Maui, January 15, 2012


Conscious evolution is what is sweeping the world right now and has an intention to break from mainstream reality. It is clearly not for everyone because it involves a very different way of existing. What exactly is this “new way” of existing?  It is about being present, and accessing all your potential . It is, however, visible in people’s energy and is communicated, verbally, telepathically, intuitively, emotionally and clairvoyantly. Perhaps the most common way of conveying what is going on is emotionally. You feel a quickening of your energy system and that can feel differently to different people because it seems as though everyone is consciously evolving collectively, and individually.

This shows up in a person’s energy system as flow or momentum. It looks like a lot of movement in and around the space surrounding the physical body, as well as, out into the energetic space surrounding the body. I have never ever seen anything happening outside of a person’s energy field. Everything including all of reality is happening inside each person, then perceived as an experience as if “out there” of our world. This momentum or flow contains bits of information about the person, what is happening to them, has happened to them, and will happen to them, and all at the same time. Deciphering through all the images and possible scenarios is best addressed through asking questions and “seeing” what is going on regarding the answer that is revealed. This will tell you the story of your own personal conscious evolution and give you insight about what is happening to you, your body, life, Earth, and your relationship to others.

Your entire energy system is resulting from consciousness and the evolution of that consciousness. Consciousness is what brought you here and is in a sense your soul. You are here on Earth but you are all places, as a part of a whole, a whole living universe. This event is what is outstanding in people’s energy today and the now, or present moment. The relationship that you have not only with yourself but to all things is what the evolution appears to be about, and in that sense you are expanding. Not only can you “take in” more energy and information but you can “let go” of a vast amount at the same time. This is the quickening that I’m referring to in the momentum of people’s energy. It is not about speed or going faster although it feels that way sometimes. Each person looks different energetically, kind of like the snowflake thing, but you fit into a holographic whole that is building upon itself  through your momentum  within you. So the simplest way to put it is that you are getting “bigger”. Not fat! You don’t look fat!

You know, it seems to help to have a sense of humor, or the energy system takes on a muddy quality. It literally looks brown, like when a river is filled with suspended particles of soil, it appears not clear. This can often feel like confusion or irritation, and can show up on the body level flesh as a rash. It all trickles down, as well as, out to the physical body, and the experience you are having. Humor is healing or changing to the signal we receive in our brain in response to our five senses and our perceptions into the experience. They all sort of roll together and humor can set the bar for that reflection. Humor shows up as a blue-green-turquoise color, and is visible in the pictures a person shows. This color can be used in healing or changing a situation by using your imagination combined with your feelings, and most importantly, being presently connected to your source. That source is inside you, and not “out there”, outside of you.

The past, present, and future are entangled

It appears as though the past, present and future are entangled and influence each other. This looks differently in each person and is one way to grasp how we are consciously evolving. When reading someone’s energy past, present, and future, it all appear as the same moment. An example I often use is, consider baking a cake. Imagining the cake, gathering the ingredients, making the cake, and the finished cake all appearing at the same time. When looking at a person’s energy I find out where the images or information about the cake are suspended in the person’s energetic timeline. Is it in the imagining part? The gathering of ingredients part? The making of the cake part? Or is it all about the finished cake?  During a reading this helps indicate where energy is being invested and gives reference to events in the lives of all of us. It helps “timeline” the consciousness, or in most cases unconsciousness of what is going on with us individually and collectively. It helps tell the story of who you are, where you are, and where you are going in relation to your physical body, energetic body, mental, emotional, causal, and hopefully the source.

I have never meet anyone who is not evolving. Wether they are conscious of it or not doesn’t seem to be of much importance in relationship to the whole. Individually it can be a very powerful. For some people evolving consciously is the whole point to their life, and a driving force. They think about it, feel it, breathe into themselves, and perceive it in the experiences they have as they go about their day. They are aware of themselves in that way, and can be segmented into the identity. Awareness seems to be quite helpful. It is a reflection of the whole channeled through you and your body level experience, as well as, any other experience you are having but not aware of. In “our world” paradigm, reference to other possible existences is taboo and is a condition of “this world experience”. This is all changing, or so it seems. Cracks in the paradigm are apparent and more and more people, perhaps thanks to the internet, and communication in general, are uploading knowledge, and some even wisdom from their conscious signals into the experience they are having. This action only makes it grow bigger as it is sensed by us as – expansion = evolution – in this case. So if you are aware of this, then perhaps it is important to you, unless it is not. All of this would be referenced by the energy images you “show” in a reading.

From what I have gathered from doing readings over the years is that the energy center undergoing the most intense overhaul is the fourth or heart chakra. It is within this energy center that conscious evolution is receiving the most support, as well as, challenge. Being a heart conscious being is not reflected in our world today and is what demands the attention of the evolution in the first place. It is the whole point. There really is no going back because as we already discussed the past is always with us as is the future and present. It is this knowledge that ignites desire deep within the emotional body. We will have to feel our way through this event because thinking our way through has only gotten us this far, and it is not sustainable to the whole.  Consciousness within you generates the holographic experience you are having, and we are all connected into the same source or flow of knowledge. What you do with the experience is your story and it is all in you all the time. The heart seeks connection to you, it’s source, and you as the experience, reflected back at its source. Trippy shit, but that is what it looks like energetically, in general, and then specific to each person.

Remember your sense of humor so conscious evolution isn’t something out there that you have to go get – like shopping for the ingredients for the cake – it never ”is” – like the actual completed cake – it’s pretty much here and now – like making the cake, but without “going”. Doing is a mental projection and physical manipulation, often unconscious. It is constantly being generated out of the now, what will be and what is or was. Humor bridges the gap and cuts “the you” some slack. “The You” is ego generated and a subplot to your story, but it easily becomes “The Story”, and it is a drama. Not funny.

The thing I do observe is that we are super complex beings. Our existence is in trouble and everyone “knows” that but is terrified to feel it, and own that it is them having an experience. If you want to survive you have to save yourself by sourcing a different experience created out of all aspects of your energy system. You cannot think your way out of this and you can’t manipulate physical reality, you have to accept your wounds and tap into your source where everything is basically perfect. Perfect in that the experience is peaceful, safe, loving, kind, and most of all authentic. Authenticity I have observed, is a part of the energy center below the feet, this is where the authentic self is “pictured”. All of our conscious evolution comes from our connection to this Earth and everything else as we realize our experience. The thing a lot of people, I think, don’t realize is that authentic-ness does not alway feel great, sometimes it just feels crappy and unhappy, and in that it is perfect also. It really helps to just breathe consecutive breaths whenever you can remember to do that. Breathing is how we humans connect to our source.

Our Earth and our universe is a living organism, This is what conscious evolution is reminding us of at the present moment.