The experience of being on Earth in a body, and having consciousness is pretty amazing in and of itself, but to be surrounded by other conscious beings also having an experience is what makes it special. The experience we are having on Earth is perhaps truly  a “once in this lifetime experience”. It may not be a common experience to share a reality with other conscious beings in the way that we exist here in our shared experience. There is power held within the collective just as there is the individual power you have within your own consciousness. We of course take it for granted that this is just how it is and are only now in our conscious evolution awakening to the opportunity we have as a conscious collective. A collective conscious is knowing and feeling that you are connected to other conscious beings in the universe.

With this in mind, I consider this to be a part of yet another way we can maintain our energy systems individually. The collective experience up until now and even now has, for the most part, been manipulated to obtain the power source and successfully drive humankind.  This is not the kind of power I am speaking to here and I reference this as a unconscious participation and  a effort of past time. A manifestation of an old paradigm.  A present time conscious collective experience has nothing to do with controlling or manipulation when we speak to ourselves as energy.  Identifying as an energy being through authentic knowledge, we arrive at a very different way to meet our experience. A different experience within ourselves, and as a collective experience. This is a place we have not been to before on this earth. We have become aware of each other in ways we were unable to before and this is a conscious experience. We know we have been programed and controlled in our lives and we are choosing to consider something else. This something else is how we live together on Earth and have an affinity of connection and control over ourselves and share that with each other freely. This is energy and energy is free and you are energy.

Look around you and you will see exactly what you have to work with as a collective experience. If you are unconscious of the experience you are having as a conscious collective power, it will not be available to you. Consider the people in your life and ask if they too are having a conscious experience of themselves as energy and can tap into the resource of knowledge and presence in the NOW. This is a very important consideration because without it, they will be no benefit to your conscious collective experience. The power is the power of now. We are in the process of LEARNING how to do this collectively and consciously. Many books have been written about this and this is not something unfamiliar to us at this time in our evolution on the planet Earth. The collective is made up of your friends, family, neighbors, and the entire population of people you do not know whatsoever. You have to recognize everyone as an energy being. They may not be exactly like you and often are not even close, but lingering within them is the source of their consciousness and you will be able to “see” if they are with you as an experience or not. It is not a question of good or bad or right or wrong, because this thinking is in past time and will interrupt your flow and you will know you are stuck in the past. Yes, duality does matter. It has materialized within our reality, and is impossible to ignore or not to take into consideration. You know this by checking the experience you are having all the time continuously. Adjust your energy and continue on, remember you are always learning and always changing. This is what goes on here on earth, CHANGE, so experience it always and invite others to join you.

The easiest way to do this is to talk about it and offer your service to others. Let people know that you are aware of yourself as energy and assist them in answering the questions they may have about finding out ways that they can tap into their own energy identity. This process is A WAY OF  LIFE and it is a reflection of the lifestyle you live. Simple things like diet, exercise, appreciation, and the ability to validate yourself and others for the experience they are having in the present moment. This is especially important if your friend is having a difficult or confusing time. Just listening to them is all you can offer. Listening is the number one thing you can do to connect into the conscious collective experience. It is within the skill of listening that you can hear (5th chakra) what is true for you and extend your FREE WILL to the experience. The notion that any of this costs anything is past time because you have abundant free energy at your disposal all the time. You do have to learn how to access this potential and most importantly give it freely. To access this power start by asking yourself how. If you get an ‘I don’t know’ for an answer, you are not in communication with yourself as energy, but as ego and or a false self. Start by building an energy identity within yourself, and remember it is a lifestyle choice. This application will not “fit into” the conditions of the old Earth paradigm and will ask of you to heal and become whole. I suggest you open yourself up to a miracle and LISTEN consciously. Refuse to accept old unconscious energy patterns and accept responsibility for your conscious evolution. The reflection is in your experience always. Look around you and witness the creation of simply being alive in a body on Earth, in present time and conscious of that always. This seemly simplistic exercise will reboot your energy field and begin the awareness of your flow as a conscious being having a conscious collective experience.

Be generous with your flow

This simple action of giving freely to the moment is the power of now. This offering you make to the conscious collective experience. Talking is giving and listening is receiving in the most fundamental sense within the 5th chakra. Each energy center of your body has a method of FLOW and the ability of each chakra is realized by you meeting your flow. Be generous with your flow because you have unlimited amounts, only you set limits by believing or acting like you don’t or can’t. Check in with yourself, with your inner voice, and also your 5th chakra and ask for guidance from within about how to proceed literally with your next step and the step after that. Also keep in mind that your inner voice is you taking and giving to yourself and learning to balance the 5th chakra. Once you get used to listening to yourself, and this does take practice, you will understand the methodology of a conscious experience within yourself and then be able to resonate this ability to your community of energy beings. We all have had the experience of the person who is always taking too much especially about themselves. Instead of judging them or rejecting them, give them the attention they so desperately seek, but also know that you probably won’t go back for more. They too are learning just like you. No one individual is alike but we are similar because we are conscious and we each bring an energy signature to the current world paradigm.

You are having a collective experience regardless of your awareness. Start by asking yourself, am I conscious or unconscious? Open yourself up to listening to yourself as an energy field that has flow and that is multidimensional. This is a journey to a conscious life and an honest experience that has ups and downs.  It’s not about feeling good or happy all the time. Conscious awareness teaches us how to grow through the reflection within our experience. Sometimes the lesson is sadness or pain and there is information contained in the feeling as well as the knowing. When ever I give a reading to someone, I always remember that I’m giving, but more importantly, I’M LISTENING to their energy and what they are telling me. That is the whole point to clairvoyance, listening to the energy field of the person you are working with and offering them a perspective to their story. Just being heard and seen is a huge validation for anyone to receive and, of course, to give. It does not have to be in the setting of a “reading”, you can do this to the person bagging your groceries. Appreciate that they are doing something for you and validate them for the effort and remember they are a part of your conscious collective experience in that moment and the power is right there in the NOW.