It is well known these days that consciousness creates the universe. It certainly looks obvious when reading energy because of the containment and deep level of unity found in each person as they go about having an experience. It is in this sense that we dynamically create everything consciously and unconsciously. The most important event is the ability to be totally conscious of what you are experiencing as creation and heal or change unconscious random manifestations that no longer serve you. This is how you can literally create anything because you are doing it anyway whether you are conscious of it or unconscious of it in present time.

This force is dynamism and we all possess this within our conscious experience. When reading a person’s energy, the energy field of infinite probability is visible as a cosmic potential, and for the sake of of the reading I call this future time. However it is not literally the future because time is a construct of self realized consciousness. Everyone I get the opportunity to read has this ubiquitous energy of non-local origin. We are here and everywhere at the same time but are currently having  an embodied experience. This does not cut us off from potential but any unconscious behavior may do just that. In this way, consciousness is fundamental and happening from the inside out and not the other way around. Reality is not happening to you but because of you. This is also why the future is impossible to read or predict except as a potential and probable occurrence.
It is from the ubiquitous potential that we originate and manifest out of in present time. The obvious potential to create is in this and we do it all the time without being aware. By becoming aware you get the chance to dynamically create through consciousness into this experience. I have never read anyone who does not have this going on, but they may not be ready to assume this level of responsibility or for that matter care. Desire or caring to create into the experience by meeting it is necessary for going here in the first place. The past is also a conscious projection, and is made up of bits of information revealing just how you go about your experience, and vividly provides us with examples of how we may not be taking full advantage of our abilities to meet our experience. Call it karma, beliefs, archetype, or energy patterns it is this type of energy that keeps us contained and localized. This process of learning is reflected in the “growth cycle” of a person and is visible as energy and helps explain why you may feel stuck or unable to create the life you want to experience. Everything is candidly visible in a person’s energy system because everything is consciously and unconsciously happening within them. This “story” is told to you in your experience as you witness it through your senses as electrical impulses in the brain and “looks like” it is happening “out there”. The five senses keep us contained in a “box” of experiences or a “reality bubble”, and offer us a contained localized illusion to learn in as a presence.

Dynamism gives us the power to do anything and only our mechanistic beliefs hold us into this sensory box of illusion. Free your past and the rest will follow, as the saying goes, literally. By collapsing an energy cloud of potential you have an experience. You do this through consciousness constantly sustaining the reality you see before you. Imagine moving beyond your five senses and dynamically collapsing wave patterns that generate your desires in present time and reveal an experience you are connected with through affinity (4th chakra). This experience allows us to utilize our “box of illusion” AND expand into our source of potential dynamism.
If you don’t believe that consciousness is resulting in our combined experiences consider how our invented mathematics and science and the laws of nature are so well matched. I mean it really does go against reason, yet they go hand in hand.  Conscious observers (us) have the minds that make the universe manifest. We are the observers and creators, reckless creators but creators nonetheless. It is only NOW and in present time that we are awakening to our true source and what we are doing here on this Earth. Why not go for it, what else is there to do here except grow as a conscious evolving energy, self aware and dynamic. The recklessness I joke about is what comes from unconscious creating and misguided mind based egoism. Conscious dynamism expands our presence in present time and gives us multidimensional access never before realized or considered possible simply because we could not conceive of it as an embodied energy being until NOW.

I am so inspired by what I witness in people’s energy that doing a reading has become literally a spiritual awakening for me, and for this I am grateful. Only healing and change can come from this awareness as each person steps up to the dynamism found within. The force is the way of our future and connecting into it is essential to our survival. Everyone I get to read is pulling vast quantities of energy into their space and some are conscious of this happening to them in present time. Others are not aware of it at all, however, it is still happening to them, but the STORY surrounding it is very different.

Bio-centric dynamism is the experience we are evolving from and into in present time. NOW we are being asked to consider the full potential of our being and create with that knowledge. Tapping into the energy cloud of the unified field includes using the five elements of earth, air, fire, water & space to position yourself to basically work with alchemy and do magic. It’s not magic – it just seems like magic at this point in time – as much as it is what we have to work with, anything less will give you just that much less.

We as a human race are evolving

I think the most exciting part to this whole experience for me is the realization that we as a human race are evolving. Each person I get to read shows me yet another way of how to do this that is unique to them and their experience. The evolution as I tend to think of it may or may not be an evolution, but that is the experience I am having and how it looks to me in present time. Piecing together each individual reading as a collective whole is what describes to me the experience as an evolving process, and although it is new to me it may not be new at all in the bigger picture. Learning how to read this energy is the thrill of the experience.

Here is a brief description of what it looks like from and observer point of view. There is what looks like a cloud of energy potential billowing off to the left of the physical body on the front and the same is happening on the right in the back of the body. This is possibility and there is A LOT of it and appears infinite. Infinite looks like cloud upon cloud upon cloud of ubiquitous energy, nothing defines it or provides any indication of form unless the person offers up a picture to be read, then it takes shape and tells a story. This energy exists very much within the person but its in a “rest” state relative to the other energy in their space. This picture tells a story and this story is unique to them and the meaning THEY attach to it is important to the reading. In this sense, it describes what is GOING to happen, but understanding that can change in a split second or even pop up someplace else as a link to another action, harmonious to and complimentary to the original picture.  It is like a twin energy that is only different in position and thus different in how it impacts the person in present time. The infinite thing is hard to describe and I call it this because of the way it compares to the other energy in the embodied energy experience. It just looks very very very different than other places and over time I have come to have a relationship with the way it looks as infinite.

Dynamism is what links us to each other and everything else we experience because it ALL comes from us and through us in present time. This force is the unconditional love, source, God, whatever you want to call it as it is revealed to you by you and the experience.