A perception I have gained by reading people’s energy is that we exist somewhere in between the nucleus of an atom and the edge of our known universe. As if right in the middle there we ARE. This perception supports our conscious evolution, and compliments our actualization as ENERGY. We cannot easily make this perception using our basic five senses. Watching energy during a reading illustrates the vast resources contained within the energy field of each human. Of course, in a reading I am using extrasensory perception, and it allows me to “see” a little beyond the five sensory perceptions.

We all use extrasensory perception all the time. The experience of thinking about or feeling someone and then they show up in a text, email, phone call, or in-person is considered a common experience. We have grown accustomed to this experience. Ten years ago it would have been judged strangely. Seemingly, we are slowly coming out of our containment and expanding.

A beautiful illustration of this is sitting with a person during a reading, and from a trance being shown the intricate details of the energy fabric that composes a human being. There is nothing quite so spectacular in nature as the energy field we reflect out into the world as our experience. It is like a sunset, no two are alike and each is vivid and an amazing experience.

The knowledge we gather from extrasensory perceptions of the human energy field seem hidden from this world. We often behave as if we are unaware of this part of our experience. If we did not have microscopes and telescopes to give us extra perceptions we perhaps would be unable to perceive beyond our five senses. Behind our five senses are other apprehensions that gift our perception with additional sense.

Living conscious energy  is beautiful to see and describing it is like painting a verbal picture. This apprehension + perception overcomes the limits of matter dominated space, and binds us by the mutual experience of a reading.

Expanding beyond the limits of containment is the core challenge WE ALL face in this period of our evolution as conscious human beings. Capability of expansion beyond form and actualization as essence is a common thread to our growth pattern. In order to evolve consciously we need each other. This story is told again and again and reflected throughout our experiences, and in the mythology of community. Even the issues we struggle with as the problem of relationships is an example of the synergy of connectedness.

This is so very often the revelation composed in the fabric of space-time and the experiences of a  reading.  We all benefit as witness to a healing. Every piece of our holographic experience is affected by even the slightest change. We unconsciously choose not to notice any of it.

This awareness is the pull in everyone’s ability of intuitive domain (second chakra). “It just FEELS  like I have something to give, offer, experience, know, desire.” This is often the sentiment expressed and in the most simple of terms, “How can I help myself”?

Also expressed is the need for more, money, love, trust, care, understanding, appreciation. These are energetically the same thing just drawn on from different parts of the energy field. In a reading it would reflect in the right side or a left side of the physical body and give the session a color of deep pink the energy signature of a sensitive.

The people I get to read and have a session with are often the true “healers” of this world. They embody the vulnerability of “the receiver” and the care of “the giver.” The energy flow of this person is strong and often not fully validated or appreciated.

The appreciation of change, and the ability to conserve power is something we strive towards as we consciously evolve and grow. Instead of fearing change we accept the power contained in that action. This energy pattern is being learned by us at this time and will perhaps become a part of our unconscious and a means to our survival.

The dominating principle behind this perception is willingness (fifth chakra). This is a front of the body right side conscious action and can only be compromised by a right side unconscious energy pattern interrupting from the back. The process of reprogramming this action is STILLNESS. With the quiet of the present moment you can override ANY past time unconscious energy pattern.

I witness this ALL THE TIME  in people’s energy field and this lends strength in numbers to the revolution we see in consciousness today. STILLNESS combined with INTENTION will alter perception and reveal meaning and information behind the apparent.

A friend of mine told me he was living his life completely oblivious. He said this transfixed and staring at nothing in particular. Because I was in that moment STILL and LISTENING, I was able to hear and see in his eyes some truth woven into the energy flow of our shared moment. He WAS  completely oblivious or WANTED TO BE  OBLIVIOUS  to the stress filled noise emitted by the reality of the circumstances we exist in. Perhaps this is the story he was telling himself but his energy was saying, “I’m actually highly sensitive and I FEEL oblivious.” Flowing actively in the front of his body was a strong mental awareness of every detail and perhaps too complex to explain, share or make note of in that particular moment. Had I not been still and within my intention to meet each moment as fully as possible I may have missed this connection with my friend and taken his statement at face value.

Later I shared with him my appreciation for his mental strength and having a detailed commitment to his life journey. This little moment expanded into a plentiful abundance of mutual validation and a boost to the energy system. This is a way to tap into the moment, and the energy contained within our energy field and reboot our systems organically and for free.

This process can be expanded upon and the power is in numbers. You do not have to have the exact experience to expand your energy field. Anyone is capable of obtaining free energy, it is dependent upon your willingness to explore other options, options outside of containment.

It happens in a split second and can be practiced throughout the day in any situation. The revelation is often a perception of what is behind a spoken word in conversation. Here again is an opportunity to simply BE because you need not DO. How convenient, and a conservation of energy. Perhaps our energy efficiency is found in the “waste not want not” age old motto.