Lots of people are talking about shifting the paradigm these days. Here is what I have learned about paradigms from reading people’s energy.  A  paradigm is a pattern that serves as a model. People ask me often in a reading if I see the paradigm shifting, or changing. They are usually referring to the “out there” or what we think of as reality.  I have witnessed every time in a reading NOTHING is happening “out there”. EVERYTHING is happen inside of you and the out there is a reflection of that paradigm. I consider this to be the biggest shift I witness. The acceptance that everything is within you; this alone is a considerable change in perspective and does alter the paradigm as an experience.

What I see is that people are very interested in having a different experience and want to know how to create that. This may sound like a simple question but it is complex because you have to pay attention to yourself all the time in order to decode the signal you receive in your brain and how that affects your experience. If you want a different experience you have to look within and examine what is going on with you as a energy embodied. This process changes the experience and what is being reflected back to you as your life.

The most obvious change I witness is that people are moving from unconscious to conscious in behavior and that has a profound impact upon the experience and how you meet that experience in present time. Just by making the effort to be a conscious being and unlocking old long held unconscious energy patterns you change the experience. Not by controlling the experience but by meeting the experience. Trying to control anything is part of the old and unconscious paradigm. Understanding and feeling into the experience as a reflection of you offers you unlimited information about yourself and your ability to grow and change. Growing as an energy embodied is the whole point of the experience in the first place and forms what I have witnessed in people’s energy.

Acceptance is the first step in any healing. In order to continue you have to take the next step and the step after that, and all the steps are pretty much happening somewhat at the same time and work together. Each step is unique to the individual shifting their paradigm, and dependent upon what archetype or unconscious energy pattern they are identified as within the present time experience. If we accept an unconscious behavior, knowing and feeling into it and how it controls our experience, we are at the beginning of changing that paradigm within ourselves. Finding out exactly how that energy pattern is manifested within you and identifies you is the next step. How do you show up when you are in this pattern, and your identity. Investigation of ourselves as energy shifts the paradigm held within and that will be reflected in your experience. In this way, you have shifted the paradigm, and although it may seem like a small step, in the moment the energy fabric you are composed of is forever changed and reflected within the experience to you as your life and reality. If you desire to change the world and impact negative conditions like poverty, corruption, war, pollution, etc. you address it within your own paradigm as your reflection. Yes, big fish to fry indeed, but accepting that YOU ARE THE experience, and EVERYTHING is a reflection of you challenges the old paradigm and unlocks the abilities you have to meet your experiences.  You simply were unaware you had these abilities before NOW.

Don’t wait around for things to magically happen or for someone to save you. That is looking outside of yourself for peace and that is never going to happen. You may stumble upon some escape or band-aid with medication, delusion, suppression, but none of this will shift the paradigm held within you. The revelation of self being realized as whole is the key component to healing and change. Held within wholeness is power, unlike any power realized before here on Earth. Only you can do this, and it is a right you possess as energy embodied. Talk to people, share your desire to heal and you will attract those people into your experience, but you have to let go of the people and situations that feed into unconscious behaviour and surround yourself with people and situations that support your conscious evolution into present time. Not everyone wants to change the paradigm because they BELIEVE it supports them, and they FEAR the level of responsibility necessary to exist as WHOLE BEINGS. They will never be able to meet this fear, but perhaps you can provide them with an example of how you do it.  Through your behavior and new perspective, provide them with a reflection of possibility, and not punish or judge them for their fear.

Nothing will be the same

Once you have uncovered the unconscious energy pattern or archetype and start to define how it manifests with your conscious being, your paradigm will morph into you experiencing yourself in the NOW. Nothing will be the same after that because you have identified a state of presence that is not controlled by the unconscious. This is one of your next steps: to be free. Truly free as a manifested being connected to your source through presence, and one more step in the process of remembering you are whole.  This action of BEING changes reality and what we see as the “out there”. If you want to live in a different world you can. Each pattern identified is another step into a shifting paradigm. Imagine if you can give the gift that you bring to this world and our experience, our shared experience.

Truth be told, the paradigm is shifting with our without you. You will however “miss the boat” if you lack interest or settle for what you BELIEVE is impossible to change or heal. What I have witnessed in reading people’s energy is that trans-mutational energies are developing. What exactly are trans-mutational  energies? These are abilities that change us from one state to another, we are literally becoming a different form of manifested energy. As we pull inward to reflect outward that action we witness as a paradigm shift and unveil the abilities to continue on into that dimension. What are these abilities?

These abilities are an experience and not something you DO. The abilities are outside of the regular five senses we usually rely upon for experience, because the five senses box us in to a particular reality or paradigm. In order to meet our experience and shift the paradigm we have to venture outside of the box and see what is out there, but within you. You have to venture into yourself deeply in order to reveal the abilities as they are unique to you. There is a lot more to us then what meets the eye and that is what shifting the paradigm is about NOW. I thank all the people who have helped me to experience this by allowing me to witness their energy and be a part of the healing . . . THANK YOU.