experience is worth the amount of My Life Force it takes to maintain it.

The interrelatedness between the story you are telling yourself about yourself, and the life force you offer yourself is a delicate balance. You either are really into your story or you are really into your life force, or you are into both, especially thinking about both. The process of thinking about both of these is really the same thing, a mental construct, and a sixth chakra growth cycle. This means you are learning about your ability to see and, in this case, your ability to see relative to the stories you are telling yourself and others about yourself.

Clairvoyantly, energetically, and what looks appropriate is to let go of any stories, all stories, and eventually  have no stories that are a past time filter and compromise your ability to to be and to see in present time. This is more commonly called being present in the now. So where is the story being told from? Where exactly in your physical or energetic space does this story literally come from?

Stories seem to come and go, so it is a process. Meeting each moment without an agenda of events leading up to the now is what I most often see people making an effort to do and eventually to be. Telling a past time unconscious story involves a lot of effort and this doing can compromise the ability to be present in the moment.  Your Story is always in the unconscious and when you shine the light of presence of your consciousness in the now the story changes, instantly, because you made a different choice.

The story, and an important part to any story, is to keep them in perspective and relative to the experience you are having now.  Conscious awareness allows the story, Your Story, or anyone else’s story to be an experience and a  part of the present moment, and not THE present moment.

(any conflict or distraction would show up in the third or sixth chakra)

A story is just a story and it has no power except what you give to it. A story can and often does consume your life force as a consequence by keeping the story alive usually by telling the story over and over again and accepting the story as yours much like an identity. In some cases when the story you are telling yourself is a story you got from someone else, that deal was struck long ago by the original storyteller, and the price set in exchange for the energy of your life force. This was negotiated by that person and you accepted the terms often unconsciously when you started telling yourself the story.

An example of this would be any abuse, continual disappointment, lack of money, spiritual beliefs,  shame, relationships, self worth, political beliefs, opinions etc. etc., and you could have inherited this story from a grandparent, older sister, any family member or even a non-family member. The story, Your Story, is complete and is especially Yours when it is made up about an event that happened in the past. It doesn’t matter if it was true or not. It is the energy that you give to it that keeps it alive and  becomes Your Story. Letting go of the past is an energy manipulation skill. Letting go of anything is also a story we tell ourselves, letting go is hard, “Oh it’s easy, I just let it go . . .  I can’t let go, I loved him/her . . .  I’ll never let go of my love/hate for _______whatever.” You fill in the blank. It does not matter unless you make it matter by exchanging energy for it. The it is always you. Even when it’s about someone else like a person dying, it is about you.

Love is perhaps the biggest story we tell ourselves. It consumes countless hours of entertainment, a lot of thinking, oh, and let’s not forget the feeling. Love is perhaps the biggest attraction to having an experience in the first place. To love? That’s what all the commercials and the entertainment industry tells me. That’s the story I want and make it Your Story.  The experience, Your Story and Your Life Force are a bundle of  relationships. The bundle is held in a process that is either good or bad, love or fear.  It’s good when you are connected to your energy stream and it is bad when you are not allowing your  energy stream.

It really doesn’t matter how you got the story. The ability to heal or change is to let go of the story, and be in the presence of now. When you have established a presence that allows you to experience yourself as energy, things start to change.  The ability to heal or change occurs naturally, it is in  your energy stream.   Always remember you are having an experience so any story is just that, a story, and it only matters when you place your attention on it and allow it to have a fixed point to BE.  To be or not to be?  That is the question for sure! Telling yourself a story about yourself is just a request to be. Consider shifting your perspective from storytelling to being fully present in the now. Tell yourself this story for a while and have an experience.

Even life force is an old school word, relevant, but a bit dated by the advances in conceptual physics, particle probability, and our awareness that life itself is being redefined by simple perceptional wave/light patterns. It is abundantly clear that we are not what we think we are, and thinking is just one of many experiences. Clairvoyantly we look nothing like the image we see in the mirror. Life force is now a conscious energy stream of probability. Story- telling is a part of having a life experience. Making a story Your Story can have side effects such as: insanity, pain, anxiety, indigestion, neck pain, fear, anger and any behavior excesses. Even  happiness, gladness and doing well has turned into a a pointless rendition of duality. Only you care about you, and only you can be or not be.

Social networking and the quick changing pace of internet technologies are a huge influence on the energy stream of experience. You are having an experience and you are multidimensional. The tides have changed and virtually anything is possible within the contents of the experience you are having in present time. Any limits, like the stories are told by you to you, and how you meet the (your) experience.

If you can stop telling yourself stories then you can consider being in the now. All actions are here in the now as well as complete stillness. The spontaneously excitable potential of your experience is available to you as conscious choice.

It never was a choice between your story or your life force. It’s always been a relationship process. This is why the idea of them combined was so appealing, they are the sister’s thought separated at birth, and now many many years later reunited only to find out that they were mistakenly switched at birth, and are not sisters at all. In fact, they have absolutely no relevance whatsoever other than a shared continuous story they both believed to be true.

