OMG, I can’t tell you how many people ask me this question. As soon as I say I’m a clairvoyant and after they ask, what is that? What does my energy look like? I think this is really sweet and I love it when people ask me this question. It is a much bigger question than I think most people realize, and because of this I usually just stick to describing the colors because often people don’t realize just how personal a question like that is to a person who reads energy. Reading a person’s energy is a very personal experience and involves a lot of trust and unconditional respect. It is also not for other people to overhear unless the person asking is totally OK with that and We have an agreement around disclosure.

So what does energy look like? It really looks like anything you want it to look like, and with that in mind, realize it is the information that is contained within you that is the actual “look” of your energy. We carry within us vast and dynamic ”stories”, some already told and some yet to be told. Deciphering through a person’s energy is something you just have to go with, trusting that what shows up is what shows up. I always make the effort to tell it like I see it and encourage people to put their own spin on the energy images over what I say, because the effects of their interpretation is way more profound and healing to the energy system.

Imagination is a very big part of any reading. You have to imagine what that person’s energy “looks” like because no one is capable of telling a person what they are feeling. As a clairvoyant I certainly never tell people what they should or should not do. My job is to take a giant step back and eat a big piece of humble pie and feel privileged that this person is allowing me the honor of sharing in an energy interpretation of their BEING embodied. I do not take this lightly, ever.
When reading a person’s energy you are looking at information. Organized information that has a deep level of unity, highly aware of its own existence. Self interaction is what is going on inside of each BEING, and consciousness is ubiquitous and fundamental to that BEING and all BEINGS. Each person is a different manifestation of the universe at a ground state, containing force, as created, and creator. We are a phenomena and all energy has form as in, I am everything, I am observed, I am the observer as well, and I am time and space, general, and particular.

Pure consciousness is the ground state of all BEINGS

Conscious observation is how we manifest the universe and everything in it as fundamental energy. Pure consciousness is the ground state of all BEINGS, and information is fundamental and this is what we want to tap into in a reading. It is only possible if the person lets you do this, without permission you will not get an accurate reading. A reading is not about BEING RIGHT it is about BEING PRESENT.

The beautiful thing about energy is color. Emanating out of people is an ever changing color show of auric display. I often reference color to information simply by engaging the person being read in a conversation of my BEING to their BEING. This neutral space opens up the dialogue of color and information leading to pictures and flow. This is the dance of a reading, finding out what all this display means and how it describes the person in present time. I apply a template to read through so I can make sense of the light show and break down the dynamism into information bits, reflecting time and space as we understand it and to provide a common ground to share. Often color is a universal truth and commonly means similar things for everybody but not to be mistaken as a given, and the same for everyone always. I constantly ask the person what this means on a being to being level – silently – so the answers pop up quickly and randomly. The reading is often fast and a lot like speed reading in order to capture all the information and reveal it to the person. This is why it takes time to actually heal and change and I always ask people to reserve time after the reading to integrate the reading into their experience.

I look for growth cycles because as energy beings we are learning something about this through our experience. Growth cycles are very important to the general well being of an individual. Being aware that you are here on Earth in present time to GROW is a huge revelation and one step into being fully self realized. However, not everyone is aware that they are here to learn and grow and that is THEIR growth cycle as evolving energy. Honoring where a person is and not judging them is the single most important part of reading energy and describing to them what their energy looks like. Growth is happening to everyone always, but our reality box of illusion often does not allow for that realization and that simply is how it is here for some people. Giving them the space to BE no matter what that looks like is the job of a clairvoyant. Neutrality is perhaps the hardest space to maintain in a reading but essential to a validating reading and experience for both the person giving the reading as well as the person receiving the reading.

A healing is an entirely different aspect of a reading, and is also something everyone is experiencing always. Healing is change and from what I have witnessed there is only change. The healing in a person shows up as color. The reading color is located above the head and sets the tone as well as the healing, or what is changing for a person in a reading. The color will give direction about where to go to find the area of healing and this can be pretty much anywhere within the body, and reflected in the experience. The experience usually shows the pictures of what is going on relative to the healing. It is from the pictures that you can see what the person is going through in present time. The pictures tell the story of the healing and the changes that are happening.

So what does my energy look like? It looks nothing like the image you see in the mirror when you look at yourself. The pictures contained in the energy field do look just like you look in different situations, and all illusions just like the mirror. The true self or authentic self is visible only as color and light. THE AUTHENTIC SELF does not have a body or a LIFE but it is a part of your experience. No one looks alike even remotely, however the authentic self is energetically linked to everything and because of this has some reference to other beings, and looks similar as a vibration. Yes we are truly unique and similar at the same time.

Your energy also has a flow. It is obvious that there is vast amounts of movement within each of us and this FLOW also provides information about who you are and what is happening in your experience in present time. The flow will tell us just what is contained inside of you relative to incoming and outgoing data. FLOW is also information tied into the conscious observer.

Awareness that you are energy is essential to grasping the element of flow and how momentum is vital to the experience. So this is what your energy looks like. If you have ANY questions ask me. I am always glad to answer anything you want to know based on what I have experienced and learned from doing readings.