This is such an important part of being alive and it is often completely overlooked. It is overlooked because you have to understand that you are energy, and that everything is energy in order to be aware of the need to care for the space you think of, and consciously relate to as your body, and your experience. If you do not have the ability to consciously experience yourself as energy you would not consider the energy field and its needs. It really boils down to A WAY OF LIFE, and a lifestyle of living. Knowing you are conscious energy existing in a space time universe provides additional information to you and the experience you are having as a lifeform on Earth. This is the new frontier of our explorations and will take us places we have never gone before, and in this body.

To take care of your energy field you have to clear your space daily. Clearing your space means removing any and all emotional baggage and beliefs that do not serve you in present time. The thought forms you create, and how you think influences your experience, and the events resulting because of your energy flow, and energy field. We are all conditioned from birth, and these conditions do just that, they make your experience conditional. Beliefs are one of the biggest roadblocks to clarity and the ability to manifest (1st chakra, survival). When people come to me and say they need more money for example, beliefs that are imprinted in our early years are often still programing the experience you have going on NOW in present time. These conditions like,  “it’s hard to make money”, for example, will always control your space and time. This simple belief can and does set you up to make it hard to make money. Imagine this phrase being repeated over and over again unconsciously within your energy field. ALL beliefs are made up, and are strong conditional influences shaping and directing our energy field to reflect to us that experience. Money has no energy, only the energy you give it so consider the beliefs you carry within you about your relationship to money and survival. The mind and brain make up a lot of beliefs, and we also get beliefs from your consciousness, and knowledge. There is vast differences in these beliefs, and they all exist and make up our experience.

When you experience a thought form or actually say something that you are aware of as inappropriate to your experience, CHANGE IT. This is what HEALING is all about, change. An ever so slight reprogramming of a belief pattern can reflect a different experience. THIS TAKES DISCIPLINE, and consistent application to our method of thinking (6th & 7th chakra), as well as, feeling our feelings (2nd chakra), and not being our feelings. Don’t expect an instant change and at the same time expect a miracle this way, you are in the NOW, ready for whatever shows up, and ready to meet that experience. Living life is all about learning, and every moment is your classroom of higher education, teaching you your application as a consciousness, and that you are part of a unified field of energy.

Maintaining your energy takes time and you have to make an effort or ACTION. Sitting around and waiting for things to change is the slow approach to something you have no control over whatsoever. It is not about controlling your energy. It is about being aware that you are energy, and that all there is is change here in this paradigm we call Earth. Your experience is a reflection of you all the time, so take a look around and see what is going on. Do you like what you see? Are you happy? It is also not about being happy all the time, it is about being connected to your process, feeling all the feelings you feel and being at peace with what you have been experiencing up until NOW. ANY LEFT OVER and UNRESOLVED ISSUES from the PAST WILL CREATE  a DRAG ON YOUR ENERGY FLOW and ENERGY FIELD; a weight that anchors you to a reality that keeps getting played over, and over again in your experience.

There is a natural rhythm to the energy of YOU that flows organically. Much like the ocean it has a wave pattern that repeats over and over again but each time slightly different because each flow is a possibility of experience that you choose by making choices based on your beliefs and past time experience of the flow you remember. Each moment in the now is composed of bits of future times – countless possibilities of what could or will happen – the past times – also countless probabilities of things that did and did not happen. In this sense you maintain a equilibrium of cause unique to you. Knowing what you are composed of (atoms, elements, particles, systems, and matter) is very important to relating to this universe because it is a matter dominated experience. In this universe we are embodied to have the experience of learning and to manipulate energy. Matter is a very good form of stored energy, conceptualizing yourself as stored energy helps in the maintenance of the energy system of the body and relating to yourself in this way. It expands our beliefs and offers us options that perhaps before were constricted and restrictive to our flow as a form of energy.

The maintenance of your energy system is an evolutionary process

The whole point of maintaining ourselves as energy is to LEARN and to EXPERIENCE. That growth within ourselves is relative to our journey as consciousness. Being matter is an experience of consciousness, and this is the way we are learning NOW. The maintenance of your energy system is an evolutionary process of application and experimentation through consciousness. Notice if you experience FLOW, does your energy flow? Can you conceptualize movement within your body as a rhythmic flow of giving and receiving? This is the way it looks as matter, giving and receiving. This is one way to state it and relate to the flow. Do you have flow? Energetically THE FLOW is way more than the process of giving and receiving, but by keeping it simple you can apply the awareness of yourself as flowing energy to your day to day life experience.
The maintenance of your energy system is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. No one can do it for you; ultimately it is entirely up to you. Once you accept responsibility, your entire experience WILL CHANGE. Each moment is the opportunity to bring forth (give) to the experience of your flow. This requires that you know that it is a conscious consideration that activates an application to your presence. It could be interpreted as a form of loving yourself, but that is really too simplistic. Your force or power is consciousness, and with maintenance of your energy field you interact with the unified field. We are a part of the unified field as conscious beings and apart of this reality. There are other conscious beings that are also a part of the unified field but a  part of some other reality. When you embrace this quality of experience, you literally are downloading from the unified field into this experience as you and your flow of energy.

This power feeds your energy field many experiences; one of which is free will, a quality we get to have here in this reality. Choose wisely my friends and allow yourself to consciously engage with this reality we experience and do not rely on unconscious behavior or you will diminish your energy field. Unconsciousness is AT THIS PRESENT TIME the biggest disease to maintenance of the energy field we are composed of and will reflect in your experience as suffering. Unconscious self inflicted suffering is the most destructive energy that can be applied to an energy system, and the only healing is change.  Get help with your suffering because there are plenty of people who can assist you in the process of healing and ultimately how to maintain your energy system. Act quickly because time is of the essence. We are an evolving conscious energy system of information having an experience. Allow your energy field to flow consciously.
We are fortunate because our reality has other conscious beings in it, and we can share the experience. Other realities do not have this feature – other beings – to share energy with and to learn. We take for granted the “other beings” here on Earth and do not understand how precious this condition is to our personal power. A part of maintenance of the energy field is the awareness of our unique opportunity. This single feature is perhaps the most important quality as an application to our energy field at this time. The reality is that you are connected to other conscious beings. How to engage this ability for maximum thrust to the flow of energy you release (give) is processed as your presence in this present moment. If you can grasp the importance of this event, your energy field will change, your vibration will raise, and nothing will ever be the same ever again. It will be obvious how very important to YOU every other conscious human being is to your evolution. This is the next step in how to maintain your energy field, the importance of the collective consciousness.