What a story! Believing the story you tell is the life force that binds and blinds the truth as relative, much like the sisters separated at birth, it never really happened, yet it did in the context of stories. What happens to the life force in that story? Trillions of these stories occur every moment, not the exact same story, but the exact same energy exchange. There is a profound relationship between your story and your life force, and it may be  entirely mental. In our experience there are fundamental rules constructed out of energy just like you and me. Truth from what I have gathered from doing readings looks a lot like an energy stream.

When you stop telling stories and expand into the presence of now you have an experience. Life force is also a story. Clairvoyantly everything shows up as a process of pictures. Pictures that are Your Story or perhaps not? You never really know what will show up in a person’s energy because they are constantly evolving or devolving,  and it usually depends on where the picture came from. In other words, where is this picture being told from? What part of the energy system a picture originates from tells a portion of the story and if it is Your Story or a story of the now.

This energy or story will show up in a clairvoyant reading oftentimes as a past time energy pattern, and usually unconscious. We forget that we are repeating the same story over and over again just in a different setting and time. We  even change the words and reframe the story with different characters who  nevertheless carry the exact same emotional content unconsciously into our experience of the now. This diminishes our ability to grace presence as experience. Life force can be slowed (abundance) by a story. Especially a story told by speaking (fifth chakra) through memory (third chakra) articulated by the mind (seventh chakra) and believed as truth (sixth chakra). Explaining Your Stories’ relationship to your life force is a relationship based in fear.

Never underestimate fear and love, the spin of duality.

Life force is easily found in the now of the present moment and in dreams.  In a dream we are astral bodies and sub-conscious. Your Life Force is involved with dreaming.

Unconsciousness or sub-consciousness patterns in our energy can be looked at and eventually help build awareness of conscious presence. A unconscious energy pattern can look like anything you tell yourself it looks like, and support Your Life Force, or it may not do that for you.  In many ways “any story” is the opposite of “the life force” and Your Story may not allow you access to your unconsciousness especially when Your Story is past time, or a past time energy pattern that projects you into future time and uncertainty.

An example of this is someone says to you, “I can’t understand anything you are saying, your energy tires me out, who cares anyway?”  This is an example of where and when it is super helpful to have an awareness that you are energy. You listen, breath silently, ground your physical body into the Earth in present time, check your energy field and use your silent breathing to allow your energy package to be all around you above and below front and back and especially left and right.  I would say in response to this statement. “I hear you and I understand.” That’s because it is true for me, and I have no reason to doubt that what this person said is entirely true for them. I would then politely start the motion to move out of the way and go about my experience in present time. The energy of this conversation example is unstable or uncertain.

There is nothing wrong or right with uncertainty when reframed as abundance of choice.  You have abundant choices but you have to be present in that experience. Abundance is the life force we experience in the now and uncertainty is the energy of unlimited choices in present time.

The simplest way to avoid any of this criss crossing energy is to develop a strong familiar presence in the now of the present moment. Ground your entire energy system into the Earth and consciously evolve an identity as energy.  Yes, this means start to experience yourself as energy. Let go of stories, especially pain filled stories from your past, where something did not work out. If something occurred that turned your life upside down, an accident, a death, abuse, addiction, anything that caused you to feel pain and to suffer, does not exist in present time. Yes, you can remember the circumstance and notice if you have repressed any pain, anger, joy or excitement that you hold onto in Your Storytelling. If this is Your Story remember it gets told over and over again. Check in with yourself, establish a presence in present time, and ask if the story is Your Story or a story.  There is a difference between Your Story, a story, Your Life Force, life force and your presence in the now of present time.

You are having multiple experiences continuously and perhaps unaware.  Clairvoyantly it is obvious that people are very capable of a prismatic display of many stories at once and often an insufficient life force to hold the experience in place.  The experience of how a story is told is changing and with that comes the abundance of choice, the spontaneously excitable potential of your experience available to you through choice.

Life force comes from within and the story, any story, comes from outside of your energy field. Clairvoyantly, it looks like a post-it stuck to you, much like a reminder. If  there is discord to harmony, that will have an effect upon happiness and general health and well-being. Sickness and illness oftentimes contain a story. These stories can be tricky to detect because they have in a sense manifested into the experience as discomfort or a health issue. You somehow have a separation from your energy stream. You are having an experience first and foremost, and an energy stream is essential to well-being. Letting go of Your Story  is for some people not possible because the option to not choose to tell the story is not apparent to the person. They are cut off from their sustainable energy and don’t, for whatever the reason, expand into an extended resource of energy. Consider reading The Joy of Conscious Evolution or JCE I so you can build an identity as energy and experience the life force of all conscious beings. Nothing can stop your life force once you are freed from Your Stories that suppress your energy field.

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You can always call me #808-469-1268 and schedule a phone reading, I can help you help yourself. It is with patience, kindness and courage  that your life force may show the abundant energy of your presence in the now of a present time experience. I never know how a person is going to show their energy and each reading I do teaches me the grace of  undergoing a massive conscious evolution. There is no right or wrong, love or hate or left or right that is more relevant then you having an experience. I have never done a reading with anyone who was wrong or right, ever.  You are never wrong and you are never right, because within each frame of your experience there is both the love and the hate and you can always turn left or go right and find a way home. We are experiencing perhaps the most monumental explosion in the ability for conceptual thinking, perceptional feeling, and a self awareness never before desired by so many at the same moment. This moment is now.

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